My Supporters

Leslie Sherman

Amazing what you accomplished! XO

Laura Barton

So proud of you kiddo! Glad the ride was success as I knew it would be. Your commitment, dedication and goodwill are an inspiration! Love you!

Justin Stewart

WOO Kait and Darren!

Shirley and John Stewart

Thinking of you tomorrow Kaitlyn - we know you will be amazing!

Christopher Gayowski

Way to to go Kaitlyn!! Come back in one piece :)

Christine Renzi

Get out there and get it girlfriend!!!

Sandra Lamb

Watch out for the potholes and roadkill. Good Luck!

Aimee Southworth

Kaitlyn - you are AMAZING!!! xoxo

Gordon Pan

Take care of your dad and ride safe!

Anna Miao

Hi Kaitlyn, have a great time this weekend! -Anna

Georgiana Kourepenos

Proud of you Kait for raising money for Dana-Faber!!


Have a great ride!! Cheering you on! Kelly Morrissey and Family

Andy Biggs

Thank you. I hope that you and your Dad have a great ride.

Denis Hamboyan

Thank you for riding, have a safe ride and may the wind be at your back throughout the ride

Jayne Gin

Ride carefully and I am glad you are helping those around you!

Marquise Watson
Melaina Aglieco

so proud of you!! good luck!!!

Glen Jusczyk

Malia wanted to take $25 out of her piggy bank for her favorite Bulldog

Jennifer Harding

Thank you for making a difference !!!


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2018 $4,900.00 Sturbridge to Provincetown Monument (2-Day)