My Supporters


Paul de Goutiere
Casey Brough

Relaxed fit spandex, let's goooooooo!

Brian Davis

Top 5 Living Human proud you are my friend. Keep on rocking. Love, B

Mike Mannix

Crush those downhills!

Paul Campagna

Go get em!

Shelly Atwood

Good luck on your ride, Alex!! Your annual tribute and fundraiser is inspirational and very touching. Thank you for all you do ??

Joanie Lindstrom

Viva Alex!

Erin & Eliahu Sussman
Caren Gelormini

Alex - have fun, amazing that you do this!


Blair Howley
Gina Tucker
Angie Eatevez $30.00
David and Adrienne Silbermann

Good luck Alex!

Marie Western $100.00
Amarin Cogburn
Elizabeth Skane

In memory of your Erika and my Megan, thank you for your efforts Alex!

David Shotwell

In memory of my father, Carroll Shotwell, who we lost to cancer.

Holly Dellacanonica

Good luck Alex!

Gerald Dorfman

Alex. I'm so proud of the person you've become & I know how strongly committed you are to the PMC. Each revolution is a tribute to Erica, Uncle Arthur & others & helps those still fighting for a cure

Meg Bernard

GO ALEX! So proud of you!!

scott ansill
Emma Dubin

Wooo Alex!!!!

Sarah Brittle $25.00
Donna Kapala

Thank you for riding for the Dyste/Kapala Clans. Let’s win this fight!

Rich Coffman
Eric Shoenthal $250.00


Alan & Linnea Hallee

Have a good and safe ride!

Ben Hsieh


Lydia Scovitch

You're awesome - keep up the fight!

Faye Armstrong

You're an amazing human, Alex <3 Thank you for being you and championing this cause!


Have a great ride, Alex!!

Marjorie Dodson

Good luck!

Dayna Lewin

Go Alex!!

seth cohen

Peace & love!

Devon Gregor

GO ALEX!!!!!!

Judy Farris

I'm so proud of you, Alex!

Susan MacKenzie
Andrew Jackmauh

Best of luck with this year's ride, Alex! Thanks for continuing to fundraise on behalf of this great cause.

Debbie Farris

Thank you Alex for your commitment to honor Erika’s memory on this challenging ride. You are the best??

Susan Shepherd

Thanks Alex for riding for this great cause!

Robert Verrico $120.00
Chris Berry $50.00
craig manning

Good Luck, Alex!

Heather Chronister
Heather O’Donnell

Thank you for doing this ride, we are cheering for you and grateful for your fundraising efforts, for everyone fighting cancer today and for all the people we all love who have passed on.

Emily Holt

Alex - thank you so much for making such a positive and tangible difference! Wishing you a smooth and safe ride!

Corey Alexander
Nicole Bedi

Go get ‘em.

Peter Silbermann

Thank you for undertaking this significant effort for such a worthy cause.

Lisa Zager

Go ALEX!!!!

Rich Haupt

In memory of Billy Campanaro

Christina Lally
Kaitlin Gorman
Katie Tarpey

Good luck and have a great ride Alex!!

Maeve Mackey
Mark & Barbara Horwitch
Rebekah Tuch

Go, Alex, Go! Ride like the wind! Thank you for all that you do for cancer research.

Teresa Cowherd

Hope the training goes well and good luck on the day!

Joanne Pease

Ride like the wind Alex! Joanne

Anna Boilard
Allison Granger

Good Luck Riding Alex!!

Jessi England

Ride like the wind Alex!!

Vanessa William

Go, Alex!

Rosie Milano

My History

2022 $7,445.00 Sturbridge to Provincetown Inn (2-Day)
2021 $7,358.04 Wellesley Century
2020 $5,518.04 Sturbridge to Provincetown Inn (2-Day)
2019 $6,730.48 Sturbridge to Provincetown Monument (2-Day)
2018 $5,064.00 Sturbridge to Provincetown Monument (2-Day)