My Supporters

Tamara Vitagliano

Congratulations Michael!

William Irvine

MikeFX: Thank you for your service; it hit closer to home this year as my sister, Kathy, 62, just got diagnosed and operated on for larynx and esophageal cancer. One day at a time, brother! Godspee

Lou Covino
Cynthia Goss

Good Luck Michael!!!

Deborah Gambon

Good Luck Michael. Be safe. Debbie & Mark!

James Stoller

Thanks for all your work and commitment to find the cause!

Lisa Popadic

Good luck, Michael!!!

Colman Flaherty
Kristen Bowker

Good luck, Michael!

Mark Magrath

Good luck Michael!

Lisa Fox

For Joey - 4 months old and finished 4 rounds of chemo. Have a great ride!

Don Chappell

Thanks for all your efforts Mike.



Think downhill all the way! Good luck!

MaryKate Flaherty


I hope you have a dynamite ride!

Frank Celi $100.00
DeeDee Haggerty

Ride on, Mr. Burns!

Mustapha Houssein

Good luck!!!

Jack Murray
John Crawford
deborah Flaherty

Good Luck, Michael, we'll be thinking of you! SAFE riding!

Stephanie Fitch $250.00
Pierre Martin

Wish everybody a great ride for a great cause, hope for great weather and better tail wind, all the hard work put into this will pay off in many ways personally, Cause is great, great health benefits,

Philip Olsen
Julie Laboe
Michael Swiatocha
Paul Tierney

Mike: Good luck this year with the Ride. Go BLS '75! LCWB!

James and Elizabeth Philbin
Jennifer Griffith

Thank you for riding, and good luck!

Nick Ypsilantis
Maureen Hattersley

Good luck Michael!

Stanley Kay
Daniel Maloney

Michael- Keep up the good work and stay on the bike this year. Dan, Gail and Erin Maloney

Susan Sawyer
Thomas Mackie

Please try to stay upright!!

Stephanie Sioras

Good luck on the ride!

Tom Corcoran

Good luck Michael!

Jim O'Sullivan $50.00
Steve Kelly

Thanks for your efforts and be careful

Doris Peterkin

Good luck Michael!! Nice to see you are back in the saddle!

Timothy Roach $50.00
Priscilla Rush

Congratulations on regaining you strength to be able to ride again, Michael! There is NO place like Dana-Farber! Give me a thought as you are riding! Priscilla

Sarah Dailey

Good luck Mike!!

Joe Serra

Go get em, Mike!



Nicollette Dailey
Brian Boyden

Go get 'em!

Pat O'Riordan

Michael, Good luck on the ride. This is a great cause. Thanks for doing it. Pat

Christopher Hunt
Pamela Berman

Michael, Thank you for doing this great ride and raising money for this wonderful charity. Good luck! I know you will com through with flying colors! Pam Berman

Jeffrey Ganz

Way to get back on the bike Michael - keep putting in those training miles!

Virginia Weeks

Ride On!

Megan Pluviose
Mark Prendergast
Joyce Flaherty $50.00
Robert Soucy

Best of luck, Michael.

Paul Masuret $200.00


Sheila LeDuc $100.00
Ann Slater

Best of luck. Keep safe training this year

Michael Tuteur

Good luck, Michael!

mark Fallon $50.00
Jamie McIntyre
Virginia Johnson

Have a great ride! Thank you for your commitment to the cause.

Diane Barry $100.00
Dennis Kelleher

Admire your hard work and discipline!

Pierre Martin

Wish you well for safe ride and great cause

Kevin Flaherty

Good Luck!

Geralyn Newell $100.00
Alexis Theriault


Larry Kulig
Joan Washburn $50.00
Pamela Berman

Dear Michael, Thank you for your perseverance and hard work in supporting this great cause! I know you will go the distance. Be safe! Pam

Bill Sinnott

Michael--This is a great cause and a challenging undertaking for you. Thanks for taking this on. Make us proud! Bill

Ellen Snyder

Keep Mornette in your thoughts as she continues to survive, thanks to your brave efforts.

Eileen Kelly
Phil Iantosca $25.00
Kathi Stimpson
Paul Mercer

Best wishes from us Michael. Thank you for your fund raising efforts! Safe riding from now until the big day! Paul & Laura Mercer

Melissa Mangold
Michael Flaherty $150.00



My History

2018 $8,039.00 Sturbridge to Provincetown Monument (2-Day)
2017 $5,183.00 PMC Virtual Rider and Volunteer