Steven Branfman's Ride



My Supporters

Seana Kelley

Sorry for the delay. Thank you so much for your efforts.

Amy Basseches
Brenda Helman

Wonderful that you honor your son's spirit this way! Go Team Kermit, thank you for riding for a cure!

Anya Hanson

Thank you for all that you do!

Anne M Bracker

Here's to past, current, and future members of Team Kermit!

Michael King

Congratulations on the successful ride this year!

Eleanor Stetch

We hope you have a safe and successful ride. May you raise a truckload of money for this worthy cause. Love, Elie and Jack

Michael Kerner

This is our yearly small effort to honor a family with the biggest heart we know, Steven, Ellen, and Adam Branfman. Jared's memory lives on.



In memory of Jared Branfman.

John Guterson

In loving memory of Jared

Neil Aronson $100.00
Ken Shulman
Norma Atkinson
Cindy Bracker

This is from David and myself both. One of these days, I will join you for this ride.

Erin Lambers
Melissa Tuthill Forger

Congratulations! Not sure if I already donated, so I decided to make a (another) gift before you close your fundraising page.

Kevin Coakley

Thanks to Team kermit for all they do!

Sue Erlick

Keep on riding

Edmund Price

Go Team Kermit! Finally chipping in — infinitely better late than never! — The Prices

Steven Gold $100.00
Joe Pelletier

Go, Team Kermit!

Prudence Goodale

Wonderful interview on WBZ publicizing PMC and all the work that you and Team Kermit have done to find cures for cancer - in Jared's memory. Keep riding . . . The Goodale Family

Virginia Marsh
Mark Sklar
G Raymond Ahrens

Not bad for a "old guy." Me I'm happy when a ride all the way to Comm Ave. Things are rather busy these days with the hurricane, but hopefully we can get together before we leave for Florida. Ray

Richard Milgrim

Wonderful video Steven, it really hit the spot and I'm sure helped raise more for the cause.

Craig Salters
Rachel and Larry chafetz
Monique Bujold-Brown

A gift for a father and mother to help heal their lost.

Bonnie Hellman

Steve, I am happy to make this small donation in memory of Jared. He was a fine young man.

Elizabeth Dunne

Luck in arrears, Steve! Ride On

Mark Wilson

Steven, Very touching video. It's wonderful to see a direct and personal link from fundraising to treatment. Keep up the fantastic work and keep the rubber side down. Mark & Phyllis

Cindy Alvin
Jeramy Curcio $300.00
Doris Cantor $50.00
David Lipscomb

Thanks so much for sharing your journey with me and many others.

Karen and David Cantor
Jeff Horan

Thank you Steven for your dedication to a most worthwhile cause! I hope you had a great ride this year!

Steven Currie

Congratulations Branf !!!

Ross Ginsberg $50.00
Ellen Clancy
Luis Pacini $25.00
Catherine Jason-Sweet
Sue Cline

Congratulations on another successful ride! So much admiration from this corner!

Pamela Teibel

Best on your ride! You rock!!

Tim Pattison $150.00
Elizabeth Mazzola
Bruce and Joan Cohen
Kathy Heydt $100.00
Tal Sabbagh

Steve - great job in supporting this important cause- good luck

Constance Baugh $250.00
Danna Kivell

Wishing you a safe and successful ride. Love you and missing Jared every day. All our love, Danna, Jonathan, Daniel and Hallie

Jeffrey Ichikawa

Go Team Kermit! Have a great ride!

John Lechner

Good luck on the ride!

Jordan Appel

My letter about you to my x-mother in law said it best. :) Be safe. A Big hug!

Douglas Foss

You guys rock, I'm so proud of your team I hope you guys kick butt and are very safe.

James King

Safe travels, proud father. (And Kermits.)

Nicholas Tomasic

Thank you! In honor of Jared Branfman.

david vergara

Go Team Kermit!

Douglas Bush
Callie Schneider

Good luck, Coach Branf and Team Kermit! We love you and are proud of you! Callie & Tyler

Caitrin Lynch

Go Steve! Good luck!

