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Facebook Fundraisers $755.00
Ed Shapiro

This is a donation from Bill Cook who gave my $100 bill. Imagine that. Some people still use cash:-) Thanks Billie

Bruce Estabrooks



Go! Ed, Go!

John Schabowski

Hey Eddie! Keep trucking! John Schabowski

Charles McLeod

Good on you, Eddie for doing this.

John Vignola

Go get 'em Eddie. Such a worthy cause. Have wonderful ride

allan/linda blacker
Holly Paetau

What? You rode your course for practice today?! In the wet fog? Who does that!? wow! Good job! Go Eddie Go!

Joe Collins

Good luck with the ride Ed - great cause and stay safe!

John Locke

Go, Eddie, win!!!! I know you'll be in shape; that's fer damn sure! --John

Maryann Smetzer
Janet Smick

looking good Ed! be safe and fast!

Monique Dubois

We're almost there! Love you Ed:)

Mary (Hinz) & Dr Tim Myers

Ride like the wind. Have fun and be safe!!!

Rob Abrams

Good luck eddie Stay safe

Terry Kearney

Good Luck Eddie!!!

Frank Jurik


Greg Smith

Love what you are doing Eddie as it is inspirational! You are making a positive difference!!

Susan Salinger
Bill McIlvene $1,000.00
Mary Hopf

Good for you, Ed!!!

Kathleen Bortolussi

Cheering you on Eddie, for a worthy cause. All the best, Kathleen & Livia

Marsha and Dewey Shabi-Rogge

Good luck Ed.

Alice Hansen

Hope the dust settles enough for the ride to take off. Good Luck Hope the event gets a go ahead. Good Luck.


Kudos to all the riders! Even though COVID-19 has altered plans, the need persists.

Alice Hansen

Will be cheering you on. Thanks Ron & Hollis (Alice)


Ride strong! Thank you!

Heidi Spicer

Ed, You are doing the Lord's work. Wish I was there with you. LOVE oysters! But more, love the work done to fight the disease that killed my sister, and countless others. Be strong, be safe! Heidi

Daron Kallan
Deeann Hartzell

Go get 'em Eddie

Janine Rood

Go Eddie!!! I know you can do it! Wish I could put in more, but I'm on the 'retirement budget' now!!!

Devi Tong

Have fun Ed, Devi

Brown Liza

To the amazing Ed I've known for 50 years: I salute that always-active spirit of giving that you posses ! This is a sterling example, this August in MA ... GO ED! Go D.F.! Bless this ride!!

Janet Stewart $30.00
Jeanette Morse $120.00
Monique Dubois

Go Ed, Go!!



Krista Cramer

We are here to ride with you and cheer for you, Eddie!

James Reddell

Go get em Ed!

Justin Romanello

Donation on behalf of Justin Romanello

Schlatter Associates

Thank you for riding for a good cause Eddie.

Ed Gerety $60.00
Wendy Bowers-Gachesa

Thanks for raising funds for the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Eddie. Enjoy your training!

Jim Norris

Go get em Eddy!

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