My Supporters

Anthony Manfre $25.00
anne Mallon $50.00
Tyler Grabowski
Austin Butler
Debra Proulx $25.00
Mark Scialdone

Good luck!

Philippe Berthoud $25.00
Chris Carlsen

Good luck!

Audrey Rostron $25.00
Scott Sheehan $25.00
Michael Badger
Christopher French
Brittany Berdy $25.00
Jennifer Rocco $50.00
Kianna Gallo $25.00
Matthew Guanci
Richard Profio

Have a good safe ride and enjoy.

Michaella Melo
Paige Nichols $25.00
Richard Pierce $50.00
William Lee III $25.00
Parvaneh Momtaz $25.00
John Beveridge
Alice Miller
Michelle Hannable $25.00
Gloria RABIDEAU $25.00
Kim Gregory
Patricia Hewitt $25.00
Tifany Pugliese $50.00
Victor Garber $30.00
Lisa Michele Keenan
Khurarm Haroon
Anthony Linares $50.00
Alexis Omorose $25.00
Rachel McAlpine $40.00
Chloe Downey $25.00
Jeremy Batista
Melissa Barrios $50.00
Zachary Kemmer
Jordan Fraczek
Garrett Hodgson $25.00
Ron brennan $25.00
Jake Cahill

Pan-Mass Challenge Sterling-Insurance Jake Cahill

Pamela Trentini

Best of luck to you Connor..

Joel Boutin
Pamela Abrams
Kasey DiPaolo $25.00


George Berube

Happy riding Connor!

Patricia Heath $25.00
June Nichols $25.00
Sigmund Katz

Thank YOU!

Kayleigh Graham
Tessa Allen
Timothy Rossa
Scott Eckmann

Thanks for riding.

Christopher Nessen

Good Luck!

Dante Abate $50.00
Jared Paris

Good Luck!

Nancy Uribe $25.00
Jordan Stutt

Thanks for riding, Connor!

Marie Thibault

Hope you had a great ride!

Kim Cotoia $50.00
Eleanor Roccio
Richard Roccio
Richard Brandt

Thank you, Connor. Enjoy the ride!

Nicolas Cicolini


Connor - hope that you are recovering today from the heat of the weekend ride. Thanks for your efforts.

Judith Bozarth $25.00
Brian Reynolds
Michael Manning

Connor. Have a great ride, for a great cause!

Arthur McLeod


Jennifer Poussard $25.00
Christopher Gonzalez
Ryan Liacos $50.00
Madison Monahan

Good luck on your ride!!

William Fandel

I lost my first wife, Lee Ann Fandel, to cancer 8 years ago and I truly appreciate your efforts to help find solutions to this devastating illness… happy trails! Bill Fandel

Theodore Solano

Good luck this year.

John Despic

Good luck, Connor!

Kelly Alexander

Good luck! Thank you!

Kyla Alexander

Good luck! Thank you!

Declan Alexander

Good luck! Thank you!

Jeffrey Liacos

Good luck Connor!!

Cassandra Foley
Judith Lincicum $35.00
judith tanzella
Bill Peros

Go Connor. Tx. for riding

Jennifer Raymond
Peter Patuto $25.00


Matthew Fusco $25.00
Reese Lundrigan

In honor of my Nana. Help fight cancer!

Keith Reppucci
Walter Orechia $25.00


Michael & Karen Parr

Connor, Thanks for all you do in helping raise money to beat all the various forms of cancer that affect each and every one of us!

Gillian Charters
Julia Griffin-Terner

Good Luck with the ride! The Terners

Michael Renfroe $25.00
Brenda Connors $50.00
Peter Gunn

Good luck Connor Ride safe

David Antonuk
James O'Neill
Jeremy Dodge
Emily Reppert $25.00
Richard Mooney

Good luck Connor! Very proud of you! Mom & Dad

Monica Andrews

Good Luck!

