My Supporters

Julie Gibson

Thank you for riding!

Diana Bailey

Impressive, Steve??

Jack & Debbie O'Connor
Nicola Kearney

Good Luck!!

joy mello

Have a safe ride!

Allison Gartmayer

Good luck, Steve!!!

Mary Mcdonagh

Good luck Steve

Brendan McDonagh
Karen Cataldo

Way to go Steven, so proud of you! Love you?? Uncle Steven and Auntie Karen

Benjamin Yellin

Have a great ride. Thank you for supporting this important cause.

Dan Griffith $250.00
Susan Deluca

Good luck Steve!

Thomas Antle

Go Steve

Karen Thatcher

Good Luck!

Scott DeYoung

Good luck!

Chris Dussault

Steve in those bike shorts !!!

Kelly Bonnevie

Good luck, Steve!

Fiona McDonagh

Best of Luck! Thanks for doing this! Erik & Brian

Lisa Rastellini

Good Luck Steve!

Mark Jaffe $200.00
Gail Fahey

We wish you luck on your ride this weekend. You’re an amazing young man for committing to this cause. Love You... Auntie Gail and Uncle Larry ???????

Diane Fahey

Good luck, Steve!

Ryan Fraine $100.00
Steven Wescott
Steven Roy

Energy Code Advisors supports you!

Pamela Maimone

We’re so proud of you!

Colleen Dresser

Good Luck!

Zac Farmer

You are nuts good luck and stay off the roads

Bob Gaska

Don’t forget your helmet.

Melissa Maimone

You got this Steve!!

Chris Kostopoulos $200.00
Michael Maimone $250.00
Patrick Antle

Go get 'em, Steve!

ann mcdonagh $50.00

My History

2019 $5,317.75 Sturbridge to Provincetown Inn (2-Day)