My Supporters

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Alexander Ong

Chef, thank you.

Martha Matzke

With much, much love to a true champion! May this pedal, too, end with a medal!!!!!!

Elizabeth Page

Thank you, Jody and team for pedaling to raise critical funds for cancer care and research. I am living proof of the impact Dana-Farber can have on a person's life. I will always be grateful. xoxo

thomas Easton

hope the wind is at your back. Celebrate with ice cream! love, Tom

Amy Schoenbaum

Have a great ride! Hope to see you on the road!

Carol Drake

Happy Trails, Jody! You are an inspiration to all! Eliza would be so happy! Ride on! Carol

Dan and Stacey McCarthy

Godspeed, as always, Jody! Loved La Pedrona last week!


Jody, Thank you for all the money you raise to fight cancer. Best, Barbara

Jonathan Dutch

Thank you guys for the tireless work you put in to do this and all of the help and life-saving opportunity you in turn give to those of us all who need it!

bunny merrill

Jody, Hoping for great PMC weekend w/ great weather and a tail wind..... xobunny

Frank Friedman

Grateful that you ride, so much riding on everyone who rides!

Marcia Jackson

Thanks for riding for the past 14 years - what a difference you have made in so many lives!

Paul Enderle

Go Jody!!!!

Heather Hamlin
Rick Lamb

Safe and fun ride

Rosemary Shore
Alexandra DeLaite
Linda and McQuillan
Jan Cohen
David Foster
Loret Carbone $100.00
Carmen Ortiz

Thank you for giving so much of yourself to this cause and riding every year, Jody! We will be cheering you on and wishing you the best ride.

Fred Di Spirito

Happy Birthday Chef

Stephanie Carrigg
Michael Leviton
Lisa Falso
Barbara Macleod $250.00
Leslie de Galbert

Bravo Jody Adams, thank the gods for people like you !

Carolyn Johnson
Deborah Dudley $60.00
Tom Martin
Elizabeth Floor

Thanks Jody for your amazing energy and commitment.

carola cadley

Your loyalty and stamina are amazing! Good luck and thanks for doing this!

Alexandra Herzan

Thank you for doing this! Eliza would be so proud!

Jack Connors
Gail Roberts

Jody, you are the best for riding for us, thank YOU! You note has such meaning - we all need to give!!

Niraj Shah $250.00
Alexander Ong

Chef Jody, so proud of you.

Katie and Paul Buttenwieser

Go Jodie! Love, Katie and Paul

Cindy Laba

You're the best, Jody!!! Thank you for inspiring me.

Karen Corsica
Avery Revere

You are amazing Jody! Keep it up!

John Finley

Jody, your commitment to the cause sets an inspiring example. God bless you, and thank you so much for ALL you do to help.

Marina Hatsopoulos Bornhorst

Keep on rolling, Jody!!!

Emma Roberts

Have a wonderful ride! So proud of all that you do. Emma

Susan Chase

Thank you Jody I’m on your wings.

Jim Manzi $1,000.00
Heidi Brown

Thank you for your dedication to the cause.

James Mclaughlin

Go Jody Go. And thanks yet again.

William Kinnealey
Beth Beeman

I cause I care deeply about. Thank you for doing this.

Elena Lawson

Jody, You are amazing! Thank you for continuing the fight.

Jed Kwartler

Thanks for doing this

Michael Kaufman
Merry Murray Meade

Jody you are amazing!!! I admire your efforts each year training and bringing people together for such a wonderful cause. Thank you for riding!!

Ellen Leopold
Sharon Adams

This year, for my niece Rachel. Thanks Jody.

Sharon Sharon

This year, for my niece Rachel. Thanks Jody.

Christine Brown

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