My Supporters

Ann Bamford $25.00
Marly Argueta $25.00
Dudley Nostrand
Alfred Rossi $25.00
Richard Chambers
James O'Kelly
Paula O'Kelly
Raymond Tilton

Good luck Connor. Thanks for riding for PMC.

Blair Nickerson

Good Luck!

Reynaldo Martinez $50.00
Louis Damico

Good Luck!

Danielle DOUGAN
Wayne Maxner
Meegan O'Neil
Bradley Bissell $25.00
Daniel Carlin

Enjoy the Ride for a great cause.

Nancy Doherty

Best of luck Connor! Thanks for making a difference!!

Mark Munoz $50.00
John Kenney $50.00
Taylor Marrs
LInda Cross $50.00
Rena Ugol

Connor, Good Luck on your Ride! Rena Ugol

Joyce Herman $50.00
Gabriella Massa
Stacy McCormack

Thank you for riding to help all our loved ones! Good luck!

Milan Guduras $25.00
Simone Lloyd
Izzabella Kelly $25.00
JO Broderick
Corissa Reynolds
Rose Standley
Nick Tzortzis

Good luck!

Christopher Theriault $25.00
Tessa Ives
Richard Scialdone $25.00
Caroline Melanson $25.00
Hebert John

Wishing you all the best in this endeavor!

Michelle Crowell $30.00
Lynne French $25.00
Keegan McNally

Have a great ride! :)

Karen McNally

Have a great ride :)

Tracey Bowker $50.00
Lyle Coons
Matthew Boucher
Cynthia Bateman $25.00
Libby Poitras $125.00
Dr. Gilbert Norwood
Daniel Lawrence

Go Connor!!!!

Jeffrey Attridge $25.00
Richard Ponzini

have a good ride Connor

Dominique Roy $50.00
Margaret Kelley $25.00
Don Martin $25.00
Robert Pellegrini
Douglas Kent
Risa Webb

Good Luck!

Joseph Trainor

Thank you for all you do!

Sitha Hang $60.00
Francis Diaz $50.00
John Doane
Tim flaherty
Kelly Stowe $25.00
Brianna Sullivan
Kathleen Birkeland
Cathleen Curran

Good Luck Connor!

Kristin Cicolini $25.00
Jason Straw $25.00
Girard Murphy $25.00
daniel beaman
Erna Smajilovic
Phylis McGee

Good luck Connor

Bonnie Mitchell $25.00
Christopher Palazola $25.00
Christian Harrington

Good luck Connor!

lillian sarcione $25.00


Daniel Dumond $50.00


Ride strong Connor!

Steve & Amy Atherton $50.00
Kathleen Connolly
Colleen Champlain
Kevin Pazdziorny
Doreen Swadel $25.00
Kristina Stevens $50.00
Elaina Jacobs
Geoffrey Besse

May the wind be behind your back!

Lawrence Dubois $50.00
patricia karvouniaris $50.00
Carl Joslin

good luck!

Heather Godin

Best of luck! Happy riding.

Christopher LeBlanc

Best of luck Connor!

Steven and Tamie Panunzio
Brenda Currier

Good Luck!

Chris Ives
David Queenan $25.00
The Lesinski Family

Always a pleasure to support Connor and PMC!

Michelle Kandilou
joe schulte $50.00
Allie Forman $25.00
Robert Millerick

Good luck Connor!!

Stephanie McCay $50.00
Dan Hegarty
James Ethier $25.00
Scott Gambale

Good Luck Connor! ????

Isabel Hanekamp
James Kastrinakis
Andrew Clark
Gail Lynch

Thanks for all of your help this summer & fall. The Bouchard Family

Emily McBride
Lauren Holbrook
Brian Conant $25.00
Samuel Nordberg
Scott Russo $50.00
Nancy Giamattei $25.00
Dianne Dove


Mathz & Nancy Olsson $25.00
Anthony Grifoni $25.00
Amanda Pizzi $50.00
Troy Emswiler
Richard Decker $25.00
Dave Knight

Good luck Connor!

Elizabeth Munroe-Overberg $25.00
Anthony Grifoni $25.00
Debra Bernfeld

Good Luck!

Nedzad Colic $25.00




Johnny Galui

Connor, Stay Safe and good luck John Galui

Raymond Novack $50.00
Matthew Manning $25.00
Zachary Griffin
Jerry Parisella

Good luck Connor, thanks for supporting a great cause.

Maddie Shropshire

Good luck on your next Pan-Mass Ride! :)

Brian Titus
Ameta Meta $25.00
christie dennesen $25.00

Good Luck Connor

Vanessa Dannenberg
Richard Kelley

Good luck. I hope you have good weather for the ride.

Maryellen Fullerton

good luck

Sue Power

Good luck! Thank you! Sue

Jim Parisella
Kate Rockett
Pam Ehlers $25.00
nancy Miller $20.00
Steve Knight $50.00
Brandi Johnson
Taylor Coons $25.00


Walter Cotting $50.00
Dianne Kohlhofer
John Abate $25.00
Kasey Fahy $25.00


Good luck Connor!

Colin Marsh
Lisa Maki $25.00
Joseph Colburn

Good Luck!

Anne Cobbett $25.00
Nicholas Rosenberger

This donation is from Nicholas Rosenberger

Mike Welter
Sandra Lockard $25.00
Julie Cardinale

Good Luck!

nancy Miller
Jen Decie-Scott $25.00

My History

2022 $6,883.80 Reimagined
2021 $16,168.00 Wellesley Century
  $1,410.09 PMC Winter Cycle
2020 $13,207.00 Wellesley to Provincetown Inn (2-Day)
2019 $12,293.00 Wellesley to Provincetown Inn (2-Day)
2018 $10,390.00 Wellesley to Provincetown Monument (2-Day)