Reva Greenstein's Ride



My Supporters

Hope Slonim
Kerri Lewia

Good luck, Reva!

Julia Portale

Go Reva! With you in spirit as you bike for this great cause...

Paul Culler

Pedal hard, Reva! Love, Paul and Lois

Patty Petrillo

Go Reva! We love you! ??

Michael Mena

In memory of my father, Miguel Mena. Reva, Simone and I love you and support you. You are amazing!

Emilie Wheat

Ride strong Reva ! Sending you love and strength. Thank you for honoring the people we loved and lost and for bringing hope and awareness for the future.

Henry Greenberg

It's a very wonderful thing that you are doing Reva. Have a good safe ride.

Kitt and Sawitsky

Reva! We will be thinking of you, Lynn and all your family. Good luck and enjoy. Love, Kitt and Heather

Lolo Mengel

Go Reva!!!! Thanks for participating in such an inspiring and important event for all those touched by cancer. We will be cheering you on!!

Fred Szufnarowski

Reva, thanks for taking part in such a worthwhile event! Happy Riding, Your bro

Dan & Whitney Steller

Good luck, Reva!

Laura Deem

In memory of my Dad, Jack Engdahl

Pamela Williams

Good luck Reva! Love you!

Jonah Hall

Thank you, Reva. We all miss Lynn and appreciate your effort to ride in her honor. Sending love and hugs to Jamestown. Love, Jonah, Natasha, Rebelle Harmony, Boumie & JoJo

Kelly Ramsey

All my love and positive energy will be with you during this ride, because I will be sending it to you on both days. What a loving tribute to your beautiful sister. Lets cure cancer NOW!

Katherine Hillman $50.00
Sarah Ozturk

Thank you, Reva. Think of it as from Elva and me. Love, Sarah

Christine Trauth

I am once again so proud of you for taking on this special bike ride. Thank you for including Nancy on your journey. Hopefully, she and Lynn will be watching you ride from heaven above. Good luck. XO?

The Reid Family
Michelle Powell

You are awesome for supporting cancer research. Xoxo

Carol Hook

Good luck on your ride. I know that thinking of your dear sister Lynn and others will help motivate you.


The easy part is giving money ... the hard part is training and riding! Good Luck Reva!

Debra Goodman
Raphaele Pelaez

So happy to help support you Reva! Ride strong!

Sarah Ozturk

Thank you for doing this, Reva!

Anne Welles Auer

My Rides

2017 $4,913.00 Sturbridge to Provincetown Inn (2-Day)
2016 $5,164.00 Sturbridge to Family Finish at Ptown (2-Day)