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Way to go, Brian! We're rooting for you!

Andy Booth

Good luck Brian, glad to see you made it through day 1!! Violet has a pretty cool dad to do this!!

Stacey Leary

Go Brian Go! ????




You gut this!!!!!

Samantha Farmer

Good Luck! You got this!!

Mark Paulhamus

Good luck Brian!

Kathy and Dave Goldberg $100.00
Jerry Kemmet $100.00
Jon Duhaime

Good luck!!!

Shannon Kilmartin

Good luck, Brian!! Vi is going to be so proud when she looks back to see all of your efforts; and so are we!

Admir Pjanic

Good luck!

Josh Latham $100.00
Terry McGraw $100.00
Devon Rabtor $100.00
ashley murray
Brittany Desiato
Bonny Kumbani
Carla Reardon

Good Luck!

Mirabel Levine
Sarah Wiederstein $100.00
Kevin Thibodeau $100.00
Kyle Missaggia $100.00




Lauren McCormack $25.00
Jonathan Welch $100.00
Nicole Burke

Better get a sweet helmet! It’s


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