My Supporters

Ari Levy

Mary, So happy for you and so sorry I didn't donate sooner...So proud of you.

Mary/ Steve Gulrich

Dear Mary, so proud of who you are and what you’ve done. How happy and proud we are of you and thrilled that we are family. Your Dad is smiling on you with total love and pride. We love you ?? M/S??

SangHee Kim
Amy & Kristen Gwinn-Becker

You are an inspiration!!! Ride, Mary, Ride!!!

Angela Park

From the Spark Multisport Crew! Go Mary!

stephanie cooper

Congrats Mary! You are going to kill it in the biking. Cant wait to see you in Montreal!

Amy Keenan

Good Luck!

Cindy Castiglioni

Good luck on your ride Mary!!



Good luck Mary. Love Bob & Kathy

joseph Delaney

May the peleton be with you

Joel Backaler

Good luck Mary! You're going to do great :-)

George Colony $500.00
Gabe Villamizar

Mary Shea ftw!

Philip Nedwell

'Ride like the wind' Girl Power! WAM!



Janet Shea

You Go! Wonder Woman Daughter!!

Lars Lambrecht $100.00
Katrina Zoldowski

Go get it Mary! You rock!

Jillian Berger

Kick some butt!

Grant Zallis

Go get em Mary! Alex and I are rooting for you!

Mike Spignese

MShea! You have really taken this to the next level...Have a safe ride and thanks for supporting this amazing cause.

Edward Johnsen

Mary, sorry for the delay on this donation. Wonderful thing you are doing! Good luck to you! Hope to see you later this summer in Maine.

Lynda Gordon

Go for it Mary!

Paul Shea

Go Mary!! ?????

ronald anderson

you go girl. thanks for doing this. The Dana Farber is a wonderful institution that was so helpful to us ron

Kim Jones

Go Mary!!!

Dave Keyes


Allison Snow

Go go go, Mary!

Jason Heinze

This is a great cause. Thank you for riding!

Hoyun Kim

Go, Mary!!!

tracy eiler

You go, Mary!!!!

Alex Gorbansky

Best of luck Mary!

Elizabeth Beard

Go Mary Go!!!! :)

Aaron Zarwan

Keep fighting the good fight! Have a great ride!

Waverly Deutsch

Go, Q, go! You are my hero!

Matthew Camuso

Mary you rock! Best of luck and thanks for doing this!

Paul Earle

Go Mary! A great cause. Much love from Ellen and Paul

Laura Ramos

Ride on, Mary! What a great cause and glad to be supporting you and the work at Dana Farber.

Patrick Gaffney

Let’s go Mary! Happy to support you and your team.

Anthony Wietek

Ride as if the wind is always behind you!! Proud of you!!

Elizabeth Gucwa

Go gett'em girl!

Jody Michael $250.00
Kelley Hippler

Mary, Best of luck with your ride! Kelley

Lori Wizdo

Thanks for all you do. And good luck.

Andres Wydler

Mary, you rock!!

Ann Mond

Mary! You’re awesome!!

Caroline Robertson

Go Mary!!! I am so happy to support you and the team - fingers crossed for great weather and smooth riding! Thank you

Jay McBain

Ride like the wind Mary! We are all behind you!

Susan Silver

Go Mary Go!

Carly Goerdt

Woot Woot! Enjoy the ride!

Noah Laub $50.00
Randy Driggers

Randy, Andy, and Mary met at the Capital Grill Bar on 1/23/18. Andy has been coming to Dana Farber for excellent treatment for unusual brain cancer. He is doing quite well now.


My History

2018 $5,050.00 Wellesley to Provincetown Inn (2-Day)
2011 $4,200.00 Wellesley to Provincetown Inn (2-Day)
2009 $6,110.00 Wellesley to Provincetown Inn (2-Day)