My Supporters


Hi! Miss you.

Peter Masucci

Congrats! Thank you for doing what you do to get us Closer By The Mile!

Robert Bonanno
Annemarie Bushey
Mike Leslie $25.00
Adam Morton
Jane and Warren Berger

We haven't met you yet, Mike, but we hope to! Have a great ride!

Justin & Kathy Barrett

Good luck.

Corrie Seabrook

Good luck!

Bob and Janice Arsenault
Elaine & John O'Toole

Best wishes Mike for a great ride!

Lindsey Thomas

Good luck, Mike!

Jared Dobiecki

You got this roomie

Christopher Nielsen

Have a great ride!

Kevin Delaney $100.00
Andrea Courtois
Daniel Wiley

Go Big Mike... you are a great guy and doing a great thing here. Take care and stay safe out there my friend

Thomas Bravo
Matthew Carter $100.00
Carolyn Shea

Good luck Mike Have a blast

Kathy and Robert LeBlanc

Good Luck Mike!!

Jessi Bradley
Jim Morgan

Go for it!!

Camille & Carol LeBlanc
John Cox

Go get 'em, Mike! Have a great time!

Frank and Kathy Joyce

Good Luck Mike!

Richard Shea

Thank You Michael!

Patricia Frattaroli

You got this Mike!

Tiffany Chan

Tap backs for days! Good luck on your ride!

Nathalie Pozo

Good luck Mike!!

John Shea

Lots of Love, Uncle John, Maeve and Luisa

Christopher DeFronzo
Jill Hogan

Wishing you the Best Race!! Love you! Jill, Danny, Layla, & Milo

James Joyce
Jonathan Paisner

Get ready for those hills!

Regina Pacitti

Worthy cause and endorsed by one of WHS finest alumni. Glad I knew you when.............

Paula Burley DiSchino

Good luck Mike Awesome doing this challenge

Chris Remavich

Good luck and safe travels!

Steve Lydon

Good Luck Mike... You can do it... again...

Stephanie Chesney

Have a great ride!

Val Conley

Go Mike!! You got this :) Such a great cause - xoxo Val, Joe, Cam and Riley

Derrick Willand $15.00
Chris Conte

Good luck! Ride like the wind.

Natalia Creonte $50.00
Kathy Conley

Good Luck Mike...you’ll do great! Kathy and Larry Xoxox

Christopher Pham

Go Mike!

Margie Covino

Great cause

James Mccann

Best of luck!

Chris Conley

Good luck, Mike!




XOXO - Your Secret Admirer

John Carolan

Good luck, Mike!

Dianne Lombardi

Very proud of you Mike, Good luck! Love, Auntie Di

Tom Matteo $100.00
Karen Toney

Good luck Mike - I'm sure you will have a great time - you have been really getting ready for this. See you soon to hear all about the ride.

James Moses
More Spin Event Donations

More Spin De Mayo Donations!! Thanks to those who rode in May 5th.

Jacob & Lilly Paisner
Ryan Clark

Good luck, Mike!

James Heald

Best of luck!

Jack Thurston

Great job, Mike — hope you have a fantastic ride!!

Claude Greer
Lori Conley

Such an incredible cause to be riding for! xoxo Lori, Larry and the girls :)

Marie McKenzie

Glad you are doing this! Wonderful cause! Wishing you a cool breeze at your back!

Patrick Priest
Jennifer Curtis
Bradley Tatum

Good luck Mike!

Debra Gately

Keep up the great work, Michael!

Jennifer Penzone

Good luck Mike!

Eric Kane

Good job, Mike!

Lisa Hughes

Mike! Wish I were spinning with you today! Have a great ride!

Jamie LaCava

Great work, Michael!!

Stephanie Taranto Lupinski

Mike, You are amazing- safe training

Theresa DeFronzo $50.00

My History

2018 $7,581.00 Wellesley to Family Finish at Ptown (2-Day)
2017 $7,106.42 Sturbridge to Provincetown Inn (2-Day)