Brenda "Prajna" Dostie's Ride



My Supporters

Allynn Lodge

Prajna, You and your mom have been in my thoughts and my heart. It is my honor to donate to the PMC in memory of your mom. With love, Allynn

Steven and Ellen Branfman

In honor and in heartfelt memory of Linda

Giuseppe Pilozzi

Dear Brenda, So sorry to hear about the death of your mom. Our thoughts are with you. Happy to contribute to fight this terrible disease. Joe & Brenda

Anne Sterling

Ride fast with the angels Brenda Dostie! Via con Dios!

Nancy Powers
Betsy and Ralph Szymczak

Brenda, Please accept our sincerest sympathy.

Joe Santiago-Silvestri

In honor of Linda Nunes. I am very sorry for your loss, Brenda. If there is anything I can do for you, please do not hesitate to reach out.

Amy Schwartzberg

In loving memory of Linda Nunes

Gary and Karyn Marshall

In loving memory of Linda Nunes

E Robert Duffy

Hi Brenda, I meet you on the ride, on a couch made of Ice. I told you I would get you the picture, this is the only way I could figure out how to

Carol driscoll $25.00
Kathy MILLER $50.00
Cheska Komissar

Ride strong my friend!!!! And thank you!!!!!!! And happy bday mom!!!

Jose Duarte

You go Brenda. Pedal away as we are behind you and your mother!!!!! Best wishes.



Wishing you a golden roll, and Linda a beautiful birthday, on Aug 5th ...!! Love, Diane & Virginia

Marion McCullough

Good luck Brenda-will be thinking of you! Marty

Stephanie Chamberlain $25.00
Lisa Cogliandro

Brenda - keep the rubber side down! Ride safe and happy in honor of your fantastic mom. My thoughts and support are with you!

Ron and Kerry Ciulla

Happy Birthday to Aunt Linda! Brenda, enjoy the ride!

Nancy Cantor

Dear Prajna, It is a pleasure to get to know you. I appreciate your friendship. Love, Nancy, an aspiring love-chicken.

Sarah Ricciardelli

Happy Birthday Auntie Linda! We love you!!! Brenda I have no doubt you will finish this- strong Italian women in our family!

Laurel Morsch

Way to go, Brenda! Have a great ride!


Good luck on your ride!

Gloria Geller

Good Luck. I hope you go all the way. GLoria


Sending you and your mom encouragement and love on this journey.

Kim Zarrella $86.00
Gitte Kushner

Sending much love and blessings to your Mom and to You, for a great ride!

Mary and Steve Ciulla

Happy Birthday to Auntie Linda and Good luck to Brenda! Love, Steve, Mary, Jason, Ryan, Michael

Galina Tkachenko $20.00
Megan Quinlan

I am thrilled to support you, your mother, all cancer patients, and Dana Farber after everything you've shared with me about them, Brenda! Here's to finding a cure ---have a great ride :-) Meg

Thomas and Sheryl Ciulla

Happy Birthday to Aunt Linda! We hope you have a good ride, Brenda! Love, Tom and Sheryl

Deborah Cohen

Wishing you and your Mom the very best!

Lauren Gillin

Best of luck, Brenda! You have worked so hard for this amazing cause, and I wish you and your family health, happiness, and love.

Ami & Ron Nunes

Happy Birthday Aunt Linda and good luck Brenda. We are honored to donate to such a worthy cause. The people you are supporting are truly very special saints. We pray that she will beat this.

Enrichetta Ricciardelli

Good luckBrenda. May God be with all your family in this difficult time. All my love and prayers

Emma Stevens $25.00
Mike and Nan Stevens-Krueger

Wishing you and all of your fellow riders the very best as you face all these challenges.

Fatima Diaz

This is for Brenda's mom and Dana-Farber Cancer Institute!!! May God Bless the work that you do. May the money that is raised be multiplied so that many people can continue to receive great care.

Jennifer Havard

Donation in memory of Christina J. Havard, and also for Sheri Zalkin, who is fighting uterine cancer.

Susan Keirouz

Praying for your Mom and sending her our love as she approaches the big 86! Have a great ride.

Pamela Ulrickson
Phyllis Steiner

Brenda - you go girl! Hoping your mom will make a complete recovery! Love xxx, Phyllis

Rachel D'Amour

Proud of you!

KJ Shapiro
Lucille Flynn

You go girl!

Eileen MacQueen
Antonella D'Eramo

Enjoy the ride, Brenda and Happy Birthday to your mom!

Pasquale Ricciardelli

Very proud of you. Love, Uncle Pat

Maria Ortiz Perez
Deborah Abel

We are sending you blessings on reaching your goal, on your ride and for your contribution to healing cancer in honor of Linda!!!! Yes, yes yes!!!

Genoveffa Grieci

I am very proud of your commitment to this cause. Gen

Tania Henkle
Krista Zechello

Wishing you luck Brenda!!!!

Ruth Sedlock

We are with you all the way, Brenda!

Tina Perri

Have fun riding! What a beautiful thing you are doing!!

Melanie Young

Sending my love your mom and family! xoxo

Marilyn Feinberg

I am proud to support you as you ride in honor of your mom. My prayers and hopes for a complete recovery go out to her and to all others suffering.

Marcel Ringawa

Go sister! May the Shakti be your beneficent force!

Anne Lavery

With best wishes for beautiful Brenda Dostie to ride with energy to spare as she completes this Pan Am challenge in memory of her mother who is in the care of Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. w/love

ANN Thierauf
Kathleen Lang

Keep on pedaling. You can do it!

George and Marney Ives
Kfir Mizrahi

Be strong and stay positive! Everything will be ok!

M Patricia Buchman

Wishing you well on your ride, and your mother on her journey

Margaret Holland $50.00


Go Prajna Ama!


In memory of Joseph and Lorraine Dostie

Jane Polley

Dear Brenda-my prayers are with you as you and your family celebrate this time with your mother. The vigorous ride is "therapy" from the inside-out. "YOU GO GIRL!" Love, Jane

Ronda Yeomans

Go Brenda go!! So proud of you! ( and very impressed!) Give my love to your sweet, sweet Mom. xoxo Ronda

Carla Moore $25.00
Enid Ames
Lucille Weeks

Thoughts and prayers for your Mom. Your parents are the sweetest people I know.

Sarah Canova

Go Brenda!!! Much love for nana!

The Ladies @ Framingham Public School
Bill Dostie $50.00
Gary and Karyn Marshall

Best of luck dear friend .... the Marshalls are rooting for you! Love to Mamma Nunes XOXO

Ann Thierauf
Anne-Marie Hultin

with love

Martha Nunes
Amy Schwartzberg
John and Linda Nunes

Go Brenda!

Mark Nunes

Pedal Power! You go, sis!

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