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Alexandra Hecht

Go Shafat!

Vahid Hoshmand

Good luck -- crush it!

Hayden Gruber

Will be cheering you both on via Facetime at the finish line! Make sure to adjust the seat to the right height..

Steve Bandler

Go Shafat - ride like the wind!

Shazia AlHassan

Awesome, MashAllah. Very proud of you, keep up the good word.


Great job Shafat. May Allah reward you for your empathy and make you an inspiration for our youth.


Keep up the good work !!!

Ezana Demissie
Nicholas Purinton $30.00
Mohfida Mahmud

Well done

Kazi Shareefa Ahmed
Alicia DeFrancesco
Emily Goldman

You are a champion! So proud.

Jim Fitzgerald

Long overdue

Charlie Walker

You got it bud. This is awesome.

SM Hossain

What You doing it really makes me proud. I liked your comments what you displayed in your profiles. Mamun Chachu

Gio Campagna

Very impressive! Sounds like a great cause

Ethan Johnson
Omar Jaroun

Grind it out shaft

Seemi Hassan
Amina Hossain

Great effort ! Wish you all the success !

Sumayiah Maqsood

Riding for a cause beneficial to humanity is commendable.


Riding for a cause beneficial to humanity is commendable.

Ibrana Choudhry

Keep up the good work ????


May Allah make it easy for u.

Farhana Ali

Great initiative! Good luck!




Maqsud Chowdhury

Shafat Keep. Up the good work. Glad to be able to assist

Raihan Chowdhury

We are proud of you.

Ayesha Alam $100.00
Archana Murali

Go Shafat!

Sheriff Ahmed

Good luck, Shafat. Our good wishes and blessings are with you.

Akm Azad

So proud of you. Keep up the good work. All the best for future. Regards

Mariah Hanley

Good luck!

Eric Yang

Crush it

Tipoo Hossain

All the best

Sharif Rashid

Great cause! Glad you're doing this. All the best!

Rewaz Chowdhury


Way to go Safat . Thank you for your participation in this great cause .

Sam Hossain

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