Erin and Michael McGurn

Best of luck, Team Kermit

Alice Yabe

Safe ride everyone. You are my heroes !!!

Robert Bloom

What a great to celebrate such a special life.

Robert Bloom

What a great to celebrate such a special life.

Peter Robarts $50.00
Shamai Gibsh
Ken Hosen

They call the wind Kermit! Ken and Paula

Bernard Pucker
Kathleen Ottina

Ride like the wind , Team Kermit!

Daniel Gubits

Go Team Kermit!

David Randall

Judy and David wish Team Kermit clear skies, smooth roads, and safe cycling

Alan Snyder

Have a safe ride guys. We're thinking of you from the west coast! Alan & MaryJane

Kathy Griffin
Robert McNamara III

best of luck Steven and family!

Laya Steinberg

What you do every year is amazing! Have a safe and enjoyable ride.

Mary Salerno

Have a safe, cool, and happy ride!!!

Jeff and Angela Toussaint
John Detwiler

Have a great ride!

David Greenleaf

Have a great ride Steve. I'll join you next year

David Rimm

Go Steve and the Kermits!

Linda Z White

I will be thinking of you all, and especially remembering Jared, as you ride the ride this weekend xoxoxo

Christopher Fletcher

Steven, you are an inspiration! Have a great PMC!! Fletch

Jeffrey Heyne

Go Pink Frogs!!

David Schwarz
Ellen Crasnick

Steven & Ellen - I will be thinking of you as you ride in your efforts to battle cancer. My love to both of you!

Janet Wolf
Lindsay Stern

Have a great ride this year!

Thomas Crowley

Hey Steve, Rock On Team Kermit! Someday, I'll rejoin the team. By a stroke of luck, I'll be in Mass. from Aug. 1-9. If I can, I'll try to connect. Have a great ride!!

Ann Woodbury
Dexter Stone
Lawrence Gorin

With all my best wishes for a successful ride.. Larry Gorin

Paul Mccarron
Anne Person $100.00
Fred Cotillo $100.00
Zahava Friedman

Thank you for taking this initiative. I know too many folks impacted by cancer. It's heartening to know people are out there working to bring us closer to a cure.

David and Nancy Tegeler
Don Donovan

Thanks for all you do in Jared's name to help others.

Deb & Joe Corrado
Mark Feigenbaum
frank frangella

Good luck Steven and Ellen May the road be swift and smooth

Elizabeth Torrey

Good luck Ellen and Steve! I'll be thinking of you.

Ian Feldberg

wishing you some Tabi Power during the ride

Elizabeth McLaughlin $25.00
Russell Phillips

Good luck on your ride!

Gary Buchman

great service

Stephanie and David Osser

Dear Ellen and Steve and family, Wish we could join you to ride but we're with you in spirit and remembering your darling Jared. Love Steph. & Dave Osser

Lindsey Quinlisk

Good luck! -Lindsey Quinlisk

Ann Woodbury
Linda Mcsweeney

Team Kermit ~The McSweeney Family sends our best wishes as you take on this amazing challenge. May you continual feel the grace of Jared's spirit on this journey of love.

Larry Carlson $25.00
Mark Kieran $200.00


David Abusamra

May the wind be always at your backs! The Abus

Penny Ramseyer
Sara Goverman
Kathleen White

Great work by Team Kermit!! Best wishes from The Tangneys.

Dale Neese $50.00


Tanya Myers

Best Wishes to everyone!

Richard Dempsey

Go Team Kermit! Patty and Rick Dempsey

Paula Marian

Dear Steve and fellow riders, I am so proud of you as you continue to ride to honor Jared's memory and fight for the lives of so many others. May the wind be at your back as you ride again this year.

Bruce and Linda Berns
Margaret Vallen Mashikian

Go Team Kermit, you are impressive, Marge, Kat,Kris, Jack

Deborah Kaplan

You go Steve!!! Best of luck!

Linda Motzkin and Jonathan Rubenstein

Happy to contribute, with love to all of you!

