My Supporters

Edward Chaglassian
Wendell Osborne

Only way.

graham smith

$1 more than Ronis.

Matias Ronis

Better late than never! Also $1.00 more than Meier.



Andrew Terris $250.00
Eric Staley
Billy Napoli

Go Ben! Love Billy and Anna

Greg Benkowski

Get after it, Ben!! Good luck!

Joe Andrijenko

Big Ride! We'll be thinking of you!

Daniel McArthur

You're a beast - sweat it out!

Kyle Pita
Jacquelin Salon

Good luck Ben!! And be safe, I need you!

Ryan Meier $60.00
Dillon Rupp
Brendan Clark
Ross Wickstrom
Jorge Fournier

Good luck Ben!

Jamison Yaffa
Justin Pierce
Peggy McCandless
Matthew McCandless
RJ Cunio
Katya Katana

Proud of you Ben and this cause. For Theo

Christina Hong

Gooo Ben!

Brandon Nishida

Make us proud, Ben!

William Napoli $1,000.00
Helen Napoli $1,000.00
William Napoli $50.00

My History

2023 $12,750.68 Sturbridge to Provincetown Inn (2-Day)