My Supporters

Wolfram Goessling

Congratulations on an epic ride! Wolfram

Calum MacRae $120.00
Nagesh Mahanthappa

Thank you, Len! Go! Go! Go!

Suneet Agarwal
James Amatruda

Go Len!

Jerome Ritz $120.00
Elena Porro
Laurie Hammer

Good luck Len, Becky and Tyler !!!

Deborah Sweet

Good luck Len!

William Kaelin

Have a great ride!

Yi Zhou

Have a fun ride! Thank you!

David Glenn

Thank you for all that you do Dr. Zon!

Lisa Finfrock $500.00
Thorsten Schlaeger
Gregory Richard $200.00
Akiko Shimamura
Julie Nolan-Young

Good luck!

Gail Radley

Go Len Go

Nancy Thornberry
Cherolyn Karkanias
Sumin & Jane Tchen

Go Lenny, Becky and Tyler! Sumin & Jane

Steven Emery
Denise Allen

Thanks for all you do! And for your special care to my parents Bob and Sonja!!

Steve M
Mike Royal

Beat the big C! Thanks for your help with Sonja Allen.

Hans Oettgen
Dorothy Giarla

What an amazing experience to do this ride with Becky and Tyler! You guys are going to rock! And, your contribution to the cure for cancer continues to rock. Thanks for all you do!

Kirk Loevner

Go Leonard!

Bob and Sonja Allen

Keep up the great work Lennie. Thanks forever for being there for us

James Amatruda

Go Len!

Susan Pauker

GO ZON’s????????????

Yariv Houvras

Go Zon Family!

Judy Zon

Enjoy the ride helping those in need and the good research YOU are doing to make a difference. I love you!

Jennifer Dovey $100.00
Lori Schneider

So proud of the amazing work you're doing! Good luck with the training for the ride. Love, Lori, Ron, Maya and Lila

Doug Melton
Brian Frary $120.00
Martha Fishman $120.00
Marnie Halpern

If you make 80, then I'll donate $80 next year. Don't be a slacker!!! Good luck!

Alexander Schier

Go Len Go!

Curtis Moody

Go Becky, Leigh, Jim, Roger and Len!

Dipak Panigrahy

My History

2019 $10,763.08 Bourne to Provincetown Inn (1-Day Sunday)
2018 $9,725.00 Wellesley to Wellesley (50 mile Sunday)