My Supporters

Richard and Denise Dinn

Thank you~

Christiane Michels $50.00
David Halle
Deborah Malloch

You're my hero...thanks!!

Jill Stoltenberg

Ride, Eddie, Ride...

Beth Koules

Go Ed! Thanks for riding again for the cause.


Thank you for your amazing work in helping to fight cancer

Michael Henley

Fast Eddie, Ride with the wind! Thanks for working for this great cause. Michael and Randi

Lee Psinakis

Have a great ride, Ed!

Michele Mudgett


Carolyn and Lee Psinakis

Wishing you a GREAT (and safe) ride for this great cause!

James Asher

You inspire us to help you in your ride. Happy Trails 2023

Larry Bush $100.00
Suzanne and Tom Carroll

Good luck Ed!!

Elizabeth Fortunato


Peter Maki

Thank you Dr. Nalband for continuing your support to fight cancer. My wife and sister are breast cancer survivors. And unfortunately my mother died from lung cancer. Miss having you as my doctor.

Doug Holley

Thanks for doing this again this year.

Abigail Eldredge

Good Luck Dr. Nalband!

Hannah Smith

Have so much fun!!!

John Mcmaster $100.00
Amanda Marchica
Eric Lane

Go get ‘em!

Angela Blanchard
paul santo
Tracey and Jim Kelleher

Congratulations on raising so much to support such a great cause. Have a great ride! Jim and Tracey

Jeremy Warhaftig

Good luck! Have a great ride!

Ron Johnson

Thanks so much Ed for doing this important ride. We are with you all the way! Much love, Chris and Ron

Rick and Gitte Shea $200.00
Marnie Bolstad

You are awesome!

Kathy Queenan $50.00
Richard Hebert

Good luck, Ed!

Richard Lopez

Go Ed!

Rachel and Matt Henry

Good luck, Ed!!

Susan Wood

Good luck! Your ride inspires me and others!

Nick Sowles

Go Ed!

James Everett
James Everett
Jason Tracy

Congrats Ed - you're an inspiration to us all! We hope you're enjoying a well-deserved retirement.

sarah and Charlie murphy

Good luck!!??????

Amara Mulder
martha moss
Kathy LaVoy
Paul and Michelle McIntosh

Eddie, this will be much easier than those bike trips you used to take to Minnesota, so I know you got this. Until we meet again...

Karen and Ed Anthony

Have a great ride brother Ed! Thank you for continuing on with it.

Joanne Hill

Best of luck in training and the day of the ride

Julie Andrus

have a good ride!

David Schenkein

Ride safe- thanks for doing this

robert young

Have a great ride for a Great cause!!!

Jeffrey Heyne


Kristine Ruzycki $50.00
Richard Lynch

Best of Luck on the ride!

Benjamin Ryan

Always happy to support such a great cause. Have a wonderful ride.

Nancy Mackie $100.00
Victoria Cushing
Margaret Holda

Your commitment to a cure remains such an inspiration. Best wishes to Susan and you for a safe ride! - Peg

Luke O'Connell
timothy harincar
Dennis Desmond

Hi Ed - thanks for doing this. My wife has battled cancer this year so the issue has become very personal.

Ken Sklar

Ed, David and I are so proud of YOU! You are so incredibly compassionate, caring and a kindhearted. Thank you for riding on behalf of the Dana- Faber Cancer Institute.

Michelle Cappellini

Ed, thank you for riding!

Joan Teppen

Think of my dad, Lou! Happy you are still riding



Jeremy Harincar

Hi Ed, Great you're doing this again. It's a wonderful cause. Be sure to give Taf a thought as you journey. Jerry

Thomas Gentile

Ed, Have a great ride! Sending you good positive vibes your way. Stay safe!

Diane Labadie

Good luck?? Diane + Tom

Nicole Nalband

Go Grandpa Go! We love you! <3 River, Lucia, and Romi

Kathy Gardner

Have a great ride !

Celeste Wilson

Whoo hoo!!! Go Ed!!

Dennis Delehanty

Ed, as you requested, I have made a donation to the Pan-Mass Challenge.

Brion McGroarty
Karin and Mark Sloan

Ed, I hope I am this active in retirement! You are an inspiration! Please add Nana to your shirt (Dorothy Kelley).

Bradford Power
Joanne Hogan $100.00
jonathan metzger

Best of luck, Ed!

Nicole Allie

You're AMAZING! Thank you for continuing to support this fund raiser!

Esther Kim

Thank you for riding on behalf of so many and for being a continued inspiration!

Jeanine Farah

Best of Luck Dr. Nalband, have a great race!

Mark Nalband
Nathaniel Foote

Ed, Good luck with your ride!

Gitta Rohweder

Good luck, Ed! Remember to drink lots of water! Gitta



Thanks for doing this Ed!


Glad you are still riding and riding for a great cause. This ride is fantastic! Keep up the good work in retirement??? and enjoy life!

Patricia Taeschler

Great work Ed. Enjoy the ride!

Edward Marcaccio

Another great effort! Enjoy the ride!

Julia Vu

You got this Ed! Have a great ride!

Kathleen Dowling

Important work, Ed. Best wishes for a safe ride.

Christine Corbett

Go You Maniac!

Ingrid Kotch
Deborah Koste

Ed, Way to go our friend!! Such an important cause! Miss you! Rock and Debby

Cynthia Feldmann

Ed: Congrats on doing the Pan-Mass Challenge again this year. I wish you the best as you ride for this amazing event supporting cancer research! with gratitude. Cynthia

Robert Mellors
Barbara Green

Thank you Ed for riding to support everyone navigating cancer .

Amy Ho

Woohoo Dr. Nalband! Way to go! Good luck and Be well! Amy

Robie Nickerson


John Kemp

Good luck on the ride, we'll be cheering!

Robie Nickerson

Dr N., my stepdaughter, Gayle Beebower died from cancer, please note her name on your shirt.. Thanks, Robie N.

My History

2023 $15,597.16 Wellesley Century
2022 $9,421.90 Sturbridge to Bourne (1-Day, Sat)
2021 $9,790.18 Sturbridge to Bourne + Wellesley Century (2-Day)
2020 $3,905.00 Sturbridge to Provincetown Monument (2-Day)
2019 $7,554.00 Sturbridge to Provincetown Monument (2-Day)
2018 $8,740.00 Sturbridge to Provincetown Monument (2-Day)
2017 $8,083.00 Sturbridge to Provincetown Monument (2-Day)
2016 $5,960.00 Wellesley to Bourne (1-Day, Sat)