Mark Pelletier's Ride



My Supporters

Adalgisa Donnellan

Great job!

Al Goddard

Mark I guess time got away from me. Please accept this donation to help you achieve your goal. I personally want to Thank You for all the effort that you put into the worthy cause. Regards Al

Robert Stidstone
Fernanda Pelletier $100.00
Dale Pelletier
Alex Pelletier

Thank you for riding for Grampy!

Joanne Cornetta

Good luck Mark ... Looks like you surpassed your goal!!.... Be careful out there today and ride on!

Mike Reagan
Kathleen Ackley

Good Luck Mark. Thanks for all you do!!

David Marengi
Karen Doyle $25.00
Terry Gonzales

Enjoy the ride. Be safe, Love you Terry and Sol

Susan Melton

Wishing you a safe and successful ride Mark! Tom and Sue Melton

Paul Legare

Thanks for doing what you do! Have a great, safe ride. Cancer sucks!

Tomasz Mudrewicz

Good luck !


You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy a bicycle and raise a lot of money!

Susan Barnabo

Best wishes for this weekend! A great ride for a great cause!



Such a great cause - good luck on the ride!

Srividya Kaushik

Best Wishes !!

Kaushik Shankar

Best Wishes Mark.

Bob Hughes

Have a safe ride.


Good luck Mark.


Wish you all the best Mark!!

Kiran Patil
Kevin Molloy




Good luck with your ride Mark! Elliot's Bike Shop

Dean Miller

Good luck Mark!

Robert Tasillo

Have a great ride Mark!

Gabriel Martinez
Scott Hruzd $100.00
Michael Baker $100.00
Margaret Baker

Best of luck, Mark! We will be thinking of you and your fellow riders!! Love you! Meg & Tom Baker

Harold Osborne $25.00
Suzanne Pelletier

Best of luck on your ride. Love Reggie & Suzanne

Genn Baskin

Go get them

Jonathan Osborne $25.00
Christopher Asaro

We're all proud of you, Mark!!!

Lorna Joseph

In Memoery of Uncle Reggie

Leo Sylvain

Wishing you a safe ride and may you meet your goal.

Ginessa Rodriguez

It is amazing what you and all the riders do every year for such a great cause. Ride safe!

John Galvin

Mark, Thanks for riding and supporting the PMC.


Lou Lamborghini
Tiffany Parker

Good luck Uncle Mark! We will be thinking of you. Love Thom, Tiffany & Evan.

Karanjit Saini

Great cause!

Tammy Doyle

Good Luck Mark

Adam Young

Great job Mark! Ride safely!

John Kennedy $25.00
John Kennedy $25.00
Thomas Babington

Mark enjoy the ride!

Ed Kennedy $100.00
Dean Campbell

Great tradition and cause. Thanks Dean

Jaye Dupuy

Good luck, Mark........have a great ride!

Gregory & Joanne Lagueux $100.00
John Mccarthy
Paul Pelletier

Have a great ride Bro!! Love you Marsha & Paul

Marylou Sousa

Thank you Mark for doing this Ride. You have helped soooo many people.

Charles Mitchell

Mark, good luck on the ride. One of these times I would love to do the ride with you.

Regina Dawson
Phil and Paula Noonan

Nice work, Mark! Good luck!

Craig Reise
Maureen Taliaferro
Michael Seely

Great cause Mark. Keep up the good work.

Allen Mcglew

Go Mark!!!

Peter Trainor

Mark you are a star! Ride well !!

Richard Golden

In loving memory of Brendan Golden.

William Harrop

Good luck Mark. I know it does not get easier with need to get back to lunch walks to train your muscles!!!

Joseph Vincent

Good to see you keeping up these efforts Mark. Good luck!


Good luck Mark.

Rita Barnett $25.00
Kenneth Abbott

Good for you Mark! Enjoy the ride and be safe!

Allen Braddock $25.00
Kevin Barry

Good Luck Mark

Catharine Nelson
Kayvan Hedayat $50.00
Jillian Gleason Grant

We love you Mark and so honored to be able to support you and this cause!! Love Kevin, Jillian and Ashley ??

Michael Fuller $100.00
Guy Shisko


Thank you!

Norman Whitaker
Marc Curtis $100.00
Mark Schulte

In Memory of Patricia Edgerton

John Fontes

Great cause. Best of luck

Angela Munson

Good luck Mark!!

Bob Mourachian

In Memory of Robert Mourachian

Ann Phillips

Best of luck on the ride. Nice work


Thank you Joanne, Lisa & Heidi!

Todd Spaulding

My Rides

2017 $10,590.00 Sturbridge to Provincetown Inn (2-Day)
2016 $9,150.73 Sturbridge to Provincetown Inn (2-Day)
2015 $7,605.70 Sturbridge to Provincetown Inn (2-Day)
2014 $7,637.13 Sturbridge to Provincetown Inn (2-Day)
2013 $7,281.09 Sturbridge to Provincetown Inn (2-Day)
2012 $5,000.00 Sturbridge to Provincetown Inn (2-Day)
2011 $3,419.50 Sturbridge to Bourne (1-Day, Sat)
2010 $1,125.00 Wellesley to Wellesley (50 mile Sunday)