My Supporters

Nancy Powers

best of luck this weekend. I'll be thinking of you

Mudita Feuer

Sending all the best for a good ride, strength, perseverance and Joy! In Love, Mudita

Robert Nunes $50.00


Cynthia Sheppard

Go Brenda, our fearless water exercise leader!

Mary and Steve Ciulla

Best of luck in your challenge!

Diana Smith $60.00
Kathleen Woehrling
Richard Maichle

Good luck on your ride, I'll map out all the 7-11's on the way for you and Allynn! ;)

Megan Quinlan

Go get em', Brenda! Such a wonderful cause and thing to do in memory of your mom. Look forward to catching up soon :-)

Ruth Sedlock

Remembering your mom with love. You make her proud! ??

Ami & Ron Nunes

Go get em' Brenda. I commend you for your tenacity!

Linda Hilliard $25.00
Marty McCullough

Brenda- Way to go-will be thinking of you as you cross the bridge. Thank you for riding. Marty

Grace Quigua

You make us proud, Li'l B. Only the best for you and all noble and selfless cyclists who make this event possible. Best, Gracie Q.

Susan Rubenfield
Deborah Cohen

Wishing you the very best!

Kathy and David MILLER $60.00
Kelly Mcfalls
Patricia Hebert

Happy Birthday

Anne-Marie Hultin

Dear Brenda, I hope you enjoy a wonderful ride for a fantastic cause. With love, Anne-Marie

Jill Mengesha $25.00
Wilfred Fontaine

Good luck with the ride, Praj. You're a wonderful person with a heart of gold.

Scott and Margaret Estes

The ride goes on, and you are there. Much love to you Brenda.

Marie Yang

Good luck!!!

Sujata Ringawa

Ride Prajna, ride! Thank you for this opportunity to support your offering service to others in this very beautiful way. Much love and blessings, Sujata and Marcel

Carol driscoll

Brenda, you go girl!! Hope you do well on your ride. Call me sometime so we can catch up.978 808 3654 or 978 851 5797. Good luck!

Ken & Laurel Morsch

Hope you have great weather and health for your big ride. Be safe out there among those riders of such diverse skills and experience.

Lucille Flynn

You go girl!

Galina Tkachenko $20.00
Jane Polley

GO BRENDA! Its' going to be an AMAZING 2 days!!! KEEP TRAINING....Jane Polley

Deborah Abel

Yay Prajna!! We are so proud of you. GO TEAM KERMIT!!!!

Tina Perri

Good luck!!

Kathleen Lang

You lead by example. Bless you.

Barbara Lynch

Hi, Brenda! You decided to ride again...good for you! I hope you have beautiful weather for the ride. Got your note - hope to see you in the "hood!" My best to your dad, and good luck!

Gary and Karyn Marshall

Team Kermit is OUR team! We love you guys so go out and kick some serious you-know-what!

Konstantina Broome

Thank you for riding and spreading the gifts of goodness, love and care with the ones who needed most! Enjoy your sunshine!

Stephanie Ngom

Go Brenda! This is such a great activity!

Rana Masri
Nancy Bjornson

You can do it!

Susan P. Minor

Team Kermit ROCKS!

Kim Celi

Yay! Team Kermit!

Ronda Yeomans

Go, Team Kermit!

Cesar Stewart-Morales

Friends of Ronda from Edwards Church. Best wishes for your ride!

Owen Dostie

hi mom


My History

2019 $6,385.59 Wellesley to Provincetown Inn (2-Day)
2018 $5,293.00 Wellesley to Provincetown Inn (2-Day)
2017 $8,414.00 Wellesley to Provincetown Inn (2-Day)