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Facebook Fundraisers $465.00
Doug Allen

Ride like with wind, Coneheads!

Maureen Hill Collins

Thanks for riding!

Sheila Drew

Best of luck!

Thaddeus Galeza

May you reach your goal for such a wonderful cause.

W. Thomas West

Way to go Claire! What you, Jim and Vince are doing is a wonderful gift to those in need. Ride fast and hope for a fair following wind. Best T

Grace Mondello

Stay safe. Have fun. Good luck.

Kathleen BEAVER

Good luck, Claire!! Have fun and stay safe! xoxo Don and Kathleen

Mike DeBergalis $250.01
Raymond Bowman $50.00
Margaret Holt

Happy to support your effort and this great cause

Darrin Costantini

What a journey this must have been, Claire! Enjoy the ride, and kick some a$$.

Scott Goldkamp

Best of Luck and Thank You for Riding. Enjoy!

Dan Bowman

Best of luck, Claire! We get tired just driving that far...we're all very proud of you!

Mike & Mary Lou DeBergalis

We're very proud of you, Claire. Ride hard and be safe. Mom and Dad

Carol Rudroff

Good luck, Claire!! What a wonderful cause & accomplishment!!

anthony baldi

Claire hope you have a successful ride. Best Tony

John Nowak
Lisa Ciccia

Best of luck!

Stephanie Reh

So proud to support you, Claire, and this great cause! With love from the Rehs



Grateful rider & supporter

Thank you for making this decision; I hope you continue to see how much it means to others that you did so ...

Pat Webster

Claire, I am so proud of you for undertaking this challenge to help others. I hope that the weather is perfect and that the ride is everything you hope it will be. Love you, Aunt Pat


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2019 $8,500.01 Sturbridge to Provincetown Monument (2-Day)