My Supporters

Vlad LaVerghetta
Fergus and Elizabeth McGrath
Thomas Bernier

I am proud of you Paul. You are one of the strongest people I know inside and out. Someone like you deserves the best. We are all lucky to call you a friend so keep rolling brother and be safe.

Camille Maccini $25.00
Camille Maccini

wishing you a fantastic ride, I know you will give it your all, that's the way you are. I will be thinking of you.

Hugh Sypher

Good Luck Paul Sue & Bill

Michael Sypher

I can't possibly fit all the love and respect the Sypher family has for Paul and his family in 200 characters or less. Go get em Paul. Pictures in the shorts or it didn't happen.

Diane and Arnold Boucher
Karen Caswell LiCausi

We will be thinking of you the day of the ride! Sending good thoughts to you.

Michelle spillane

Good luck!!!!

Sally Rodriguez

You continue to impress me, Mr. LaVerghetta!

Lisa Walsh

Paul I wish you a great ride and continued health. Your story is absolutely amazing and will give hope and courage to so many. Love Lisa and John

Heather Martin

We'll be cheering you on, Paul!


What an Amazing story of resilience & courage. Best of luck on your journey! The Zelinski Family

Michael/Christina LaCouture $100.00
Denis Higgins
Laura Cataldi

What an inspiring story, good luck Mr. LaVerghetta!

Cyril Burke
Sara Nehrir-Chila

Good luck Mr. LaVerghetta! :)

Elizabeth Ann LaVerghetta
Laura LaVerghetta


Jeff and Maureen Doctoroff
Diane Boucher
Joe McGrath
Kristen LaVerghetta

Go Dad! So proud of you!

Jaclyne LaVerghetta

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2018 $4,100.00 Sturbridge to Provincetown Inn (2-Day)