My Supporters

Mike Ippolito

Best of luck Neil!!

Jack Tully

You got this!

Eric Daniels
Lou Mikitarian

Thanks and Good Luck Neil and Team !

Carol Wall


Mark Irvings
Susan Rudnick
Andrew Donald

A worthy cause if ever there was one!

Leo Sarkissian

Good luck Neil!

robert duncan $200.00
Carolyn Pennington

so very impressed and inspired by your actions! Much love and support! ????

Alan Shapiro

Neil: Thanks so much for your efforts to assist in eradicating this disease which touches all of us. Alan

Rachel Mandel
Stephen Seckler

Good luck on your first PMC ride!

Rob Bertsche
Joe Faber
Cory and Colin Fanelli $100.00
John Letcher

Good luck Neil...remember...water, gatorade, water, gatorade...great cause...enjoy!

Diane & Paul Macmillan

Good luck Neil!

Marie & Michael Hoffman
John Karofsky

Good luck, ride hard, and make sure you have a soft seat.

Donna & Rusty Pedersen

Way to go Neil!!! We are cheering for you!!!

Beth Brooks

Hankus and I are happy to contribute in my beloved cousin Myrna's memory. I can just hear her now beaming with pride at your taking up this challenge.We wish you lots of strength and energy!

Susan Moyer

Good Luck Neil! Love, Susie, Carl and Sophie

Terence & Denise McKittrick

Great cause! We are glad to be able to support you in this effort. Good Luck with the ride!

Virginia O’Connor
pamela willsey
Linda Antonucci

Thanks Neil. Alex and I will be cheering you along.

Austin Drucker
Claire Stearns $50.00
Donald Hoffman

Great event. Thanks Neil!!!

Christine Savage

Dedicated to Myrna and Andy. Thank you Neil.

Amy Drucker
Amy Shapiro
Carol & Peter Hoffman

Way to go Neil!!!

Daryl & Tom Schnepp
Nancy & Chris Stafford

Thanks for doing this Neil! As Aunt Myrna would have said, “Proud,proud,proud!”

Cindy Paradies

Go Neil, ride hard and safe in memory of our beloved Myrna

Debbie and Bobby Gordon


Amy Fradkin

Congrats on ride #1! Looking forward to seeing you on the road!


My History

2019 $6,581.00 Wellesley to Provincetown Monument (2-Day)