My Supporters

Mark Kelly

Patricia, Well done! Mark

Dina O'Neil

Amazing ride and Amazing you!!!!

Karen Dawber
Beverly Hughes

You Go Girl!!

Jeff Meaney

So proud of your steely determination! All the best for a great ride

Jon and Roberta Norton

We’re proud of you Patti! Roberta and Jon

Daniel Morgan

Go Patti!!!! You are going to crush it!!!!

Deb Graeber

Go Patti go! We are for you! Suzanne & Deb

Chip Geisler

Proud of your efforts to help others! Glad to donate.

William Dromeshauser

Patty, best of luck in your ride. Lori was was delightful person that left a wonderful mark on this world with the three boys she raised . Wonderful cause.. Bill

Kimberly Cohen

Good Luck Patty!!!

Sarah Carter

Good luck Patti. You are an an inspiration

John Stambaugh
Marianne Vinton

Patti amazing story have a great ride!

Kathryn Wells

PF, so proud to be your friend and fan. I wish you a safe and happy ride!

Ginger Troy

You go girl!

Joanne Morrissey

You are an inspiration!! Go get ‘em, Patti!!! Love, Joanne

Jeffrey Deady

Go Patti!

Marina Grossi

Patti: You GO Girl! I am so proud and impressed with you! Please count me in as one of your many supporters.

Mark Favermann

In honor of Patti's continued good health, courage and determination.

Eileen Murphy $25.00
Sharon Kaisen

You have always been such a positive, strong role model for all of us who have been blessed to know you. GO GET 'EM!!! I'll be rooting you on...from my couch potato position!

Stephen Maclellan

Very proud of you Patti!

Phillip Denys
Jennifer Feeeney

You go Patti! So proud of you!!!!

Bengt Akerblom

Keep up the great work Rock!

Julie Burt

Wishing you all the best for a great PMC! I admire your strength!

Richard Rovegno

Ride Like the Wind

Noelle Russell
Olga Kasparova

Good luck Patti!

Meghan McKenzie

So proud of you Mom!!!

Joann Carosotto

Patti, I am so happy that you are well and participating in this ride! I really admire you! Have a great ride!

Mary Lou Hoefer

Congratulations,Patty. What a wonderful cause! Hope to see you this Summer.

Kristin Longo

Ride on, Patti!

Josephine Hanabury
Mary Kenyon

Have a great ride!

The Prouty Family

So proud . . . so inspired, so grateful to call you our healthy friend! GO GIRL!

Sharon Cain

Go Patti!!!

Theresa Choo

Good Luck Patty!

Kristin Aylward

Love you Patty!!

Alice Pierce

Best of luck Patti! XO, Alice

Natalie (Ricciuti) Ducharme

Thank you for riding in memory of my beautiful sister-in-law. She was truly an inspiration.

Patti Volpe

So inspirational ~ in remembrance of Lori, she was the best. Good luck!

Kim and Peter Poutre

Thank you for riding in memory of Lori. We all loved her so much. I always see her bright smile when I think of her. All the best to you!

Charles Ricciuti
Dena Morgan

For Lori Ricciuti...thank you for riding



Good luck Patti!

John Ricciuti

Patti, ..... cannot even put into words how thoughtful to ride in a Lori’s honor..... you are amazing ! Best to you. John Ricciuti

Danielle Stephens $100.00


Anne Spillane

You rock Patti!!



Patti you’re an inspiration!!

Daniel Power

Patti, you are amazing! Thanks for riding - it's a great cause, and you are great to do it!

Monica Hayman

Wishing you the best on your ride!! Such a wonderful thing to do!! Monica Hayman

Susan Rousseau

Good luck Patti! Might see you on the road, I am riding for my brothers this year, along with my niece.

Tina Dsouza

Your rock Patti!! Go gurl..

Agnes Connors

Patti, you're the best! Thank you for what you're doing and best of luck on the ride!

Mary Golden

Patty, I'm amazed and inspired by your story! Wishing you all the best for your ride - you go girl!!

Jacqueline Blackmore $120.00
Molly Sullivan

Go Patti!! You rock ??

devra pulley
Stuart Siegel $250.00
Edward Cogan

Totally with you !!

Chuck Tortorello
Mary Lou Hoefer
Kimberly Andrew
Kathy DaSilva

You go Girl!! You survived cancer - you can do this!! I am proud of you!! Love, Kathy

Nathalie Lonsdale

Thank you for your commitment to this!

Caryl and Brian Sullivan

You ride for us all. You Got this!!

Robin Moyer

You go girlfriend. So proud of you!!

Ray Morton

Go Patti!



Dawn Goodwin

You've got this Patti!

Maria Dinwoodie
Nancy Robb

Good Luck!!! What a wonderful thing to do!!

Ann Haney Lane

You give this race hell, Patti! I've lost too many people I care about to cancer, especially lung cancer. They have to find a cure.

Thomas Hennessey

Great job Patty, such an inspiration !

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