My Supporters

Facebook Fundraisers $930.00
Al Stone

Love all that you do both on tv & so many other functions throughout the city. Keep up the great work.

Christine Gordon $10.00


Susan Barrett
Laura Maloney $25.00
Heidi Sprinkel

Good luck Lisa & team!

Douglas Hughes $300.00
John Chapin $250.00
Stephanie Martin

Way to go.

george palhete

good luck, God bless.

James Coggeshall

To my fellow 9 year rider. Thanks for all you do as both a rider and an advocate for the PMC / DFCI. Great to run into you and Mike a few times during the weekend. See you next year!

eric fisher

Way to rock again, Lisa!

Ron & Lois Pirani
wendy and Erik nelson
Jim Braude


Good luck!

Barry Dorn

Lisa, Thanks for all you do. I am proud to have you as a friend

The Oates Family

Ride like the wind this weekend and have fun! Thanks for all of the time and energy you put into such a worthy cause.

Emily Stephen

Watch you ad David Wade every night for the news! Best Wishes for a successful ride!



Lisa thank you for supporting PMC once again!

Patrick Woods $500.00
Carole Hurley Hughes

Lisa, thank you for riding in memory of Ray & Bruce Hoff, an admirable father & son. Your ride means so much to those seeking successful treatments & a cure. Applause for your devotion to the caus

paul mccarron

Thanks for help spreading the word that when people pass from cancer, they don't "lose their battle" as they did not choose to get cancer and they did everything they could to survive.

Roger Almeida

HI Lisa so glad to see you ride this year, I'm looking forward to following the event. Love your work at the station. You are my absolute favorite.

Dennis Conley

Ride well and Finish Strong!



A tribute to patients and families battling cancer.

David Hughes
Diane Bliss $50.00
Velura Perry
Jennifer Owen

Thank you for riding Lisa. You are an angel.

Nancy Hopkins

Please ride for our daughter, Jennifer Baird who is a 5 year cancer survivor !

Kathleen Sebring

Go Lisa you're the BEST!!

Hilary Wright

Go Lisa...never miss my Channel 4 news!!

Jessi Bradley
Kimberly Paster

Go LIsa! You are doing amazing work out there! Here's to a fantastic ride! XOXO

Jill Greblick

Good luck Lisa!

Kathleen Warren

Go, Lisa. What an amazing record you have for completing this race!

Wayne Manning

Good luck Lisa! Thank you for all your hard work.

Sandra Joseph

Lisa and Riley, You go, girls! Happy to support you in this very worthy cause. On to Santa Clara for Riley and wishing her much success! Sandy

Sean Barnacoat
Robert Sturak $500.00
Carole Hurley Hughes

Thank you, Lisa, for working diligently to help those faced with the dreaded disease & to remember those who were lost to it. Your efforts are greatly appreciated by many.

Carole Hurley Hughes

Jon would have admired your dedication to the cause & to the PMC had he won his battle with a rare blood cancer. The Warrens appreciate your riding with Jon in mind.

Carole Hurley Hughes

Carolyn DiGiambattista’s agony at losing her only daughter to breast cancer was unbearable. She is grateful to you for working diligently to prevent this agony from happening to others. Thank you.

Sue and Mike Wartman

Best wishes on your ride! Your fund raising is so important - thank you!

Carole Hurley Hughes

Mylo Dysplastic Syndrome deprived Aunt Pat of loving, influencing & observing her grandson Richard grow into a young man. She would be most appreciative of your working to prevent that from happening.

Carole Hurley Hughes

Phil was a soccer fan who coached a Moscow/Pullman team. He’d wildly cheer your efforts to defeat the disease that ended his game too early. Thank you for your devotion to defeating cancer.

Carole Hurley Hughes

Six days after diagnosis, Dave was lost to cancer.. His family is still shocked. Your efforts on behalf of the PMC may spare others the pain of such loss. Thank you.

Carole Hurley Hughes

Lisa, knowing you were riding in her honor would have pleased my dear friend “Melly” Padulo Burd, a generous, kind, helpful woman. Knowing you were helping others would have thrilled her.

Carole Hurley Hughes

This contribution - in memory of your godfather who lost his battle with cancer. He would be so impressed by your efforts to defeat this terrible illness.

K.C. Albright

A bad ride is better than no ride....I heard that somewhere.

K.C. Albright

Wished I was riding with you!

K.C. Albright

Just another ride! KC

K.C. Albright

Go girl! Kinda



Love you Lisa! Ride Strong! XO

Sue Steve Maddy Syd Abbott

Good luck Lisa~!!

Hans-Eric Gosch

Go Lisa!

Richard Doucette

May the wind always be at your back

Bette Wells

Dear Lisa, Thanks for doing the ride again this year. I love the fact that all the donations go directly to help the cause. Have a wonderful ride. Blessings, Bette

Marc Maynard

Best of luck, Lisa...picture that IPA at the finish !

Joan Holup

Go Lis! Thanks for doing the ride for this important cause.

Margaret Rusconi

Grateful for your friendship and proud to support your ride!

Adriane Gilder

Lisa, this Chai (Keller will explain) is for you. I'll be at the D.F. Ctr for the pebble in my brain next month.

Dee Rich

You do so much for everyone all the time. I wanted to help you in achieving your goal on the PMC Challenge. Wishing you the best Dee

Charles Nowlin

Go Hughesy!!!

Carolyn Nole


Nancy Hobbs

Go Girl

John Frost

You are doing a great job!

Chelsea Sheehan $25.00
Robert Krol $25.00


Christine Forsberg

good luck

Kathi Tew
Francis Sheehan, Jr

We Love what you do for Boston!!!

jean desrosiers
Patricia Balchunas $25.00
Steve & Ginni Burton
Stephanie Stone

You inspire me on the news talking about the RIDE.

Joseph DiMare

Good luck Lisa!

Twona Thomas

Go Lisa!!!

Sarah Calderbank

thank you!!!!!!!

Alex Kurzman
David Kurzman