Team Regans's Ride



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John Trachy
Carey Ranta
Jeremy Jeffers


Go Team Regans!!

Commonwealth Management Grp

You guys are amazing and we are always happy to support a wonderful cause and even more fantastic people. We will all be cheering you on in spirit and in thought!

Gordon and Stacey Moriarty $50.00
Paul and Kay Regan

you both are looking good. have an enjoyable and safe ride

Linda and John Holland
Doris Lewis $50.00
Allen Whitestone
Ena Lorant

in memory of my mother, Reli.

Elliott Puretz $50.00
McVey-Richard Family

Good luck- "May the road rise up to meet you!"

Lee and Inge Engler

Great honor to your Dad, whom we remember well

Nick Falkoff

GO Team Regan!

Dorrie Bell
Cary Aufseeser $25.00
Gail and Len Sommer

Safe pedaling!

Marilyn Burns $25.00
Laurie Swett
Lennie Kleinberg

As always thanks for honoring your dad for all of us who loved him.

Gerry and Connie Boyce $0.00
Gerry and Connie Boyce $25.00
Keith Mcinnes

Have a great ride this year; Wonderful that you all are raising important funds for cancer research

Steve Rand
Andrea Flint

What a great way to honor your Dad!

Dorrie Bell $50.00
Peter Robertson

Keep up the great work, Steve and Pat.

Jack Kelley

Good luck safe ride

Arthur and Elaine Eisenberg $50.00
george zeller

Go Regans. Have a good and safe ride.

Phyllis Ross
Alexandra Geyer
Adam Ruttenberg
Dorrie Bell
Wendy and Barry Hurwitz
Ann Purcell

YOU people are THE BEST Proud to support you

Doris Lewis

Go Team Regans!

Nick Falkoff

Go Regans!

Carolyn Haynes

This is a great cause. Safe ride!

Susan Regan

7th Year! Dad would be so proud. Ride safe!


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2017 $5,188.00
2016 $11,091.90
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2011 $17,030.00