My Supporters

Ed and Liz Cahill

Thanks for riding, Connor. Good luck!

Brenda Connors

Good Luck Connor

Ryan Liacos $50.00
Kevin Kiely

Wind at your back the entire way! Tracey Rosenberry Kevin Kiely

Juliana Mooney

Truly amazing that 1. you can ride this far and 2. that you have raised this much money for cancer!!!!

David Whitman $50.00
Judith Bockman $50.00
Jennifer Raymond

Best of luck Connor!

Manuel Faria
Jonathan Salmeron $50.00
Ngan Nguyen




Monica Andrews Andrews $50.00
Nicolas Cicolini

Good luck!

Marisa De Mirelle

Good luck Connor!

Jennifer Webber

Happy riding! Go Connor!

Anita T. Harring
Peter Gunn

Have a great ride Connor.

Ivan Tran $50.00
Christine Gray $50.00
Tina Clarizia

Go luck Connor

Brian Boches

Good luck!

Jacqueline Mahan

Riding for a great cause, Good Luck Connor!!

David Rein
Mark Pires
Eugene Maina $50.00
Maria Decker
Dumond Thebaud $50.00
Ashlee Gursoy
Susan McGinnity $50.00
Tina Georgakis

Good luck Connor! Thank you for participating in such a worthy cause.

Julie Sharkey $50.00
Jeanne Goswami
Gail Goldstein $50.00
Blair Nickerson

Good Luck !

Arnulfo Mendez $50.00
Meegan O'Neil
Risa Webb $50.00
Eric Sidmore $50.00
Caroline Melanson $50.00
Juan Antonio Martinez $50.00
Mel Andrews $50.00
Joanna Donnelly

Good Luck Connor!!!!

Gabriella Massa $50.00
Corissa Reynolds

Best of luck this year!

Don Martin $50.00
Linda Theriault
Ann Bamford $50.00
Benjamin Hacker $50.00
Michael Bernfeld

Good Luck with this year's ride!

Kristin Cicolini $50.00
Jesse Spause

Good luck!

Eileen Herzog
Mark Everett

Good luck Connor! - Mark and Debbie Everett



Good Luck

Bruce Peters $200.00
Jeffrey Stevens $40.00
Kate Lawrence
Erna Smajilovic

Thank you!

Bobby Lyons $50.00
JO Broderick
Stephen Curran

Good Luck, Connor!

Nancy Rubin
Jennifer Weston $50.00
Douglas Reynolds $50.00
tiara griffin $50.00
Elaina Jacobs
Steve and Amy Atherton $50.00
Lawrence Dubois $50.00
Heather Godin

Best of luck on a great ride and beautiful weather!

Demi Demirtas

You go Connor! You got this!

Daniel Beaman $50.00
Douglas Kent
Kathleen Powers $50.00
Michelle Kandilou
Geoffrey Besse

May the wind be at your back. Good Luck!

Brian Conant $50.00
John Harrison $50.00
Kathleen Connolly $50.00
Kathleen Nardella $50.00
Brenda Currier $50.00
Paige Vazquez $50.00
lillian sarcione $25.00
Christopher /Heather LeBlanc

Good Luck Connor! It a great thing you do every year!

lillian sarcione

Best of luck!

The Lesinski Family
Michelle Crowell $50.00
Daniel Beecher
Jacqueline Hersey

Good luck!!!!

Dennis McNulty
Douglas Sload
Bonnie Mitchell $50.00
Rhonda Gagnon $50.00
Daniel Dumond $50.00
Michelle Kenyon

Happy Riding!!

Scott Russo

Go get it!

Maddie Shropshire

7th Pan Mass ride is amazing - keep crushing it! :) - Maddie

Veronica Hernandez
Richard Kelley

Good luck on your ride!

Anthony Grifoni
Christopher Sweeney $50.00
Matthew Shaw $50.00
Rita Barry

Congratulations on your 7th time riding in this event. I wish you the Best.

Richard Decker


Nermana Colic

Good luck!

Andrew Eriksen
Peter Skerry $50.00
Susan Thomas

Wishing you a smooth ride and a great day!

James Ethier $50.00
Steve Adoniou $50.00
Amanda Pizzi $50.00
Dave Knight

Good luck Connor!

Sean Bennett
Grace Egan
Walter Orechia

Good luck!

Janna Maloblocki
Johnny Galui $50.00
Jessica Jones

Good luck!

Elizabeth Morris $50.00
William O'Brien

Go Connor. Thank you!

Kristin Parisella


Astrid Love
Kathryn Tolvanen $50.00
William Fishbane $50.00
Raymond Novack $50.00
Anthony Linares $50.00
John Jude Cavanagh

Faster faster


Good luck on your 7th ride.

Nancy Giamattei

Good Luck!

Christine Gray
Ameta Meta $50.00
Jen Decie-Scott $25.00
Haley Chioda
Quintin Holland
Katie Rockett $50.00
Matthew Pitkin $50.00
Quintin Beckett

Thanks Connor

Joshua Lamkins
Peter Skerry $50.00
John Reppucci $50.00
Scott Jalbert

Let's go!

nancy Miller $50.00
mark pitkin
Maryellen Fullerton $20.00

My History

2024 $9,695.00 Wellesley to Provincetown Inn (2-Day)
2023 $24,852.60 Wellesley to Provincetown Inn (2-Day)
2022 $19,139.20 Reimagined
2021 $16,168.00 Wellesley Century
  $1,410.09 PMC Winter Cycle
2020 $13,207.00 Wellesley to Provincetown Inn (2-Day)
2019 $12,293.00 Wellesley to Provincetown Inn (2-Day)
2018 $10,390.00 Wellesley to Provincetown Monument (2-Day)