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Pamela Giannatsis

Lou - In good times and bad you are there for our loved ones stricken with cancer. Can't thank you enough.

Jennifer Bihuniak

Lou, We are so inspired by your commitment. Keep riding! Jenn & PJ

jeanne desanto
Adam Heisler

Kick cancer's butt!

Steven Venizelos

All the best!

shirley kalogeropoulos

Hi Lou! I hope all is well with you and your family! I hope everyone is safe. You are all in my thoughts also. We are doing well. My mom is also healthy and staying with me for now. God Bless!

Evan Tasiopoulos

Enjoy the ride!

David & Monica Vafiades

Thank you, Lou. Your efforts make a difference and are really appreciated.

Ram Chelakara

Awesome Lou! I appreciate your passion and support for such a noble cause. Godspeed!

Aristotle Papanikolaou $120.00
Robert Raposo $25.00
Andrea Beaudry

Lou, Thank you for continuing to honor my mother Hope in this way. I remember visiting Dana Farber with her during her battle with cancer. An amazing place. Best wishes to you all for a great ride.

Maria Sullivan

God bless you all..May the wind be at your backs the whole ride!!!

Beverly Scarfo

Lou, Good Luck - Hope you surpass your goal. Beverly

christopher glaser $50.00
Richard Sheytanian $300.00
Thaya Psyhojos
Susan and Jeff Baril

Good luck Lou and thank you for your amazing efforts!

Helen Splagounias

Have a great ride! Greg & Helen


So glad you're doing it again. Lou! Have a great ride! Greg and Becky

Athena Babalas
Robert and Stephanie DeVasto

Wishing you all the best for a very successful ride!!



Lou, You are amazing and your work on this great charity is very much appreciated.

Katrina Waters
Cynthia Mantzoukas

God Bless You ,Lou for thinking of Hope. May her memory be eternal. Cindy

Sue Ellen Briggs

Lou, You are an inspiration with your dedication and commitment.

Vasilios Kassos

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