My Supporters

Lynn Parrish Sutton

Yay Ellen!

parrish rice $50.00
Brooke Meltzer
Linda and Andy Kushner

Best of luck on your ride, Ellen and Jeff!! Enjoy every mile :) xo Andy & Linda



Go Ellen! ??Mimi

Mindy and Max Peckler

Go Ellen Go!

Cheryl Cohen

Go Auntie Ellllleeeen, go! Fly like the wind, love you!

Beth Israel

You are remarkable!

Arlene and William Petri
Martin Katz

Good luck on the ride. Hope it is safe for you and Jeff.

Barbara Litwin

Thanks for being an inspiration!! You go girl!

Toby Farman

I applaud your fabulous efforts in support of cancer research . Best of luck

debra doncov $100.00
Amy Cornblatt

Ellen, Good luck with your ride! Amy

Debra and Eric Ruder

Thanks for riding to support this fabulous organization!

Gail Spector

Have a safe a wonderful ride! Love, Gail

Karen Capraro

Thanks for riding, girlfriend! Love you! ox

Ilene Stellar
maggie bruck
Sally Cohen

Go Ellen!

Laura Chess

Here's to Ellen-Motek- for keeping her wheels spinning always to help raise money and awareness for cancer. xoxo

Priscilla Wilcox

Good luck Ellen Go girl!



Go Ellen!! Kit and Lynne PMC: Please credit gift to James Kitendaugh and Lynne Cavanaugh


Go, Ellen, go!

Susan Ernst

Ellen, so wonderful and important that you do this year after year. May you have good weather and lovely scenery.

Laura Gilman



Jackie Greene
Constance WARK

Thank you, Ellen. You will ride in memory of a young and spirited soul who died too soon. Wishing you continued strength, endurance, and joy. You're an inspiration to us all.

Judy Courchine

Thank you, Ellen, for your continued energy to fight this disease and support the many lives that have been saved through cancer research.


Susan Werbe

Thank you for all that you do, including this important ride. May your ride be cool and dry!

Mikele Rauch

onward. stay cool and dry enough to get to the end. love Mikele

Meryl Lindenberg


Ann Ross $50.00
cheryl chernack

Ellen, I am so impressed by everything you accomplish. Have a safe ride and thank you for your inspirational classes! cheryl chernack


Have a safe and easy ride for this worthy cause.I am so impressed with your energy!

Martha Wright

Keep on spinning!!!

Patrese Pierson

You continue to inspire. Thank you for taking on this challenge year after year.

Deborah Turney

Ellen, wishing you a safe and strong ride,,, "May the Force be with you" Deb

Fredda Zaiger

Thanks Ellen!

Janet Cutler
Elizabeth Schaefer
Marilyn and Mitch Ross

Have a super ride for a super cause.

Frances Clark

Thanks for riding for this great cause Ellen and Jeff. Hope the weather is good to you.

Judith Richland

Ellen you are so amazing!!! I hope we get to see you and Jeff when you ride to Provincetown!!! Sending you lots of love, Judy

Marianne Doernis-Goldman
Judith Zorfass

Thank you for riding and being an inspiration to those of us lucky enough to exercise with you. Best wishes for a safe and strong ride.

Joan Parrish $30.00
Lynne Lipcon
Jean Connelly


Rebecca Callow

Dear Ellen and team -we wish you the best on your ride and are so impressed that you continue to ride for cancer. Fingers crossed for good weather, and we'll look forward to hearing about adventures!

Jodi Raphael

So happy to support you and this wonderful cause! Jodi & Gabe

Louise Brown

Wishing you energy and strength to achieve your goals on this ride. I am proud to be one of your devoted supporters. Hope it is an "easy" trip. I learned a lot reading your piece on why you do this.

Muriel Sypek
Marion Nesbit

You're an inspiration, Ellen! Thank you for all you do. Wishing you and Jeff cool breezes and bountiful energy as you pedal your way across the Cape, Marion

Susan Allain

Ellen, your commitment to this cause year after year is admirable. I wish you strength and safety on your rides.


Ellen.... good luck, great cause and, of course, I know you will do great! Elaine Edelberg

Eileen Schaubert $300.00
Chris Stokes
Maria Cox

A wonderful Zoom class, Ellen. Thanks! May the hills be kind to you and you have the energy to enjoy the views.

Andrea Pergament

To my friend and inspiration, I thank you for your wonderful exercise classes, and for our friendship. Andi

Bonnie Rosenberg

You are inspirational in your determination and your training and your friendship. Thank you for all that you do to build community and broker kindness and healing.

Deborah Doktor

Ellen & Jeff - Wishing both of you a safe ride through beautiful parts of our state. So happy to support both of you for such an important cause. Love, Deb

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