My Supporters

Laura Stones
Heidi Deck

Go bop go!!! So excited to do this by your side. Love you to the moon and back!!

Courtney Lizotte

Thank you for riding! Have a safe, happy and fulfilling ride.

Katy Myers
Kevin Lewis

Looking forward to a great ride, Michela. See you Friday night

Samuel Treadway

Good luck Lulu!

Sarah Fujiwars

Way to go Michela! Congratulations for doing this ride! It’s really a terrific effort. Xoxo love you.

Irene Earle-Rice

So proud of you! Thanks for doing this!

David treadway

Michaela, we are so impressed with your effort and commitment. As a family that has experienced cancer, we know how important this kind of support is. Sending you off with love David and Kate

Katie Greichen

You’re my hero! When the ride gets tough just remember, it’s probably more comfortable than riding a thestral. Love you!

Jason Trenouth

Go Michela!

Kim Hanson $25.00
Matthew Rosenthal
Shayna Sweeney

You go girl!!

Kristin Pados
Benjamin Bolton

We support you (even though you support Tom Brady)!! Go get ‘em!!

Wilbur Deck

Go Mook! Love you!!

Maria DeGenova

Love you girl!

Marie Galetto

Good luck Michela!! Ride your heart out! You are awesome and I can't wait to hear about your ride! :)

Sandra Pfeiffer

I know you'll make it! Great initiative.

Jonathan Lilienfeld

Michela, you're doing great work!

Leigh White

What a great cause, Michela. Best of luck on this year's ride!

Camilla Borgmo

Good luck, Michela!! :)

Julie Moore
Joseph Priscella $150.00
Rosemary Redmond Kerrebrock

Great idea. Can I help with doing the care packages?

R.L. Smith

How can one say no to such a generous offer as the one you and Heidi have made. Have a great ride.



Amram Shapiro

Dear Michela, You are the apple of father's eye and why not? You are a superhero. You saves lives! Welll done, Amram

Mark Deck

You and your sister are two good to be true! Just had to get in on your offer to get care packages to the children's cancer ward.

Peter Von Mertens

Thanks Mark for doing the ride yet another year. Peace . Peter

Sarah Cannon Holden

Here's hoping for a beautiful spring day for you and beautiful spring surprises for the Dana-Farber children. Sarah

Jessica Deck

Michela, THANKS for riding!! -R2J2

Renee & Patrick Welch

Thanks for doing this! :) I had cancer two years ago but I'm now cancer free!! Best of luck!

Andrea Hofer

Best of luck :)

Katie Consalvo

Go Michela!

Susan Poisson-Dollar

Happy to support the Deck Family in this great endeavor. See you for some recovery at Lake Willoughby!



Casey Arnold

You go, girlfriend!!!!

Nicole Costa
Fred Schadler $100.00
Rosemary Redmond Kerrebrock

Very proud of you.

Lauren Cappelloni
Paige Durgin

You are amazing!!! Good luck!!

Ryan Lasswell

Good luck Mooook! You're the best!

Barbara Deck

Dear Michela -- So proud of you! Have a great ride! Love, Barbie



Doug Frank Family

We want to thank you for volunteering for this very worthwhile endeavor This is an awesome cause! Enjoy the ride!

Gina Deck

So proud of you! Good luck!!

Jessica Meiley

So proud of you!!


Go Michela!!

Heather Korostoff Murray

Can’t wait to cheer you on en route!!!

Nick Biblis

Good luck!! You’re gonna rock it!

Heather Beasley

Good luck!

Rosemary Redmond Kerrebrock

Great you are back on the team!

Mark Deck

MJD joins MJD on team THANKS again!!! Can't wait to get out there and ride with you. Can't wait to kick some cancer butt with the best team THANKS fundraising ever!!!

Michela Deck

Kicking off my fundraising with a personal contribution! Let's fight cancer together!


My History

2018 $8,300.00 Sturbridge to Provincetown Inn (2-Day)
2016 $7,500.00 Sturbridge to Family Finish at Ptown (2-Day)