My Supporters

Sherry Sandoval

So proud of you, Sweetie!!!

Cynthia Samuels

I knew you could do it!! Proud of you! I am donating in memory of my husband Larry Samuels (1/14/57-7/25/06).

Ronald Ghizzoni

Congrats Pam!

Eliott Oven

Go Pam Go enjoy the weekend Eliott

Erin Basile

You are a rock star Pam!!!! So proud of what you are doing. xo-e

David Lavalley

The Center for Arts in Natick is cheering on our good friend PAM AKIN - Go Pam!

Lynne Chadey

You rock! Hope you have a great ride and thank you for all that you do.

Marty Jo Henry

Thank you for your hard work with this endeavor as well as your support at work! Will be cheering you on in a blue kayak when you reach the lake.

Caroline Dee

You go, Pam! Congratulations on realizing this goal and helping so many others!

Johanna Perlmutter

Fund Code: AD1041 Fund Name: Dr Hodi's Melanoma Research Fund Acct# 9500238 PL: Hodi

Chris Brown

Hi Pam, What a great birthday idea! I almost missed your email because it was sent to an account I barely monitor. Best of luck to you in your endeavor. It is an ambitious and wonderful goal! Chris

Douglas Williamson

Best wishes, Pam, for a successful ride and thanks for this admirable fund raising effort. Sure wish this could be a bigger donation, but I'm hoping every little bit helps! Doug

Barbara & Paul Fitzgerald

Good luck Pam!

Jaye Perricone
Scott Youlden

Good luck on your trek this year. I have heard from others what a great time they had doing this.

Carol Krentzman

Wow Pam. I am so excited for you. Ride on strong woman!!!!

Steve Blakeney


Best of luck with the ride, Pam. Thank you for raising $$ to fight cancer. Let's hope cures are around the corner! This donation is in memory of my Mom.

Karen Perry $500.00


You are an inspiration, Pam. I'm behind you all the way. Now go sweat some more at that gym! Hugs, Tam

Beth Byrne $100.00
Jay Psaros
Sue & Dave Wilson

We are so happy for you Pam. You always find a way to turn your life into the positive. I applaud you and all of your efforts. Happy Birthday girl!

Felice de Jong

Go Pam!

Edwards Church Wider Missions

We are with you, Pam!


Good for you Pam!!

Laura Gordon

You Go Girl!

Debbie Clark

Thanks for doing this

Joanne Rooney

Pam Thanks for riding for the cause.. Good Luck

Kevin Crowley

Great Job Pam! I will be rooting for you and all the PanMass riders helping to crush cancer!!

David Butler

Good luck! I am sure you will meet this challenge.

stuart rose $100.00
bonnie willoughby

Good luck! You will do great. :)


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