Alex Conant $25.00
gregg skelly

good luck and stay safe . happy 5th year challenge

Rae Gallagher $50.00
Anne Collins $25.00
Stephanie Moio
Tina DiPaolo

Go Connor Go!! You got this! Thank you for doing this!



Sandy Freiberg Kelliher

Good luck & Way to go- beat F'n C!

Robert Clocher $50.00
Susan Yescalis $50.00
Thomas Kim $25.00
Craig Currie


Craig Whittington $25.00
Margaret Belmonte

Good luck connor!

Christine Gray
Damien Vilavong
Mark Pires

Good Luck Connor!

Tanika Mimms

Have fun ??

David Rein
Casey Deschamps

Good Luck!

Lisa Jones

Thank you got riding in the Pan-Mass Challenge and supporting cancer research. Lisa Jones

Tatiana Buchanan
Agnaldo Costa

Good Luck!

Jacqueline Mahan

Good luck Connor!!!

Tina Clarizia $50.00
Angel McRae-Damato

You got this!

Karen Occhipinti $25.00
Josh Snook $50.00
Dean Jennings

Good luck

Dumond Thebaud


William French


Have a safe and fun ride

Mary Stephenson
Scott Chouinard
Julie Sharkey $50.00
Sufang McCaffrey
Matina Georgakis

Good Luck, Connor! Thank you!



Wishing you an amazing ride, Connor!... ENJOY and stay safe! With thanks for your participation, Marty and Maryann D.

Jonathan Bulpett
Eileen Barrett

Good Luck!

Chayanne Vasquez

Good Luck!

jeffrey glew

Connor, Keep up the good work and good will. Jeff and Janet Glew

Edwin and Paula Barrett
Kenneth White

Enjoy the ride, ride safely.

Lauren Martin
Vanessa Kelley

Go get 'em, Connor! You've got this in the bag!!

Robert Callan $25.00
Luciana Maffeo $25.00
Steven Pieroni
Jessica West $100.00
Eric Sidmore

Good luck Connor ??????

Donald Cushing
Olga Hiltonen
Ann Bamford $25.00
Marly Argueta $25.00
Dudley Nostrand
Alfred Rossi $25.00
Richard Chambers
James O'Kelly
Paula O'Kelly
Raymond Tilton

Good luck Connor. Thanks for riding for PMC.

Blair Nickerson

Good Luck!

Reynaldo Martinez $50.00
Louis Damico

Good Luck!

Danielle DOUGAN
Wayne Maxner
Meegan O'Neil
Bradley Bissell $25.00
Daniel Carlin

Enjoy the Ride for a great cause.

Nancy Doherty

Best of luck Connor! Thanks for making a difference!!

Mark Munoz $50.00
John Kenney $50.00
Taylor Marrs
LInda Cross $50.00
Rena Ugol

Connor, Good Luck on your Ride! Rena Ugol

Joyce Herman $50.00
Gabriella Massa
Stacy McCormack

Thank you for riding to help all our loved ones! Good luck!

Milan Guduras $25.00
Simone Lloyd
Izzabella Kelly $25.00
JO Broderick
Corissa Reynolds
Rose Standley
Nick Tzortzis

Good luck!

Christopher Theriault $25.00
Tessa Ives
Richard Scialdone $25.00
Caroline Melanson $25.00
Hebert John

Wishing you all the best in this endeavor!

Michelle Crowell $30.00
Lynne French $25.00
Keegan McNally

Have a great ride! :)

Karen McNally

Have a great ride :)

Tracey Bowker $50.00
Lyle Coons
Matthew Boucher
Cynthia Bateman $25.00
Libby Poitras $125.00
Dr. Gilbert Norwood
Daniel Lawrence

Go Connor!!!!

Jeffrey Attridge $25.00
Richard Ponzini

have a good ride Connor

Dominique Roy $50.00
Margaret Kelley $25.00
Don Martin $25.00
Robert Pellegrini
Douglas Kent
Risa Webb

Good Luck!

