My Supporters


So happy to support you, Lisa, for such a great cause! Xo

Peter Laytin
susan stokes

You are amazing Lisa, much love fromPeter and Susan.

william bailey

bless you Lisa for doing this!

Jane deLima Thomas
Leone Buyse

Lisa, you are beyond amazing. You continue to inspire me in so many ways. Much love!


Timothy Rice

Lisa! You never cease to amaze, whether it's riding in the PMC or carrying buckets of cement! With all our love, Tim & Scott

Robin Wilkerson

yay for Lisa!

Ethel Coggeshall

Pressure is on for NEXT year's ride, Lisa, as I was not reminded of your riding this year. At any hour of the morning, I will cheer you on from Rendez-vous Lane/6A in Barnstable, August 2022!!!

Georgina Field

Lele, You are THE BEST! Congrats! Genie and Joe







Phoebe Knowles

Lisa! You are an inspiration! P

wendy noyes

Lisa you are the best! Keep riding and inspiring us all! You go girl!! with love and admiration, wendy

Paula Keymont $50.00
Anne Woodhull

For the forever of Lisa. Pedaling and shining through the world, on this another day, of her gifts to all. Congratulations dear LIsa. Love, Annie

Adam Wallace

Congrats on the ride Lisa! Incredible!

Deborah Valenze

Lisa, you are my hero forever! There is no one with more energy to get to where we all need to be than YOU! much love

Charma Bonanno

Lisa, you are amazing! Thank you for doing this wonderful thing. Even though I'm having treatment at D-H, my regimen is based on research done at Dana Farber. They help everyone!

Terri and Eric Sneider
Sarah deLima

You go, girl, you woman warrior, you! My hero!

Jason Katz

You are truly an inspiration and a blessing, Lisa!!! We love you so much, Jason and Cathie

Danika Druttman
Nancy Fairless

Oh Lisa. You’re at it again. I’m so in awe!!!



Congratulations Lisa for riding in the PMC again ! And thank you for always being such a kind, loving and caring person and inspiration for everyone who has the good fortune to meet or know you !

Peter & Kathleen Hou

LISA - you stand for Loving, Iconic, Sweet and Amazing! XXXOOO

Margaret L Crawford

You go girl!! So wonderful you are riding and supporting this institute in its work to fight cancer.

Laura Altshul

Lisa, You are an inspiration to us all, and as I write this you are already pedaling away! No matter how long it takes, you are a winner! We love you! Laura and Vic

Abigail Erdmann

Lisa, Humble, hardy, heartful, heroic, hot, helpful, hextraordinary. I adore and admire you and am so grateful to you for all the love you pour into our lives. Love and light, Abby

Jerome Ritz

Lisa, You are an inspiration to us all !

Margot Botsford

You are AMAZING, Beautiful Lisa!!! Love Margot

Anne & Tom Snyder

You’re an inspiration, Lisa! We love and admire you now and ALWAYS.

Zanny Alter

Queen. Icon. Legend.

Austin Alter

Looks like you are on the outskirts of Provincetown now. Amazing job, mom! So much love!

caroline fairless

Lisa, I read Zanny's note every year with tears streaming down my face, inspired by your courage, your generosity, your commitment. I love you.

Lisa Field

Go Godmomma Go! Xoxoxo

Sandra Bromfield

Lisa, you are my hero!!

Rosa Gilmore

Love you! You're amazing, LD!

Ingrid Aue

You rock! I mean, you ride! LOVE YOU!

Mac Joan Sindall


Linda Whitney Davis

You go, Lisa!

Sarah Kernochan

Pedal on, Lisabop!!

glenn close

Lisa, your are are precious treasure in the lives of all of us who have the great gift of you as a friend. Bravo and congrats on your ride today. My gift is a tribute to you and to my beloved mother.

Luise Erdmann

Go, Lisa! Dana-Farber is lucky to have your support.

Kathleen Keating

Good luck LD!

Ari Matloff $100.00
Kosa Chan

Go go go!


My History

2021 $26,681.12 Bourne to Provincetown Monument (1-Day Sunday)
2020 $10,332.83 Bourne to Provincetown Monument (1-Day Sunday)
2019 $12,300.00 Wellesley to Bourne (1-Day, Sat)
2018 $9,911.01 Wellesley to Bourne (1-Day, Sat)