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Sally Gangell

Great job Pamella. Love you Salloy and Sue Wickes-Away

Gary and Leah Johnston

Good luck Pam!! You got this!:)

Tami Weisenforth

Good Luck PAM!!!

monica traver

Good Luck Pam, great job!

Amy Kaiser

Have an awesome ride, Pam!! May the wind be at your back!

Tiara Antonovich

Good luck this weekend Aunt Pam!! We love you and are sooo proud of your dedication to this cause and event year after year ?? You rock!

Linda Matthews

Pam - thank you for all you do for this cause! Safe ride — see you in P-town !!!

Margaret Lawrence

Have a great ride Pam!!

Monica Young

Ride like the wind Pam!!

Regina Butler

Pam good luck on your upcoming ride. Kayla and I are so proud of you. We love you?

Lisa Mancini

Good luck Pam! Your parents are shining down on you.

Ellen Santana

This is close to my heart as well??

Alissa Dill

You're doing such an awesome thing! Good luck and have fun!

Michelle Dickinson

You’re an inspiration, Pam! Ride Hard, Be Safe ?????????

Reisha Rieder

Go Pammie Go! Can't wait to see you cross the finish line!

Kristi Lewicki
Sheila Burke

best of luck.

Lorie & Cindy Taylor
Michele O’Connor stpierre

Pam, I love your dedication to this ride. See you at the finish line!

Patrick Rowan

Thanks Pam for being active in the fight against cancer. In honor of one of my best friends who was recently diagnosed. Have a great ride!

Mary Hettie

Ride hard, be safe

Jill Reilly

Go Pammie!!!

Jeanie Manhard

Hi Pammy, Good luck on your ride!!! xoxoxo Love you, Thea Jeanie

Leslie Bogucki

Good luck to you all. I hope your efforts will someday kick cancers butt!

Kathleen Vogt

Way to go Pammie.

Lisa Fruscio
Erin Fleury
Susan Reilly

You got this Pammie! xo

Megan Gillis

Go Pam!!

Salvatore Merola

Ride Pam, ride. Proud to know you.

Barb Lundberg

Always happy to support a long-time friend for a wonderful cause! Thanks for all you do and all your hard preparation for this yearly ride to help cancer patients! Love, Barb L

Barbara McKenna

Good Luck Pam. Retirees bike faster!!!!??

Deborah Tagliento

???????Have a Great Ride Pam???????

Paula LaGambina
Constance Steinbach Blair

Go Pam! Ride like the wind!!

Samantha Gartland

You are awesome Pam!

Barb Greene Byrns

You are awesome Pam! Have a great ride!

Katie & Donn Pall

We are so proud of you!!! Wish we were there to cheer you on!!! Love you, Cuz (Katie & Donn)

George Hettie

Good Luck on your ride for a wonderful cause! Thank you for all that you do!

Patrick Buckley $60.00
Geraldine Pressley

Go Pammie Go!!!??????

Cynthia Houser

Good luck! You are AMAZING??

Eileen Ellis
Joe/Gloria Benedict/Henn

Doing it again -- you are amazing. Hope that you enjoy your ride ... but be safe. Best Wishes for a successful journey.

Joanne Little

Go Pam!!

Nicole Parianos

Go Pammy!

Marybeth Murphy $50.00
Ashley Meyer

Shove your foot right up cancer’s ass, Pam! ??

Mary Lou Hamel

You are a machine! Enjoy your ride.

Edwin Hotaling

I am so proud of you Pam for all the time, skill, and effort you put into this race. Love you.

Lisa Joslin

Good luck, you’re amazing!

Constance Schmitz
Upstate Kayak Rentals $300.00
Sandra V.

You are a rock star, Pam! Hope your ride this year is amazing.

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