David Goldwasser

Ride Kermit ride! Alysia Brazin and David Goldwasser

Jeanne Mason

This spring we just looked at old slides of one of your visits to the north country, the boys athletic and smiling. That is how we will always remember Jared. Ride on Team Kermit. Luv to all

Gabrielle Simone $50.00
Ann Buxbaum $50.00
Stephen Lyons $100.00
Dianne Stronach

From Danny and I remembering Thayer Soccer!

Dena Gwin $50.00
Erik Johnson

We will always be thinking of you and your love for Jared.

Roberta Tunnard
Arthur Greil

Ride hard for Jared!

Beth Goldfarb

Good luck on your ride!

Ben Ryterband

Go, Team Kermit!

Jeremy Ogusky

happy to support your ride Steve!

Rosalie A Beith

Good luck! You are amazing.

Anni Zukauskas

Remembering Jared with love, always...

Karen Jodoin

In memory of Jared, ever closer to a cure.

Linda King

Jared is never forgotten. Have a safe ride!


Lisa Floryshak


Aron Angel $118.00
Finley Mullally
Liz Taft
Ellen Glanz

Go Team Kermit! We are rooting for you! Thanks for doing this every year. Ellen Glanz, Rich Berger, and the Glanz-Berger family

Joel Bard $100.00
Matthew McGuirk

Go team Kermit!

Lee Oliphant

Great cause...enjoy the ride

Erik Perry

Thank you for continuing to do this ride Erik, Isabelle and Becky Perry

Pamela Mauer $50.00
David Barts

Keep on riding, King Kermit!

Kevin Cedrone

Jared and the Branfman family are always in our hearts and minds!

Barbara Browne
Jeremy Goverman
Marcia and Terry Martinson
Wendi Happ $50.00
Daniel Forrest $25.00
Ted and Karen Koskores $250.00
Jessica (Temkin) Rubinstein
Solomon Levin $100.00
Tracy Fischer $75.00


Way to go Branfmans!!! hope to see you on the route Best of luck, Pat

Andrew Lubow

Another year of riding like the wind to end this freaking disease! Ride hard, ride swift and next year's ride will be unnecessary except to treat those with the "discovered cure".

Patrick Kennedy


Rosemary Perry

Very best wishes to Steve, Ellen, Adam and Team Kermit for yet another successful ride - you all do an amazing job, thank you!

Eric Aronson $100.00
Lois Ambash
Geoffrey Flickinger
Alan Cody

Best wishes from Alan and David Cody

Lisa and Bob Gross
Lee Smith
Thad Robey

Good luck, Steve!! Ride like the wind!!

Robert McNamara III $500.00
Ruthanne Fuller $100.00
Doris Fina

Thank you for the hours of training and riding- the love and support you share with your team- and for all your work to find a cure for all types of cancer. Love, Doris

Laura Laats

Good luck!

Judith Hurwitz

Thank you for your important support for the battle against cancer. We have all lost too many family members and friends.

Steve Richmond

good luck this year on meeting your goal

Robin Hopper Swansong Society $625.00
Elizabeth Wilsker
Eric and Jane Swain

With love from the Swains.

Joanne Craffey

Ride Well Team Kermit!

Jonah Hamilton
Joseph Haney

Congratulations Steve and Team Kermit. Have a great ride.

Diane Vo
Sonia Formanek

Happy trail, Kermit, Vlad & Sonia

Jessica Leaver

Best of luck!!

Barry Schaudt
Joanna Gilman

Go, Team Kermit!

David Pattison
Theodore Polansky

have a strong safe ride team Kermit

Michael Zwiebel

Hi Steve. Hope all is well.

Amy LaFavre

This is for you Jared and Mr. B! So many fond memories of my times with both of you. Best of luck & stay strong. With love, Amy

Heather Simmons
Jennifer Martini
Barry Heller

For Jared and my Judy and all who have been affected by the scourge of cancer.

David Bradley $100.00
Lois Wilkins

Have a great ride, Team Kermit

Lois Wilkins

Go Team Kermit

Kathryn Stecker

Go Team Kermit, I'm a sucker for frogs

Janet L Schachter $100.00
Stephen Lewicki

you de best

David Kaplan
Laurie Amonte

Branf....ride on my friend. xo The Amonte Family

Marc Rando

Steve, Have a great ride. Ill pray for good weather and Ill have my other rider friends on the lookout for TEAM KERMIT!!

