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Hatem Azzam

You are an inspiration, Sean. Love & Respect to you and what do you stand for in life. Hatem

greta cowan
Steve & Karen Stulck
Lauri & Paul Pastrone

Sean... your life and compassion bless everyone who knows you.

Frank Zezza

Sorry I am late...but your good work deserves even late accolades.

Lauren and David Anderson

Way to go! What a great and meaningful ride. We are adding $$ to help you reach your goal.



Well done, Sean!

David Zucker

Congratulations on keeping this going Sean. Really appreciated your update and your words about Nick. I still have a Nick button from over 20 years ago.

Adriaan Schieferdecker
Lou Toussaint
Kathy Lubar

Sean, so moved by your email, your perseverance and your heart! Great to see you looking so fit and happy in the pic! Be well, Kathy

Beth & Peter NOrton
Nat Warren-White

Ride like the Wind, Seam-man!

Suzanne Lowe

Sean you are such an inspiration! John and I send you much love.

Josh Elwood

Sean, I know this isn't the PMC you envisioned a month ago, but it's still something to be proud of. This one is for Otto Judicke - a good man, just like you!

Mark Vaillancourt

Great cause, and a great job! Well done, Brother!

Jamie & John Atkins
Joan Wesolowski


Bill Mccarthy
Thomas Dooley

Good work Sean!

John Rizzi

You rock Sean! Sorry I'm missing the ride this year and following your butt along.

Jonathan Bein

Have a good ride my friend

Jack Kavanagh
Margaret McGillin

Hi Sean, You are going to crush it! Have a great ride, be safe and thanks for riding!!

Nicholas Miller
Kate and Peter Kaplan
Jeanne Lobsitz
Aleksey Panas

Thank you :)

Alex Draper

Good luck young man.

Alyssa Galeros Keefe

“Go Captain Sean!” -Pearl+Wes

Patricia Dougan

Go Sean!!! So happy you're doing the race again this year. Good luck and be safe. xox

Jeff & Brenda Pohl

Ride, Captain Ride...

Peter Gordon

Your passion and persistence are very inspiring, Sean. I'm alive today because of the amazing work of DFCI. Thanks so much for supporting this great cause.

Ellen Kane

Go, Sean. Great cause.

Catharine Farkas

Go Sean!

Elizabeth Norton

Go Sean! This is great news. Blessings to you on this journey. Beth & Peter.

Lauren and David Anderson
Chris Yard
Debbie & Mitch Pielech

Best of luck on the ride Sean. Thanks for your commitment to this worthy cause. Waukewan strong!

Wendy Downing

Proud of you Sean!! Back in the saddle again and working hard at it for a valuable cause!!! May the wind be always at your back!

Linda Kosinski

Great cause! Wishing you a safe ride Sean!

Carlos Cardona
Richard Miles
Susan Beck

Ride on, my friend! Love your dedication, your strength and generosity. Love to you.

Philip Vanderwilden

Go Sean! Ride on!

Jean Bagnaschi $120.00
Lorie Donahue

Great job Sean!!

Paul and Pam Ressler

Good luck on the ride!! Paul & Pam

William Andrews

Sean: Like Ebenezer Scrooge this donation is to make up for Christmas’s past . Billy

Lillian Braden
Barry Levitt

Sean, I'd always support you. Barry and I smile when we recall our ISA history together. Here's to your continued health. Warmly, Bev.

Richard Mandel $60.00
Anne Fortier
Sandra Tabio

Thank you for doing this, Sean!

Nancy/Richard Kerr/Warren

Glad you are getting in gear, Sean!

Geoff Lowney $1,000.00
Geoff Lowney $1,000.00
Jeff Pohl

Ride on Sean!

Christopher Elwood $30.00
Gwen Gerety Hays

Go, Sean! Thank you for doing this again. My cousin Noreen is fighting pancreatic cancer. Thank you for biking for a cure.

M. lou Toussaint

Sean, So happy to see you doing this again this year. Best wishes

Carlo Zezza $120.00
James Mauch

Thanks as always Sean for your unyielding support for this fabulous cause!

Brendan Kavanagh $120.00
Melissa Gallo
Paul Sullivan

Ride on, Sean! Your dedication is inspirational!

Adriaan Schieferdecker
Richard Taylor

Ride Well My Friend

Mark Vaillancourt

Go get 'em, glad to help!

David Miles

Do it, Sean.

Darien Smith

Wonderful that you plan to ride the full two days this year, Sean. Have a great ride! Love, Darien

Andre Alphonso

Great to see you back on your bike and making a difference in this world Sean

Nat Warren-White

Ride like the wind, my friend! Thank you for doing this again! ??????????

Stephanie Chiha

Thank you, Sean, for your dedication and commitment to this cause.

Katherine Brustowicz

Way to go Sean! Best of luck out there and have some fun doing your great work.

Danielle Neydorff

Sending you all the best for a smooth and safe ride! I'll be thinking of you!


Great to see you back in the saddle. Ride like the wind and watch out for trucks turning left



Lauri Pastrone

Love that you are still doing this, Sean. Honored to be a supporter of yours. Lauri

Stephen Matheis

Good luck, Sean

Richard Richards

Be safe and ride like the wind, hopefully with the wind at your back.

William Dykas
Helen Sullivan

Ride strong Sean


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