My Supporters

Joshua Smith $50.00
Jacob Bettencourt
Maryellen Ciardiello
Vanessa Kelley

You’ve got this, Connor!!

Jeremy Dodge
Nikita Zinin $50.00
Taylor Marrs
Eric Sidmore $50.00
Shawn Kavanagh
Dudley Nostrand $50.00
Brendan O'Donoghue $100.00
Izzabella Kelly $50.00
Donna Lemelin

Good Luck Connor!

Olga Hiltonen
Anthony Viglietti
Suzanne Ewer

Go Connor! Traveling on a cancer journey myself this year. With gratitude. THANK YOU.

Kathy Pratl $50.00
Derek Maka
Nancy Doherty

Connor, Best of luck with the ride! Thank you for making a difference!!

Mel Andrews $50.00
Dumond Thebaud $50.00
Peter Hoar $30.00
Ann Bamford $50.00
Tariq Tate

Great luck!

Alexandra Forman $25.00
Lisa Burns

Best of luck!

Joyce Herman $50.00
Stephen God
Aristotle Nikolaou $50.00
Scott MacMannis $50.00
Eligio Martinez
Rena Ugol

Connor, It is a pleasure to be able to donate toward your efforts for such a good cause. Good luck on your Ride. R. Ugol

john rathe $50.00
Daniel Murphy $50.00
Greg Krekorian
Caroline Melanson $50.00
Paula O'Kelly
Carlos Torres
Rose Standley $50.00
Jose Orellana $25.00
Shawn Mcninch

Connor, Good luck on your ride!

Steve Rando

Thank you for all you do my friend!!!

Arnulfo Mendez $50.00
Sue Power

Good luck!! Thank you for riding! Sue Power

Kathleen Bowden-Coulter
Rick Donnelly

Good Luck!!!!

Joanna Donnelly

Good Luck!!!!

Rick Ponzini $50.00
Sitha Hang $50.00
Corissa Reynolds

Good luck!

Carla Purdy $25.00
Mark Munoz

Good Luck Connor!

Mary Rivard $50.00
Robert Pellegrini $50.00
James Averill

Good Luck!

James Averill

Good Luck!

Raymond Tilton

Good luck with the ride! Ray & Sally Tilton

Gail Stains


Tracey Bowker $50.00
Linda Theriault


Maria Salzillo $25.00
JO Broderick

Ride like the wind!

Cathleen Curran

Good Luck!

Margaret Kelley

Go Connor!

John Harrison
John Doane

Connor, It's great seeing you tackle this event year after year. All the best, John

John Kenney

Happy to support Connor again this year!

AJ Nwokeji
Julianne Shea
Bruce Peters

Go for it!

Andrew Marenghi
Dmitriy Medvedev
Phylis McGee $50.00
Lauren Poussard
Gabriella Massa $50.00
Francis Diaz $25.00
Kate Lawrence
Kathleen Connolly $50.00
Meghan Decie

Good job!

Nick Tzortzis

Keep up the good work!

Kevin Fauteux
Christopher Palazola
Marina Abate
Sean Hartley
Tiara Griffin
Erna Smajilovic $25.00


Anthony D. Santorella, Sr. $25.00
Carl Joslin

Best of luck!

lillian sarcione $25.00
Geoffrey Besse

Thanks for doing this. Good Luck!

Christopher Theriault

Good luck!

Abigail Chouinard

Good luck!

Mary Stephenson
Mary Stephenson
Daniel Beaman $25.00
Andrea Dodge

Great job Connor!

Bonnie Mitchell
Alfred Rossi $25.00
Steve & Amy Atherton

Good Luck Connor!

Douglas Kent
Jason Straw $30.00
Donna Furnari
Lillian Stegemann $50.00
Lawrence Dubois $50.00
Martin Lian
Kathleen Powers $50.00
Brenda Currier

Good luck!

Doreen Swadel $25.00
Paul Gould
Christopher LeBlanc

Connor, Thank you for everything you do and Good luck!

Kevin Pazdziorny
Heather Godin

Hoping you all have great weather and a fun ride!

Susan Thomas
Peter Skerry $25.00
alexia pawlyk
Christian Harrington

Good luck!!!!

Michelle Crowell
Rhonda Gagnon $50.00
The Lesinski Family

Good luck, Connor!

Jason Shaw $50.00
Diane Howard
Steven and Tamie Panunzio

Good Luck Connor!

Nancy Martino

Thank you for being a rider, Connor! Good Luck!!

Brandon Paris $50.00
Domenic Secondiani $25.00
David Arathuzik
Matthew Boucher

Good Luck!

Daniel Dumond $50.00
Adam Meltzer
Robert Millerick

Best of luck with your ride Connor! Bob & Jayne

Lee Yaffa
Anthony Grifoni $25.00
Bobby Lyons
Anthony Linares $50.00
Karen Spiridigliozzi $25.00
Alyssa Sheehan

Thank you for riding!!!!!

Joann Sassone
Amanda Pizzi
Margaret Decie $25.00
Michelle Kenyon
Marie Fortuna $25.00
Nancy Giamattei
Tracy Hadden $25.00
Steve Adoniou
Richard Kelley

Good luck Connor

Vanessa Joslin
Anthony Grifoni Sr. $25.00
Edward Millar $25.00
Jacob Deinstadt $50.00
Tyler Suggs
Dianne Dove
Debra Bernfeld

Good Luck!

Joseph and Grace Egan
Neville DePass $50.00
Lauren Delano $50.00
James Ethier $25.00
Kathryn Tolvanen $50.00
Ellen Jamroz $25.00
Christine Amatrudo
Dean Schroeder $25.00
Walter Orechia $50.00
Claudia Rodriguez $25.00
Meghan Hilton $50.00
Walter Cotting

PMC donation from Walter Cotting related to Arbella HC 833028.

Rita Barry

Connor,Wishing you the Best Thank you Rita Barry

mark pitkin
Matthew Pitkin
Mike Welter $25.00
Nicholas Rosenberger $25.00
Nermana Colic $25.00
John Reppucci $25.00
Rhonda Tsiplakis $25.00

Great Cause!

Andrea MacLeod $25.00
Briggs Reeder




Emaleigh Downey

Good Luck!

Virginia and John Coburn $25.00
Jen Decie-Scott $25.00
Brian Maloblocki $25.00
Amanda Rosenberger $50.00
John Abate $25.00
Quintin Beckett
Johnny Galui

Connor, good luck on your ride. Mr. Galui


My History

2023 $9,777.60 Wellesley to Provincetown Inn (2-Day)
2022 $19,139.20 Reimagined
2021 $16,168.00 Wellesley Century
  $1,410.09 PMC Winter Cycle
2020 $13,207.00 Wellesley to Provincetown Inn (2-Day)
2019 $12,293.00 Wellesley to Provincetown Inn (2-Day)
2018 $10,390.00 Wellesley to Provincetown Monument (2-Day)