My Supporters

Lindsay Cronk

Ride on, Queen!

Max Knee $60.00
Patti Sampson

Good luck Callan !

Claire Rodgers
Judith Weader

Go Callan, go! Thank you for raising $$ for such an important cause!



Good luck with your ride! All courage and the best to you.

Scott Call

You know another UFM kid!



Tom Cody
Edward Hebert $60.00
Sean Graham $100.00
Doug Adams

Go, Callan, Go! And c'mon, UncertainFM community, let's help her make her goal!

Lauren Stara
Piper Chiovoloni

Love the cause and love you!

Becky Anderson $25.00
Raj Mitra $25.00
Naomi Wolf $25.00


April & Brian Mazza Sway
Maurice Karpman $30.00
Lydia Sampson
Linda Dyndiuk $120.00


Good luck Callan :)

Karen Larnerd

¡Buena suerte! ??

Rick Osterberg $100.00
Corrin Barnes
Patti Sampson

Good luck Callan !

Elizabeth McKinstry


Go Callan Go! Enjoy yourself, you are doing something great!


Ride on, Callan! Thank you for doing good things, even when they're difficult.


Callan, you've committed AND are figuring it out. Way to go. Cheers, your Twitter friend

Dave Bartos
Beat Arnet

Let's go Callan!

Stephen R Hill

Callae, you'll be great! Let the wind be at your back ...

Kathleen Hill

Cal, So proud of you for giving it another go. You ride for all the right reasons! Be safe, enjoy the ride, and I'll see you in P-town! Love, Mom

Kyle Courtney
Diego Pino Navarro
Beth Grampetro $100.00
Jennifer Wertkin

Congratulations on year 3! You are an inspiration. I’ll meet you in Provincetown again this year!

Melissa Techman

Thanks for sharing memories of your Theater professor! My friend David McCall died of cancer when I was 18. He was smart, funny, and he taught me how to drive.

Sebastien Sulser $100.00

My History

2022 $2,920.50 Sturbridge to Provincetown Inn (2-Day)
2019 $5,001.00 Sturbridge to Provincetown Monument (2-Day)
2018 $5,076.00 Sturbridge to Provincetown Monument (2-Day)