Our Supporters

Greg Vorholt - CTI

Well done Unum team!

Brendan Doran
Jennifer Palmer CTI CRC in honor of Paul Lunsford

We wish you all the best from the CTI Clinical Research Center. This donation is in honor of Paul Lunsford, Angie Zerhusen's father who recently passed away.

Lynn Fallon
Jim Stagge

Great job team Unum!

Jayne Minham

CTI Cares

Katie Westerkamp - CTI $100.00
Barbara Cappel Green

CTI Cares

Larry Gache $50.00
Adrienne Statti

CTI Cares

Melanie Bruno

CTI Cares

J Smith $20.00
Carol Bladh CTI Cares


CTI Clinical Trial & Consulting

Jeanie White

CTI Cares

Brian Lawrence

CTI Cares Donation

Patty Conrad CTI

Thank you for giving your time and energy to this worthy cause.

Danielle Sprague - CTI Cares
Benjamin Exter

Go team!

Greg Motz

Go Team Unum!!!!

Karen Lin

You guys will have a great weekend. So happy for you all to participate in such a moving (literally) event!

Casey Judge $20.00
Jing-Huey Wei

Best wishes to Eugene and Team UNUM!

Ryan Boomer
Jeff & Kerrin Michaels

Hello Dolly... and Hello Team Unum! Thank you to everyone again for a great fundraiser!

Geoff Hodge

Thanks for representing Unum for this great cause! (contribution from Lucky Strike fundraiser)

Rachel Yao

Thanks for riding, team!

Susan Griffin

Go Unum!

Nibedita Chattopadhyay

Donation for Pats tix.

Jessica Whitney

fundraiser entry ticket

iga sienczylo

Parking spot! Whoop Whoop! and the $50 towards Gabby's Go Fund Me. Thanks!

Avani Parikh $390.00
Binh Ha

Pats Pre-season tix, Ben Folds

Katie O'Callaghan

For fundraiser and tickets

Kristina Catomeris

GOOD LUCK GUYS!!!! (this donation is for the laptop!)

Seth Ettenberg

Go Team UNUM!

Patty Harris

Cherry Bounce auction item

Mary Brooks $240.00
Kelsey Lakeman $400.00
Jessica Wan
Taylor Hickman $500.00
Kelsey Lakeman $20.00
Christiana Stamoulis

Go team Unum!



Sumita Roy

Good luck!

David ODonnell $50.00
Jessica Wan
Avani Parikh

Seat Swap

John Green


Matt Osborne $60.00
Courtney Keiser

$25 well spent to keep my seat :)

Iga Sienczylo
Jeff Michaels

Good luck team. $25 to sit in the same seat = priceless.

Mary Brooks

Seat swap and general donation

Jessica Sachs

Well worth it for my windowsill!

Emily Jin

Not sure if I'm supposed to donate for a seat swap response but... might as well!

Jessica Whitney $125.00
Julie Mayo
Robert Gharavi
Erik Yankowsky $25.00
Madaline Gilbert $50.00
Christina Philibert
glen weiss

seat swap

George Lee

Go Unum!

Amy Holbrook

seat swap!

Kathleen Mcginness $50.00
Katie O'Callaghan

Seat swap

Taylor Friedman

Go team unum!

Michael O'Meara

Seating ....

Patty Harris

Seat swap

Anne London

go team Unum!

Lorraine Whittemore

Best wishes to Team Unum!

Erin Schellhammer

GO TEAM UNUM (Algorithm Victim)

Nicole Sparshott- CTI

Thank you for doing this and helping out and contributing to such an amazing cause!

Primal Wear-Shawn Edwards $136.50
Chesney Michels $125.00
PharmaLogics Recruiting $1,000.00
Chris Valente

Good luck and thanks for putting in the time to contribute to this tremendous cause!

Michael Deneault

Best of luck!

Iga Sienczylo


Unum March Madness

Ann Ranger $300.00

Our History

2019 $30,585.50 PMC Rider
2018 $502.00 PMC Rider
2017 $76,136.50 PMC Rider
2016 $54,544.37 PMC Rider