My Supporters

Suzanne Martin

Good luck to you and your team, Rocco!

Mallory Monaco

Best of luck Rocco!!

Terry and Ward Thomas $250.00
Shelby Muraski

Keep up the good work! Pedal fast...

Jeremy Joslin

Keep on riding!

Angela Iafrancesco
Tina St. Pierre

Thank you for riding Rocco! Be safe and stay strong!

Elizabeth Diana
Ed Williams

Good luck! ????

Linda Cusano

Good Luck, Rocco!

Donna Abrams

Sending strength! Donna E. Abrams Marine Mom

Lisa Bowman

Way to go, Rocco! Happy to support you and this worthy cause!

Alan Diprato

Fellas, Hoping you have great rides and no soreness. Al D.

Joe Schweickart

All the best for your ride this year

Steven Marquis

Rocco, Wishing you great strength for this challenge. Steve & Ro

Anthony Cashman

Way to go Rocco!!

Leah Scola

How proud your family must be! Have a safe ride!

Diane DiBiase

Have a great ride, Rocco!

Janelle Rosenbaum

I hope the day comes when these fundraisers are no longer necessary. Have a great ride!!

Kevin Paradis

In honor of your proud MARINE!

Richard Scola
Brian Burke

Great job Rocco!!

Mark Walworth

Mark and I are wishing you well - excellent cause Love to all Pat Hughes-Walworth

Patricia Hughes-Walworth

Excellent cause - wishing you well!!!

Heather Pasterick
Carolyn Manchester $100.00
Kristen Molin

Great cause - Enjoy the ride!!! The Molins

Kelly Amaral

Thank you for riding the PMC!! Your effort is very much appreciated. Have a great ride!! The Amarals

Donald Valentas

Rocco, your drive and dedication to help fight this terrible disease is amazing. So are you for doing this year in and year out, hopefully one day you'll be able to say "I was a part of the cure"

Pamela Marra

Thanks for doing the heavy lifting (I mean biking) in the Race for a Cure Rocco.

Joseph Mack $100.00
Karen Smith

Thank you for your commitment to this great cause! Good luck with the Ride!

Pam Moriarty

Have a great ride! Love the Moriarty Family!

Kevin Bingham

Keep up the great work Rocco.

Cheryl Trudon

Hope you have a great ride!! Love the cause!! Cheri



Lenox Fit Proudly supports your fight against cancer!

Juliet, Donato and G Monaco

May the wind be at your back. Thanks for riding for such a worthy cause.

Jody Cox

Have a great ride, what you guys do is amazing!

Brian Kelly $60.00
Cathy & Dave Vargas $120.00
Maria Cusano-Sanzo

So proud of you, Rocco!!!! Go get 'em! Mary and Frank.

Edward Direnzo

Good luck and ride well Rocco

Robert McCauley

Great that you are doing this again. Rooting for you the whole way. Bob

Nancy Czarzasty

Good luck Rocco! You are crazy but awesome! Check your Facebook messages I have another crazy idea.

Ed Williams

Good luck Rocco!!!

Lisa Bowman

I pray one day there will be a cure for cancer. It will happen thanks to the commitment & dedication from organizations & individuals like you who won’t stop until a cure is found. Go Rocco!

Gina Botticello

Go Rocco! When you start to get tired keep pushing on and think of your brave recruit!

Richard Riedinger
Sara Felter

Takes a special person to do what you are doing and also to work a full time job. I give you lots of credit Rocco and am happy to help in that endeavor. Good Luck and regards to all those Sanzos

Stephen Votto

Way to go Rocco!!! You are the Best of Blue!!!

Robin DiNicola

Good luck Rocco!

Cody Holmes

Rocco, proud to call you a friend! Keep up the good work.


My History

2019 $5,968.00 Sturbridge to Provincetown Inn (2-Day)
2018 $9,335.00 Sturbridge to Provincetown Inn (2-Day)
2017 $7,829.50 Sturbridge to Provincetown Inn (2-Day)
2016 $5,910.00 Sturbridge to Provincetown Inn (2-Day)