My Supporters

Facebook Fundraisers $3,195.55
Bonnie Berg
Chris Froio $200.00
Alex Gilbert

You are an inspiration Christine! Go team go!

Kathleen Hennessey

Best Of Luck to you!!!

Julie Nomi

Bravo to another big inspired effort, Chris and Phil + Team Duncan! Our hearts are with you XO J+J+K

Steven Gallo
Kim Seserman

You are awesome! Go Team Duncan!



catherine donlan

Thanks for riding! Catherine

Rayleen Little
Tom Evans

God speed & strength to all the riders for their dedication & compassionate hearts!

Arthur Carver $250.00
James Hession $300.00
Mary At Doherty

Woo Hoo! Keep crushing it!

Peter Foley

make it so no woman has to think about breast cancer


caren zane

Have a great ride!

Melanie Marcus
Mary Russell

...forever grateful

Eric Shinrock $250.00
Jim Van Dine

Good luck Chris!!

Jonathan Erb $500.00
Priscilla Karnovsky
Margaret Carr

Goodluck!! Love, Margaret & Steve

Steven W Carter

Love your passion, dedication, and strong legs!

Anchor Capital

2024 D. Carr Gift Match

Hugh Hamill

Go Team Duncan ! Have another successful ride !

Nancy Carr
Dan Carr
Kelly Riley

Good Luck CSP & Phil!

Mark Riley $100.00
Ingrid Johnson

Best wishes for a great ride this year!


Colleen Kelly


John O'Donoghue

Go Team Duncan!

Louise Olafsson

Thanks for riding!

steve liggett $100.00
Kim Conroy

Thank you for your continued dedication to this important cause. Godspeed to you and all of Team Duncan!

Pete Grimes

good luck Chris and Phil...!

Carol Rosenstock

Thank you for your contributions for this important cause.

Rebecca Stone


Alexander Brodsky

Thank you for doing this! Have a great ride!

Ed Lussier

Once again good luck with all your efforts

John Miller

Such a great cause. Always happy to be part of it!

Kathy Kates

Amazing Chris! Thank you for your continued passion and dedication??


Good Luck ?? Chris and "Crew". You are all amazing!

Alice Lucey

Way to go, Chris and team!

David Allen

Chris , Phil and team! So awesome all the money you raise every year to stamp out cancer! Hope the ride is uneventful and safe! ???? All the best David and Margaret

Leslie Steinberg

Thank you for doing the work to raise money for a cure(s)! Have a great ride!

Kenny Davis $200.00
Jessica Eber
joe turco

Chris....thank you for all you do for the cause and for Duncan! So inspirational!

Stephanie Najjar

Looking forward to seeing you! Best of luck with the ride!

Jeanne Connolly-Horrigan

It is a pleasure to see the success of Team Duncan. Our friend Duncan deserves no less. Ride like the wind, Chris, and be safe.

Tim Graham

Good luck on another successful ride. See you at Reebok reunion!

Joyce McCafferty
Brenda Goodell
Christopher Elcock

Thank you!

Suzanne Spencer

You are definitely ONE in a BILLION and it’s fitting that you have the first donation for the 2024 PMC and the 5th year as Team Duncan and 25th year since Eric started the team! #oneinabillion


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  $400.00 PMC Winter Cycle
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2022 $14,691.00 Wellesley to Provincetown Inn (2-Day)
2021 $15,403.20 Wellesley Century
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