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melinda Sowizral
Laurie Parker

Congratulations on your ride, Michelle. This was a great tribute to your mom.

Eileen Meehan

Great job Michele!!

Esha Gangolli

Well done, Michele!

Cooky Graves

Go Michele!!!!

Theodore Will

Ride Hard! Great Cause! God Bless!

Cynthia Dorsey

Go Michele!

Sarah Webber

Best wishes for a great ride and thank you for doing your part to eliminate cancer.

Patti Thorp

Hi Michele, I was very sorry to hear about your mom. My condolences to you and your family. I think it's great that you're honoring her by doing this ride. I'm sure she would be very proud of you.

Diane Sedler

Michele, your mom would be very proud of you! Hope you have a great ride??

Nicole Sedler $100.00
Eileen Cunningham

Good luck Michele! What a wonderful tribute to your mother. She'll undoubtedly be with you in spirit that day.

Karen Geissert

Michele and fellow riders, What a wonderful way to give support to patients who are dealing with this health challenge. Your mother would be so appreciative. Karen G.

Kathie Watt $100.00


Go Michele! The Crows are proud of you!

Teresa Howie

Such a wonderful way to celebrate Her life and help others.

Susan Lamontagne

Michele, your ride is a wonderful tribute to the love you and your mom had for each other.

Cathy Col

Michele, you ALWAYS give back! YOU GO GIRL!! Love you!

Joseph Hora

Sorry to hear about your mother, Michele- Penny and Joe

Janice Immerman

Michele, thanks for doing this ride! Good luck! Jan and Jim

Sharon Garde

Good luck Michele - have fun!

Karen Stevenson

Michele, your Mom (and Dad) would be so honored to be along with you as you tackle those miles. Rick and I applaud you and are so happy to support you and the PPP team.

Kara Collin

Your mom will be riding right beside you, looking extremely fashionable as always! I think of Jane often. She is so very proud of you. Hugs, Kara

Matthew Parker $40.00
Sharon Olshvang


Carol Harris

In memory of your dear mom!

Michele Sedler

Thank you Marge for your donation.

Michele Sedler

Thank you cousin Pam for your donation.

Thomas Tharp
Robert LeCLerc

I feel fortunate to have met you & your family. All of us who have experienced the passing of a loved one understand life is never the same. My sincere condolences to you & your family. See you soon.

Paula Bedard

Dear Michele, so happy to donate for this ride. You were one of the people that got me in to cycling oh so many years ago. I recall riding with you many times you trained for your first few triathlons

Alli Sedler

Happy Birthday

Nancy Woodworth

In memory of Jane??

Donald Walker

I know Aunt Jane would be proud of you.

Stephen E Walker

Good luck. Great cause

Doug, Lara and Livi Walker

This is a wonderful tribute Michele. Wish I were riding with you. Love, Doug Lara and Olivia

Lois Hagopian

I am so proud of you Michelle, I think it will take a lot of hard work and endurance to make this ride and I know you’re doing this in remembrance of your mother !!

Katie Duffy

What a wonderful gift in memory of your Mom. All the best to you.

Joannie Griffith

Good Luck Michele!

Mary Pagucci

What an awesome thing to do!



Michele, this is such a loving tribute to your mom.

Heather E. Robertson

Sorry for your loss Michele. I lost my Mother this year as well. I ?? what your doing in her honor/memory.

Elizabeth Binsack

Michele - As always, you do your parents proud. Bless you and your efforts.

Kim Flesch

Loved your mom - she will be sorely missed. So thankful for all the fun memories with Miss Jane ?


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