Pamela Mantas's Ride



My Supporters

Erin Fleury
Margaret Lawrence

Have a great ride!!

Karen Bonitatibus

Ride in honor of a great mom and our friend Brenda ! Wishing you lots of sunshine Karen and Beth

Maureen Mickel

Best wishes for a great ride. Stay strong.

Tiara Antonovich

Best of luck Aunt Pam!! We love you!!

Marcey Ford

Pam, your strength and love will be felt in heaven, as you make this trip! I wish you the best ride of your life and I will see you in PTown.

Lauren Petraske

We will be thinking about you this week end. Wish we could be at the finish line. You go girl!!!

Brenda Whipple

Pam thank you so much for all you do to help fight this monster of a disease. I miss your Mom very much.. She was one of the kindest people I know! Best of luck on the ride!!

Amy Vandervort

See you at the finish line my friend. So proud of you.

Linda Coldwell

Rina and I wish you a safe ride with lots of sunshine!

Eileen Ellis
Caroline Adam
Kevin Cavanaugh

Pamny your parents were awesome people whom you were blessed to have in your life and equally blessed to have you in their lives

Edwin Hotaling

As always so proud of you and to know you and what you do for this great cause. Love you

Geraldine Pressley

Have a great ride Pammie. I know it will be extra special this year.

Susan Shako $50.00
Peggy Schumacher

Thank you (Ju-Ju) ??Pammy for your hard work and dedication raising awareness and money for cancer research. In honor of your wonderful mom and so many other loved ones, GodSpeed!!????

Sam Kladis

Pam your Mom was a special person... Love her and ALL of your family. Good Luck on your ride. Your Mom is already Proud of you and always will be.

Amy Kaiser

Pam- I'll be rooting you on as ride this special PMC!

Danielle Davignon

Go Pam!

Sally Gangell

In memory of our great Moms! And in honor of Norma and Ant Sal. Good luck Pamella. Love Salloy and Sue Wickes-away

Janet Weisenforth

Ride on Pam !

Sue Bucci

Good luck Pam. Stay strong!

Linda Colwell

Good luck my friend and such an awesome cause to be riding for.

Kari Bein

"Thank you" isn't enough for your commitment, dedication, sweat, strength and love given to the PMC and everyone touched by such an awesome event!! Enjoy the ride!!!

Gina Wayand

Great job Pam! Good luck we know you can do it!!!

Lynn Naparty $50.00
Lynn Foley

Pam - May the sun shine on you as it shines within you. Your heart is so huge! Your parents remain forever proud of you! So many are grateful for your giving spirit! Go Team Kermit!!!

Deborah Poulin

Good luck, Pam. I'll be thinking of you. I'm so proud of you for doing this. You will have some special guardian angels guiding safely you along the route. XO

Marybeth Murphy $50.00
Carol Shunk $25.00
Beth Bassett

Such a wonderful cause, Pam. PMC donations to Dana-Farber make a difference in so many lives. Ride strong for your Mom and Brenda!

Cynthia Houser

It's not a race, it's a journey,enjoy the moment! Your angels will be riding with you??

Stacey Hughes

Godspeed Pam! With all our love...Stacey and Karen

Marianne Craig

God will be riding with you.

Dianns Martin $50.00
Barb Lundberg

In memory and honor of your mom!

Lorie Harris

Hi Pam... I hope you have an awesome ride.. I'm sorry about your mom. Hugs and best wishes..

Susan Kohler $30.00
Bob Mackey

Pam, All the best. Keep up the great work!

Kim Higley

Best of luck on your ride Pam! I'm sure Yia Yia will be right there with you!??

Kristin Florell

Good Luck Pammy ? you !!

Jill Stott
Paula LaGambina
Laura Poole

Thanks for all you do, Pam. It's a wonderful tribute to your Mom. I lost my Mom in January 2015 to Bony Metastasis from Breast Cancer. God Bless our Moms for all they did for us.

Susan Reilly

Good luck Pammie! In honor of your wonderful mom ??

Traci Scalzo

“I don’t ride a bike to add days to my life. I ride a bike to add life to my days” – Unknown

Joanne Little $50.00
Kathleen Vogt $25.00
Laurie StJeanos

What a amazing cause!

Aosta Edelman

PAM, thank you for doing this! in memory of your mother and mine! Aosta

Darlene LeVielle

We'll be there cheering you on!

Hope Matis
Catherine Riddle

in memory of your Mom and mine. Thank-you Pammie!

Michelle Dickinson $50.00
Tami Weisenforth
Dawnmarie Zakowicz $25.00
Cynthia Kilgallon

Thank you for fighting the fight to find a cure for all cancers.

Susan Shako

May all your sorrow become your strength as you pedal every mile to eradicate this disease. We have lost so many loved ones to cancer and I thank you for fighting so hard every year for us all.

Mary Hettie

Ride strong.

Joanne Lafrancois $25.00
Diane Peverly

Go Pam! Hope to ride with you soon.

Reisha Rieder $50.00
Kathleen Harkins

Pam have a great ride this year!! Kathy & Donna

Roberta Steele

In memory of our Moms

Constance Schmitz

A wonderful effort for a great cause!!

Robin Renko $100.00
Lisa Joslin
Dawn Mackey

Go pammie!!

Jill Reilly

Proud of you Pammie.

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