My Supporters

Jodi Gubner

Good luck Danie and Pete - from the Gubner’s

Rich and Gail Hallen

Thank you and your dad for working hard and raising funds for this worthy cause.

Julia Lagrange

Good luck Danie and Pete!

Ruthie Schmidt
Matt Knowlton
Jim Abbott
Mia Edwards

So proud of you Danie for joining Dad! Momo and Aunt Laurie will be helping you push on the ride and are so proud of you too! Xo

Dan Westin
Bob Pavia
Chris Taroli

GOOD Luck!!! - Its a good thing you are doing but crazy. Chris and ME

Judy Romaine

A wonderful way to honor the memory of your loved ones.

Stacy Bennett

Hope you have a great ride!! Mio was such a special person. She had a smile and a hug for everyone.

William Ackerman

Good luck, Danie!!

Howard Wynn $100.00
Sean Cooney

Thanks for doing this! In memory of my mother.

Paul Amedeo $300.00
Joanie Gillis

Good Luck Danie! XOXOXO

Lynne Monahan

Thank you for making a difference!

Nancy Savoia
Lynda Feliciano
Linda ShottesBouchard

Go Danie!!! Love the Bouchards xoxo

Don Whamond


Go Dani !!

robin hirsch

in honor of your grandmother

David Futter
Angel Balch

In memory of my mother in law Sheila, who also died from a rare cancer. Thank you for riding??

MAria Grasso $250.00
Jordan Schaffer

Goooooooo Dani! Xo

Lynne Danon $120.00
Arda Arslanian

What a great cause Danie and really wonderful you’re doing it with your Dad!

Patti Long

As a cancer survivor, I thank you!

Todd McElroy

Good luck and way to go supporting an important and personal cause! ??

Natalie Oakes
Amy Goodermote

Way to go Danie!

Steven Raab

Good Luck!

Ella Antolini
Bob Edwards
Jennifer Savoia

Good Luck Daniella and Thank you for riding!




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