Mark Page's Ride



My Supporters

Richard Murphy

How do I contributed to your road rash fund? Sorry to hear you will miss the ride. Speedy recovery my friend.

James Mayberry
Dana Testa

Mark - Patty and I wish to support your great effort and wish you a successful and safe ride! We'll be with you in spirit.

Nikki Sloan

Good Luck Mark we are cheering you on!!!

Jill Cordoni

Sounds like a great ride with an amazing cause!!

Kris Campisi

Have a great ride Mark. $1 for each mile. :)

Jim Nielsen

Mark, A very worthy cause

Sarah Mason

So wonderful! We have many friends and family who have, and continue to, ride! We'll be cheering for you from CA! -Toby, Sarah, and Tanner Long

Julie Kenrow

Good luck Mark! You are ready for the challenge!

Moses Ramirez

What a great cause!!! Stay healthy Mark. Hoping to support you again next year.

gina antuzzi
Therese Lehane
Kara Liebig
Rhonda Barr

What an amazing way to honor your mother. Enjoy the ride!

Stewart Kume $100.00
Maryanne Koller

Go get 'em Mark!



It's nice that you continue to honor your mother. Be Safe.

Greg Welsh

Great cause and good luck to your ride! Greg

Carol and Joe Page

Best of luck, Mark!!

Michael Mcnulty

What a great cause! Beers on you next time I am in the Bay Area. Have fun!

Doug Clark

Best of luck with the ride Mark!

Jeff Sarge

Didn't even realize you OWNED a road bike! Excellent, go get 'em, Mark!!

steve page

Mark, this is a good thing you do ...makes the family proud...

Maria Pizarro $100.00
Andrew Davis

Have a great ride for a great cause MP! AD

Brent Gerberding

Good luck on your ride! Dana Farber is a great charity.

Michael Fanucchi

Go get em - PAGE!


Mark, I'm happy to support DFCI in honor of you and your mom. Enjoy the ride!

Colleen Page

Good luck Mark! I know Judy will be looking down at you and cheering you on! Have fun!

Kelly Page

Nice way to celebrate mom and your bday. Good luck and have fun!


Patrick Trentini

Mark, congrats on your ride in the memory of your mother. It's wonderful that you are doing this in her honor am I'm sure she will be watching. Have a Great Ride! Pat

Lex Jansen

Hi Mark, It is a great idea to combine exercise with good goals. Have fun Lex


You will kick butt! Best of luck!!

karen davidson

Great that you are doing this ride!!! I have a cousin who does it and family on the cape that sees the ride each - its going to be a great experience!

scott ashworth

Great cause. Good luck Mark!

Michael Chang $100.00
Christa Lafontaine
Horia Grosu

Great cause! Good luck!

Mark Caires

Thanks for riding for the cure! Great job.

William Olson

Good luck Mark

Ariel Sutton $150.00
Elizabeth Andersen $100.00
David Rust
Richard Ruedy $250.00

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2017 $6,342.76 Sturbridge to Provincetown Inn (2-Day)