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Facebook Fundraisers $918.00
ron tomalis

thanks for riding for Anna.....


Erin Dillon
Dan Goldhaber

I think this helps you hit your goal!

Barbara Davidson
Della Cronin

Well done, Andy!

Jennifer Winder

Nice work, Andy! In this heat!!! Happy to support you and this work.

Norm Gardner

Great job every year! This donation is for my mother.

Alex Spurrier
Ben Jackson

From one education & cycling enthusiast to another--have a great ride and congrats on raising this much for such a great cause!

Mark Schneiderman $60.00
Kelsey Ellsbury
Reggie Forster $60.00
Art Hauptman
Stephen Rees
Joel Rose
John Bailey

For Susan!

Bridget Cherry

Have a great ride! Thanks for all you do to support this important effort.

William Marshall $120.00
Joel Klein
Carl Cannon

We need to get together when you get back.

Doug Mesecar

Ride, Andy, ride!

Paul Gazzerro

Andy - keep on fighting the good fight. One of these days I’ll be riding beside you.

Michael Goldstein

Let's go Quads and Hammies!

James Rees
Robin Lake

Thanks for riding!

Tamara Lusher
Bonnie OKeefe

Have a great ride, Andy!

Moire Carmody
Dean & Monica Kern

Cancer is a six-letter word that needs to be pounded into the pavement of obscurity.

Shivam Shah

Always proud to support you, Andy.

Nancy Zuckerbrod
Celine Coggins
Carolyn Chuong Holgate

Good luck, Andy! I’ll be cheering you on.


John Seelke

Best of luck on your ride Andy! Thank you for what you’re doing to help fight cancer!

Joe Nathan

Thanks for doing this.

Van and Carolyn Spiros

Best wishes for a successful ride.

Whitney Metzger $25.00
David and Kathie Houchens
Bart Epstein

You keep riding and we'll keep supporting!

Daniel Rosenthal


Lauren Maddox

Good luck! ??????

Ernest Inzana

Thank you for doing this… again!!

Jen Blocksom

I love that you do this year after year! Nice going! JB

Elizabeth Arons $100.00
Kathleen Manzo

Here's to another great ride Andy! Thanks for your commitment to this important mission.

Nivedita Niyogi

Always happy to be on this ride with you, Andy!

Julie Williams

I admire your determination and dedication to this effort!

Chad Ratliff

Go Andy! ??

Angie Jerabek
Victoria Norwood

Best wishes on another successful and important ride.

Yoshira Cardenas Licea

To fun riding for a serious reason! Thank you, Andy!


Elina Bankert
Andrew Hegedus
Lynne Graziano
Timothy Daly
Starr Aaron

Cheers to another successful ride, Andy!

Dan Katzir
Jade Grieve


Daniel Willingham

Ride in health and good weather!

Jeff Jacobs
Craig Henderson

Thank you, Andy, for leading the way! Enjoy the ride!

Chad Aldeman
Jessica Levin $500.00
Stephen Scarfe
Mary Anne and Frank Murray

Thanks for taking this on once again, Andy. Mary Anne and Frank


You're doing the Lord's work and She appreciates it!

Virginia and Stephen Gardner $150.00
Catharine Bellinger
Nancy Zuckerbrod

Have a great ride!

Joseph Williams

Go Andy, go!

Rebecca and Jonathan Goldberg

Thank you for riding Andy!!!

Ashley LiBetti $150.00
Barbara Larock

Sending hugs and love for a good ride. Mum and Jim

Juliet Squire
Sarah and Tommy Usdin $200.00
Patrick Wolf

Andy, thanks for doing this! I'm pleased to support your efforts. Have a great ride!

Gordon Wright

Great cause! And I’m jealous of the ride, sounds ideal.

Paul DiPerna $60.00
Cathy Thomas

Good luck with the ride, Andy! Such a fantastic cause!

Pat Conrad

One of these days we need to hook up for a ride together. Happy riding

Norm Gardner $250.00
Anne Mahle

Onward! More research, more options. Longer lives.

Greg Schneiders $100.00
Eric Lerum
Ben Wildavsky

Go Andy!

Michael Fee

Let's goooo

Matthew Frankel

Andrew Rotherham!

Michael Nasif $250.00
Andy Plattner

Andy: Thank you so much for continuing to ride to fight cancer! Andy

Beverly Thierwechter
Joanne Weiss
Jack Mccarthy


Chad Colby $250.00
Katherine Bassett

Thank you for doing this.

Hoke Smith

Andy, your dedication always inspires me. Best of luck & enjoy the ride!!

Becca Bracy


Ride on, Andy! Glad you do this!

Gloria Lusher

Thanks Andy for your continuing support for Cancer research at Dana Farber! Enjoy the ride ??Gloria

James Willcox

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