Carol Earle

We always think of Jared. Good luck to Team Kermit! Carol and Bill Earle

Maryam Lombardi

Ride well.

Candace Sidner $108.00
Tamara Ledley

Good Luck on the ride!!

Frank Aronson

Way to go!

Rick Mines

Keep up the great work!

David & Debbie Winnick

I remember Jared and will always! Go Team Kermit!

Bruce Roberts & Jody Meese

Jareds spirit lives on in this selfless and inspiring work you do that makes a difference for so many. Much love to you from all of us.

Jeryl Kronish

Wishing you an easy ride and good weather!

Paula Foley

Thank you for being a part of Josephs education and helping bringing an end to cancer!!

Elizabeth Cobb
Katie Federico

With love to Team Kermit - have a great ride! xoxo

Bruce & Linda Berns
Linda Gelda

Go Steve and Team Kermit!

Stephen Dame $69.74
C & B Segaloff

Thank you! Have a great ride!

Sophie Browne $18.00
James Macvarish

Ride well, Team Kermit!

David Yale


Deborah Siegel

Keeping up the battle for all affected and yet to be. Youre making it better - thank you and ride strong, always! Remembering Jared, my brother Randy, and pal Jane

Stephen Allison

Youre doing amazing things. Keep having fun, keep changing the world for the better.

Mark and Beth Rockoff

In memory of Jared

Todd & Karen Krieger
Andrew Iventosch

Have a great ride!

Amy Morgan

In memory of Jared, my father Steve who I lost last May to cancer, Uncle Stan, my grandparents, and so many more.

Randy Blume $50.00
Karin Turer

As a mom to a kindergarten boy, it makes my heart ache to think of losing him. I am sorry for your loss and am inspired by how you are working to keep other families from having this loss. Ride on!

Mary Kate Dillon $50.00
Jean B Lehman

I look forward to supporting your ride every year, Steve. I will never forget how very special Jared was. My love goes out to each of you!

Jennifer Kaplan

3 of my close friends have recently been diagnosed with different cancers. Thank you for riding and raising money to help find better treatments for this dreadful disease.

Marilyn Ewer
Elizabeth Schaller
Richard Meyerson

All my love Steve. Cant wait to get together with the boys and walk!

Jeremy Ogusky

happy to donate again Steve!

Ronni and Amos Eisenberg

ride safely.......we will be ready for a hug at info booth and your beer will be ready for you! thank you for riding!

Robin Hopper Swansong Society $1,000.00
Andrew Lubow

GO TEAM KERMIT! Ride like heck to beat this disease back to Hell!!!!!

Andrew Lubow

RIDE, TO Beat this freakin disease Team Kermit! All our prayers the cureis found quickly and no one ever suffer fro this again!!!!

Richard Braverman


Vince Pitelka $50.00

My Rides

2018 $50.00
2017 $44,176.74 Sturbridge to Provincetown Inn (2-Day)
2016 $41,669.74 Sturbridge to Provincetown Inn (2-Day)
2015 $37,043.74 Sturbridge to Provincetown Inn (2-Day)
2014 $35,155.04 Sturbridge to Provincetown Inn (2-Day)
2013 $33,099.00 Sturbridge to Provincetown Inn (2-Day)
2012 $26,535.45 Sturbridge to Provincetown Inn (2-Day)
2011 $25,663.76 Sturbridge to Provincetown Inn (2-Day)
2010 $21,069.02 Sturbridge to Provincetown Inn (2-Day)
2009 $25,084.00 Sturbridge to Provincetown Inn (2-Day)
2008 $20,567.01 Sturbridge to Provincetown Inn (2-Day)
2007 $21,338.50 Sturbridge to Provincetown Inn (2-Day)
2006 $26,670.00 Sturbridge to Provincetown Inn (2-Day)
2005 $10,858.97 Sturbridge to Provincetown Inn (2-Day)
2004 $10,272.00 Wellesley to Bourne (1-Day, Sat)