My Supporters

Margaret Guardiani

You always have this...plus you have the best guardian angel.

holly williamson

amy, thank you for raising awareness and committing to the ride. please ride in memory of alan, jackie, mike and mary kaye. ride happy

Christian Gaffron

Proud of you.

Casey Ratti

It’ll happen. I want to be there this time!! ????????

Jo Carol Ratti

Your dedication to the PMC (on behalf of Marc and your father) is awe-inspiring. Thank you for continuing to fight the fight. You rock, Amy!

Maureen Hurd Hause

Go, Amy! You’re an inspiration!

Marc Harding

Amy I am honored to be part of your ride. Thank you so much for the support over the past 6 months.

Joseph DiCocco

Good Luck Amy!!! Proud to support you and such a special cause...

Leslie French
Jeff Tahnk

Good Luck!

Elizabeth Leih

Goooo Amy!

Tina Kaplan

Proud to support you Amy!

Richard Landesman

I want pictures...lots of pictures. :). Go Get'em!

Brian Mikesell
Jo Carol Ratti

Amy Strong!

Taya Kocherova

Congratulations Amy! Wishing you all the best of your ride! Kick ass!!

John Paulsen


Lanethia Spence

Go Amy! You're riding for a great cause. I am cheering you on!

andrea ratti

You got this Amy. I'm so proud of you and I know your Father will be with you the entire ride. Love you.

Sylvia Herrera

Go get em, Amy!

Dana Irvis

Wishing you the best of luck as you train again and crush this 2020 goal!

Erlynn Mae Ramos

Good Luck Amy!

Stephen Ratti

Ride Amy ride!

Jackie Hamlett

Go get ‘Em Amy!

Franco Zito
Stuart Schwerner

You're nuts, but you are great at IT!!!!!! Luv Ya!

Kayla George

So happy to see you back on the bike and continuing to chase your dreams!

Joren Madsen
Erin Gabriel

So proud of you!!!! You are an inspiration!

Peter Tosches

Good Luck! Hope you reach your goals. I am Marc’s cousin.

Tina McCarthy

In support of Marc- have a great ride!

Danielle Plank $50.00
Marie Sinha

You are a rock star Amy!! ??

Spring Lacy
Liz Kaufman

Go, Amy, gooooo! ?????????????????????

Denise Daunt

Wishing you all the best with your ride and #FOW!!!

Anne Ferrari Greenberg
Melanie Russo

You’re the best and your dad is SO proud of the amazing beautiful human you are! Love you!

Donna Tibert

Thank you for riding in support of my cousin Marc! Good luck to you!

Travis Lusk

There's a LOT goin' on! Cheers

Margaret Harding

Thank You!!! ??

Tammy Beliveau

FUW all the way !!

Dana Pasini

Go Amy! Love Aflac ??

Kristen Dawes



My History

2020 $2,962.45 PMC Rider
2018 $7,000.00 Sturbridge to Bourne (1-Day, Sat)