My Supporters

Deborah Marcelonis
Annette Jackson

Sharon, You are truly a testament to perseverance, dedication, and enduring love. We can picture Joe's infectious smile as he watches you ride! May the wind always be at your back. Annette & Rick

Tom & Maureen Brown

For Joe, we miss you Great Job Sharon

Mary Oreilly

Joe is smiling down on you now

Jim & Dot Murphy $100.00
Meredith Walsh

Good luck ?? thinking of Joe & how proud he would be of you

Michaela May

Just keep pedaling Sharon & Dave! Best of luck all the way, you got this!

Granite Medical Group $200.00
Pam & Mike Mitchell

Have a great ride Sharon, Joe would be proud!

Lucille Cook

Good luck Sharon!

Joseph Horan $100.00
Kevin & Louise McAuliffe


Carol Reilly

Good luck Sharon! Enjoy your ride.

Mary Selser

We miss you Joe.

T Michael Flaherty

Good luck Sharon This is for Joe and my brother Dave


Good Luck!!

Eleanor D'Agostino

Have a great ride Sharon! Eleanor & Ron

Laura Uggerholt

Sharon, you inspire us with your strength and smile. Go get 'em!

Sharon Donatelle

Kick butt !!

Brian OConnor

Love you Beth and your commitment to an awesome cause. Ride strong!

Kim Brown

Good Luck Sharon -- you got this!

Maura Mayo

You amaze me with your strength, courage and determination. Joe would be very proud of you! #strength #endurance #inspiration #youkickassgirl ????

Roberta Murphy

You continue to amaze me with your strength, courage and dedication.

Lisa Rolince

Sharon you are the strongest person I know!!! You inspire us all during class and in life!!! We love you!!! ????

Phil Alkana

In memory of Joe and Susan and those who died of cancer.

Jerry Gordon

You are my hero I'm very luck to call you my friend

Alison Goldin

Good luck Sharon!! So happy to support this wonderful cause in honor of a wonderful man! Thank you for all you do for this cause!

Denise Mackey

Good luck Sharon!

Carol Keane

Bless you for riding in Joe’s memory. He was very much loved. Love from the Keane family.

Kathleen Bellicchi

Sharon, You are an inspiration! Thank you for motivating me at Every Spin Class and Boot Camp. "You do More In One Day..." So True for You Sharon. Love to You, Kathleen

Daniel Warner

Godspeed Sharon! So sorry we were unable to make the golf outing but hopefully this helps find a cure!! Dan and Dawn

Deborah Allen

Thinking about you kid. You're a strong woman and you can do anything!!! Best of Luck!

John McLaughlin

Good luck Sharon- Joe would be proud!

Beth Hill

"You did more in this one hour spin class than most people do in a day" - Joe Lynch - always in our thoughts - ride like the wind Sharon! xoxo Beth & Doug

Steve Keane

Best of luck, You can do it as Rob Schneider says. Love Stephen,Dolores and boys.

Robert Jean
Linda Fahy

Thank you for doing this!! You are amazing!!

Lynn Murphy

Joe is always in my thoughts. ??

Mark Lamson

Awesome dedication, Sharon. Keep up the great work!

Beth Souza

Hope you have a safe ride.

Stacey Page

Good luck!

Catherine Briggs $30.00
Adam Harris

Finally getting around after meeting at clinic.

Cathy Shachoy

Good luck, Sharon. Joe was a great guy and deserves to be remembered this way.

mark bowes

Sharon...best of luck in your ride and cause.

Judith Foster $100.00
Jerry Kassner
Michelle Lynch $30.00
Mike and Diane Lancaster

Rooting for you riding for Joe and all those battling cancer. Good luck and God Bless! Mike and Di L

Frank Ascoli

Joe and Helen are always in my thoughts and prayers. Enjoy the ride and thank you for all you do.

Donna Wisnaskas

You are a rock star! Thank you for riding for this cause. I miss his questions asking me about HR. Always put a smile on my face. He is with us always. <3


Dear Sharon: Thinking of you and your family. Joe is with you all and so proud. Best of luck with your ride. Have fun!

Louanne Washburn

Love you, Sharon !!

JOEL FINE $25.00
Abigail Henrich

I am sorry why you are riding, but I am so grateful for your advocacy. We all need to fight cancer together. How I loved your Joe.

Shauna Callahan
Diane Menard

Good ride Sharon! You have so many with you!

Beth and Bill Keane

Good Luck Sharon!

Nancy DeAngelo

Best of luck with the ride.You're amazing!

Meghan Horton

Love you Sharon, I’m always thinking of you

Deb & Jerry Sullivan

What a wonderful tribute to a wonderful husband, father, & friend! May you ride on eagle’s wings knowing Joey is with you with each pedal you push!??

Eileen Bowes

Good luck Sharon! Joe will be right by your side.

Kevin & Diane Coughlan

Good Luck!!



Dear Sharon, best of luck with the ride! Thinking of you and Joe often. Love, Lorraine

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