My Supporters

John Myers

Go Mardi, be strong, be fast, and be smiling! We love you and are such supporters for your mom and in memory of Chris’ dad. PS - dont destroy the entire field, ha!

John Light

Go Mardi! We hope you thoroughly enjoy your ride for this great cause and meet lots of new friends.

Margaret (Terry) Roper

The spirit and strength of you and your family will help so many. Thank you!

Deborah SW McKinnon

Go Mardi! Ride like the wind and have FUN! Such a wonderful tribute to your Mom and Robert XXOO Deb

Jim Weitz

Go Mardi (for my mom)

Caitlin Heaps
Maggy Mulhern

Yay Mardi!! Proud of you girl!


Lake Seymour

Go Mardi!! You've got this!!

Margaret Hojlo

Go Mardi!!!!!!!!! Way to rock on :D -Maggie

Robert Haskell

Thank you Mardi for your heartfelt, thoughtful message! All the best and we'll be cheering for you and all of the PMC riders! Love, Mom & Dad

Paul Whitebread

Ride in honor of all those wonderfully brave souls who face and beat cancer...and for those who join in as care givers and loving supporters.

Morgan Klein

My History

2018 $3,215.00 Sturbridge to Family Finish at Ptown (2-Day)