Joseph Trainor

Thank you for all you do!

Sitha Hang $60.00
Francis Diaz $50.00
John Doane
Tim flaherty
Kelly Stowe $25.00
Brianna Sullivan
Kathleen Birkeland
Cathleen Curran

Good Luck Connor!

Kristin Cicolini $25.00
Jason Straw $25.00
Girard Murphy $25.00
daniel beaman
Erna Smajilovic
Phylis McGee

Good luck Connor

Bonnie Mitchell $25.00
Christopher Palazola $25.00
Christian Harrington

Good luck Connor!

lillian sarcione $25.00


Daniel Dumond $50.00


Ride strong Connor!

Steve & Amy Atherton $50.00
Kathleen Connolly
Colleen Champlain
Kevin Pazdziorny
Doreen Swadel $25.00
Kristina Stevens $50.00
Elaina Jacobs
Geoffrey Besse

May the wind be behind your back!

Lawrence Dubois $50.00
patricia karvouniaris $50.00
Carl Joslin

good luck!

Heather Godin

Best of luck! Happy riding.

Christopher LeBlanc

Best of luck Connor!

Steven and Tamie Panunzio
Brenda Currier

Good Luck!

Chris Ives
David Queenan $25.00
The Lesinski Family

Always a pleasure to support Connor and PMC!

Michelle Kandilou
joe schulte $50.00
Allie Forman $25.00
Robert Millerick

Good luck Connor!!

Stephanie McCay $50.00
Dan Hegarty
James Ethier $25.00
Scott Gambale

Good Luck Connor! ????

Isabel Hanekamp
James Kastrinakis
Andrew Clark
Gail Lynch

Thanks for all of your help this summer & fall. The Bouchard Family

Emily McBride
Lauren Holbrook
Brian Conant $25.00
Samuel Nordberg
Scott Russo $50.00
Nancy Giamattei $25.00
Dianne Dove


Mathz & Nancy Olsson $25.00
Anthony Grifoni $25.00
Amanda Pizzi $50.00
Troy Emswiler
Richard Decker $25.00
Dave Knight

Good luck Connor!

Elizabeth Munroe-Overberg $25.00
Anthony Grifoni $25.00
Debra Bernfeld

Good Luck!

Nedzad Colic $25.00




Johnny Galui

Connor, Stay Safe and good luck John Galui

Raymond Novack $50.00
Matthew Manning $25.00
Zachary Griffin
Jerry Parisella

Good luck Connor, thanks for supporting a great cause.

Maddie Shropshire

Good luck on your next Pan-Mass Ride! :)

Brian Titus
Ameta Meta $25.00
christie dennesen $25.00

Good Luck Connor

Vanessa Dannenberg
Richard Kelley

Good luck. I hope you have good weather for the ride.

Maryellen Fullerton

good luck

Sue Power

Good luck! Thank you! Sue

Jim Parisella
Kate Rockett
Pam Ehlers $25.00
nancy Miller $20.00
Steve Knight $50.00
Brandi Johnson
Taylor Coons $25.00


Walter Cotting $50.00
Dianne Kohlhofer
John Abate $25.00
Kasey Fahy $25.00


Good luck Connor!

Colin Marsh
Lisa Maki $25.00
Joseph Colburn

Good Luck!

Anne Cobbett $25.00
Nicholas Rosenberger

This donation is from Nicholas Rosenberger

Mike Welter
Sandra Lockard $25.00
Julie Cardinale

Good Luck!

nancy Miller
Jen Decie-Scott $25.00

My History

2022 $14,179.80 Reimagined
2021 $16,168.00 Wellesley Century
  $1,410.09 PMC Winter Cycle
2020 $13,207.00 Wellesley to Provincetown Inn (2-Day)
2019 $12,293.00 Wellesley to Provincetown Inn (2-Day)
2018 $10,390.00 Wellesley to Provincetown Monument (2-Day)