My Supporters

Stephen Dixon


Alfred Lord Tensley

Break a leg (not literally of course it’s only an EXPRESSION why do you take everything so SERIOUSLY it was a joke I didn’t mean anything by it please forgive me FOR GODSSAKE I’m going to the ER

Sarah Dixon

You cray cray but I’m impressed. Good luck, bro!

Annie Dixon

Stop slacking and get after it, Butthead!

Steve Kerr

You can do this! Have a great time doing something for all of the people who are fighting a very horrible battle! I know...I'm just one of many that has seen the battle lines!

Alex Bluhm

Good Luck Adam! Enjoy the amazing experience

Richard Sobhani

Good Luck Adam!!!

Victoria Sepavich

Such a meaningful ride for a great cause. Happy trails!

Charbel Rizkallah

Good luck Adam , a great thing you're doing! hope you raise the full amount


My History

2019 $1,685.00 Sturbridge to Provincetown Inn (2-Day)