My Supporters

David Peternell

Another great year at the PMC - well done Jessie!

Freud Family
Steven Aiken
Cesar Brea & Nan Leonard
Pat and Margo Pawlak

Good luck Dave! Hopefully you will be able to keep up with Jessie.

Audrey Hagerman

Happy Riding

Thomas Voll

Enjoy the ride....

Frank Pisano

Barbara & I thank you for your efforts to this worthy cause

Ann Peternell

good luck!

John Stroud

Sometimes you just gotta enjoy the ride

My History

2019 $1,495.00 Wellesley to Wellesley (50 mile Sunday)
2018 $2,050.00 Wellesley to Wellesley (50 mile Sunday)
2008 $4,297.00 Sturbridge to Provincetown Inn (2-Day)
2007 $3,728.00 Sturbridge to Provincetown Inn (2-Day)
2006 $3,375.00 Sturbridge to Provincetown Inn (2-Day)