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Saul Wisnia

Always happy to support your great PMC efforts, Susan -- congrats on another ride!

Tara Brown

Great work and dedication in continuing to support our fight against cancer. Thank you!

Michael Buller

Thanks for riding!!



Margaret Jacunski

Ride On Susan!

John Noble $50.00
Ellen Berlin

Have a great ride, Susan. I'm with you in spirit.

Melissa Clark

Thank you, Susan! You are truly amazing!!! We will be thinking of you every pedal of the ride!! We love you!! You got this!!!

Katrina Webster

You are such an inspiration Susan! Thanks for riding for all the survivors, the ones we've lost and the incredible doctors and researchers who keep advancing treatment! ??

Sarah Vooys

Thank you for riding in memory of Pop and to honor my dad!

Melissa Marchand $100.00
David Hill

Ride on Susan!

Scott & Ellen Gage

We are so happy to support you in this way. Thank you for your part in raising money for such a wonderful cause. So many people, our family included , have been affected by cancer. Thanks again.

Caren Cummings

Keep up the good work Susan.????????

Mary Handy
Suzanne Powers

We will be out there cheering you on! See you bright and early! Sue & Andy

DAVID DOLL $250.00
Christine Eldridge $200.00
Teresa Herbert

Best wishes for another amazing ride, Susan!

Susan Cowmeadow $60.00
Ellen Borgeson

You are amazing!

Jaime A O'Brien

Ride for Lauren!

Cole Ehret

Susan you are going to kill it this year!

Barbara Ehret

Lauren and Susan, you inspire us!

Charles Harden

Thanks for doing this! Have a blast!

Jessica Grady
Gina Visali

Thank you for elevating a cause that has touched us all. You’re riding for all of us.

Susan Ehret

PMC Yoga Donations—Thank you Judy, Carol, Cheryl, Lauren & everyone who took part in & supported this event!





- Donation Yoga



- Donation yoga

Luanne Persson

Good luck to both of you on this courageous journey ????

Kelly Chasson

Good luck ????? ( Judy Hilton )

Wendy Morganstern
Deborah Rogers $120.00
Carly Hilton $30.00


Samantha Hilton
Gretchen and Ted Hibben
Luann Graves

In memory of Mom and Dad


Steve Hilton
Janis Daly

Thank you.

Elizabeth Heald $100.00
Lizbeth Richards

Good luck on your ride, Susan. Best wishes to you and Lauren!

Cynthia McKeown

Thanks for riding again this year, Susan! You are an inspiration to many of us!

Caroline Markey
Julie Porter
Kevin Vine

Go Susan!!!

Christine M Cleary
Heidi Price

Congratulations Susan!

Donna Lee Ubertalli
Tracie May

Thank you for the wonderful care you give! Ride safe and know I’m cheering for you and Lauren!

Matthew Mahoney


Katherine Gould
Carol Stewart

A special person in our life, riding for our beautiful courageous niece. We love you both. Carol & Andrew

Kristen and Joe Luzi

Such a great cause for a very courageous young woman! I hope you raise a lot in Lauren's honor.

Karen Condon
Steve and Christie Scott

Go Lauren!!! We love you so much! Your weird uncle Steve is so proud of you!!! And mike stinks.



Nina Pitre
lauren clark
Tj Ott $250.00










Diane Alden

Thank you for honoring Lauren! She’s a special young lady to our family!


Amal Mathew
Kayla Mitchell
Judith Hilton

Thank you!

Linda Alyssa Lucas Currier

Thank you for honoring Lauren in this amazing way Susan! Our thoughts are with you, and wishing you success on your ride, and also with the Scott's in their journey!

Alicia Morse $25.00
Cheryl Scott

Thank you Susan for riding in Lauren's honor, we appreciate it very much.

John A. Ehret