My Supporters

Deborah Cohen

Wishing you the very best!

Gitte Kushner
Mary and Steve Ciulla

In Honor of Auntie Linda! Good luck Brenda!

Karen Kupferberg $400.00
Cathy Mara
Nancy Powers

Best of luck in this awful humid weather! I salute you!

Scott and Margaret Estes

Slow and steady Brenda! ?? Kudos to you for riding??


Allynn Lodge

You can do it, Prajna!!! Thinking of you and your mom as we strive for this goal together!

Lucille Weeks

Your Mom was so very special. Glad to support your ride for this great cause in your mother's name.

Deborah Lee

Hi Brenda, your mom was such a sweet soul. We are happy to donate to this good cause! Love, The Lee Family

Linda Hillery

Ride on! Good luck.

Marion McCullough

If you bring as much enthusiasm to the bike as you do to the pool-you'll cross the finish line in no time. Marty

Damon Weinstein

Have a great ride!

Nancy Bjornson $100.00
Anne-Marie Hultin

Hope you have a wonderful ride. What a great way to honor your mom!

John Nunes

In memory of Brenda's mom, Linda

Sarah Ricciardelli
Jennifer Havard $100.00
Pasquale Ricciardelli

Best of luck Brenda. GOD HAS ANOTHER ANGEL. Love, Uncle Pat

E Robert Duffy

Hi Brenda, hopefully we run into each other on the Ice Couch again. Best of Luck and see you on the cape!

Amy Schwartzberg
Jane Polley

Brenda's energy and spirit radiates in everything she does. "The apple doesn't fall far from the tree." Brenda's mom would be proud! GO BRENDA!!!! With love and friendship, JANE

Ami & Ron Nunes

Good Luck Brenda! It's fantastic that your doing this again.

Enrichetta Ricciardelli

Good luck Brenda mom is watching over you

Sujata Ringawa

Our love and support are riding right with you! Sujata and Marcel

Grace Quigua

You go, girl!!!!

Owen Dostie

I love you mom <3

Lucille Flynn
Barbara Lynch

Your mother was a lovely, kind lady, Brenda. Good luck on your ride!

Ronda Yeomans

Go Brenda, go!

Jill Mengesha

Blessings on all - and a safe, enjoyable ride to you!



You are continuing in you're mother's tradition of gratitude. Good luck!!!

Deborah Abel

I am making this donation in honor of your beautiful mother Linda!!! You blow me away Prajna with your strength, energy, love and joy. Have an exciting, amazing, heart opening ride. Love to you!

Kathleen Lang

You cheer for us. Now we are cheering for you.


Go Brenda Go! You rock!

Allynn Lodge

I am proud to be on your team and riding with your mom in our minds and hearts this year!

Scott Hoffman $50.00

My History

2018 $5,193.00 Wellesley to Provincetown Inn (2-Day)
2017 $8,414.00 Wellesley to Provincetown Inn (2-Day)