My Supporters

John Irwin
John Fiorenza $50.00
Kenzie Dula

Keep on keepin’ on, Betsy!

Ryan Cairns

Betsy, you continue to amaze me with your strength of body and spirit, unbounded optimism, and general bad-ass-ness. Lots of love from the West Coast.

Liz Crane Tipton $50.00
Ian Smith

Thanks for riding!

Patricia Hebert

Ride Betsy Ride! Go Forza-G!

Danielle and James Marino
Julie Dalton

You are indomitable in all gears, Betsy.

Diane Morgen

Go Betsy! Tell cancer where to go! Thank you for riding.

Amy Clausen

Go Betsy! Congratulations on celebrating your five years!! I've celebrated three years so far, and this fall will be 15 years of beating other odds. Thank you for riding!

Sarah Gaw

Go Betsy!!

Rachel Nelson $25.00
Linda Donovan $50.00
Mark Brown

Congratulations on your 5 years! Thank you for riding to raise money for this important cause and to give hope to my sister and so many other battling cancer!

Stacy Camposano

Wishing you a fabulous ride, Bowman! SOOO proud of you!

Marcie Huff
Kerry Rowe

Your courage has been such an inspiration to so many people, and your rides are such an incredible demonstration of your commitment to kicking cancer’s @$$ for all people. You rock, Betsy Bowman!!

Virginia White

You’ve got this!

Liz Murray

Go, Betsy!!!! Cheering you on and can't wait to celebrate with you!

Ann David

Kick cancer's butt!!!

Meg Rowan

Go Betsy and Forza-G riders! Thank you for riding! Cancer messed with the wrong crew. Carry those you ride for along the 192!

Stacey Panagotopulos

You are amazing ... one of the most inspirational people I know! God bless, safe riding!!!

Andrea Del Vecchio

Hope you have a great ride!

Julie Connally

I hope you ride fast. And you do not fall over. But raise all the cash.

Carrie Wagner

Go fight like a girl! You're awesome!

Katie Gebhardt
Erin Sheehy-Norton

Betsy - you're a superhero. Ride like the wind.

Elswyth White

Betsy, kick butt!!! Cheering for you and your awesomeness!!! You are incredible, and an inspiration!

Chelsea Voake

You are a DAILY inspiration, and this annual pilgrimage across Massachusetts by bicycle is one more way you inspire me to live and love well.

Christopher Burgess

Betsy: Just a short note to share that running into you, in the North End, was terrific. Have a good ride!!

Suzanne Merritt

Love riding with you and your Italian boyfriend.

Barbara Swist

Go, Betsy!

Jessica Chastek

Keep kicking cancer's ass, Betsy!

Maggie Kuppens

Good Luck Betsy!!!! Kill it on those hills!!!

Jessica Daniels

Go Betsy! Sending good-weather vibes to you and your team! The Blackborow-Daniels family

Scott Lipman

Ride safely! Lipman clan will be rooting u on!

Angelique Harvey

Ride on, you crazy, strong, beautiful bolt of white lightening! Fuck Cancer and the horse it rode in on.

Monique Mcnally

Betsy The Unstoppable. Have a great ride!

Katie Fuehrmeyer

Way to go, Betsy! I’ll be sending all my good vibes for excellent weather and smooth rolling!

Eileen Kern

Have a great ride!

Nicole Potito
Katie & Andrew Mcelhinney

You're such a great ROLL model, Betsy!

Caitlin Gemma
Susan Lester

You are an inspiration! Keep up the good work, health-wise and otherwise. Pedal well - I'll be thinking of you!

Meghan Dunn

You are awesome, Betsy! I will be arriving in Provincetown that day for a writing workshop and will look for all of you heroes as I get off the ferry!

Nichole Mercier

What a role model!

Jon Deane

Go Betsy Go!

Greg Van Houten


Sara May Bellizzi

I think you’re awesome, Betsy!

Peter Bowman

Good luck on the massive pan challenge! ??????

Helen Shao

Go Betsy go!!!

Katie Harris

Thank you for doing this every year Betsy. You and all the other survivors are the reason why I'm going to keep running and you're going to keep biking.

Abe Schickel $50.00
Robert Bowman
Rebecca Fernandes

Way to go, Betsy!! Keep up the great work :)

Tricia Pietravalle

Betsy rides her bike So that others can live life Beating statistics We love you!

Molly Bryson

You are bad ass Betsy! Thanks for riding and fundraising for important work

Christina Searby

You are awesome!!!!!

Kelly Mangan

Rock-'n'-roll, Betsy!!

Amy Dickson $505.05
Virginia White

Go, Go, Go!!!!!!


GOOOOO Betsy!!!!


My History

2018 $7,075.00 Sturbridge to Provincetown Inn (2-Day)
2017 $7,878.99 Sturbridge to Provincetown Inn (2-Day)
2016 $7,701.00 Sturbridge to Provincetown Inn (2-Day)
2015 $8,165.00 Sturbridge to Provincetown Inn (2-Day)
2014 $8,186.00 Sturbridge to Provincetown Inn (2-Day)
2009 $4,200.00 Sturbridge to Provincetown Inn (2-Day)