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Facebook Fundraisers $2,680.00
Jennifer Buckley
Donna & Bob Hauswirth
Jacqueline Buckley $100.00
Brian & Catherine Ryder

26th ride, what!? That much closer to a cure. Thanks for all you do Dan. <3

Kelly Spencer $50.00
Thomas Kenney

Thanks Dan for your yearly efforts on raising money to defeat cancer. Tom and Lisa

John O'Donnell

Thanks for riding for this cause Dan.

Jack Clancy $200.00
Dave Mansur

Go Dan! You really are an inspiration!

Miles Gattenby $100.00
Lisa Tyner

Good luck Dan!!

Brianna Ryder

YEAR 26! You don’t look a day over 25.


Thank you for riding Dan!! Thank you for training support Tarina!! How grateful my family and I are... safe travels and safe riding. Deborah


Best of luck on your 26th ride. May the wind be at your back the whole way! Safe riding! Joe and Phyllis

Justine smith

Thank you Dan!

Horizon Interiors LL .

Congrats on another ride for the cause.

Linda Pitta

Thank you Dan for your continued passion to kick cancer in the butt! You Rock! And so very proud of you. I love you! ?? Linda

Beth Paradise

Have a good ride Dan!

Valentino Pitta

Thank you again for all your hard work! Another inspiring year pedaling for a cure…one mile at a time!!! Love, Val, Natalie, Cayden and Izzie

Susan and Steven Green

26 Years is an amazing accomplishment. Our best wishes for a smooth ride for a worthy cause

Tiffany Nardini

Yahoooo to 26 years!!!! You got this Dan! We love you!!!

Walter & Sheila Mansur

Good luck again this year Dan.

Linda Chemaly

We love you Dan!! You inspire us all! XOXO

Marc Teal

Best of Luck!!

Jo-Anne Slicis

Best of Luck Dan!

Teresa Burke

You two are rockstars and inspirational! Good luck!

Brian J. Stafford

It is great to see that you are able to do this again and I know how much it means to you and others. Good luck!

Thomas and Bopha Malone

Good luck Dan! Thanks for doing this!

Cheryl Fyfe
Raymond Anstiss

Great job - you are an inspiration to all and have been so dedicated!

Mary and Bill Bennett

Thank you and great job! Bill & Mary

Sharon Brandvold

Have another safe trip Mansur Team! Kim, Sharon & Jenna

Pauline Tsirigotis

Good luck!!

Nels Palm
David S. Gaudet

Good Luck Dan!

Steven Larochelle
MEC Technologies, Inc.

Thank you & good luck Dan! Bill & Debbie

MEC Electrical Contractors, Inc.

Thank you & good luck Dan! Bill & Debbie

Kevin M. Tremblay

Ride on??

Nobo Restaurant

Congratulations Dan on your 26th PMC ride! Thank you for all that you've done to help put an end to the dreaded disease of cancer! ~Best wishes, The Nobo Family

Mark Cochran
Deborah Smith

Your dedication to ride thousands of miles rain or shine over these last 25 yrs is nothing short of amazing & appreciated by all those who have been impacted by cancer. I thank you and appreciate you!

John & Linda Carson

We're proud to support this great cause. Keep up the good work, Dan.

Sharon Mansur

Great to follow along with you & Tarina! Thanks for all you have done over the years to raise these important funds. xo

Shannon Cullen & Associates
Win Brown

You are amazing! Ride like the wind and enjoy! Win & Wendy

John McNamara

Good luck Dan ! Thank you..

Mark & Susan Dionne
Michele Guilbeault

Dan, keep up the good work.

Alayn & Larry Ingham

So proud of you riding again Dan!! See you at the finish line! Thank you! Love, Alayn and Larry

Andre LeClair

Great cause....thanks Dan!!

Steve and Kathy Beauvais

Go,Dan,Go! You are amazing!




Great job Dan, looking forward to trying Mariano's!


Pool Works Service C Loring

Nice Job Danny

MaryRose Loring $100.00
Kathy Rhodes

Thank you Dan! ??

Catherine Knox

Thank you Dan!

Debra Beckman

Good Luck!

Jean Blodgett
Suzanne Rogers

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