My Supporters

Doug Persson

"STRONG" work Kev. We are very proud of you and your strength and courage.

Michael Cirillo

Good Luck Kevo..Lynne would be very proud as we all are. You are an inspiration to all of us my friend

Julie Daniels

Kevin, the love you have for Lynne and the girls is so inspiring. We should all be so lucky to experience that!

Ellen and John Doherty

Hope you have a great ride. Know Lynn will be with you the whole ride.

Kelley Foley

You got this!!! She will be with you. Wishing you the best. :)

Gina Downing

What a beautiful tribute in words to Lynne; forever your angel riding by your side.

Diane and Mark Courtois

You are such an inspiration to all!

William Trocchi

Better late than never! Good luck. Very inspiring to all of us!

Sharon Bonner

Best of luck Kevin! You will do great!

Debbie Campbell

We will be praying for all of you this weekend!!!

Everett Sullivan $50.00
Laura Ivey

Kevin, Will be thinking of you as you do this amazing ride and tribute to Lynne! Good luck! Laura

Deborah Sullivan
Kim Colbert

Kevin, you set a goal and you have worked so hard to achieved it. I know your guardian angel will be with you every mile. You got this!! Kim and Fred

Debra Cloutier $25.00
Heather Paquette
Anita Sullivan

Hey Kev, Wishing you all a smooth ride. Lynne's spirit will be cheering you on, you got this!

MaryJoan Picone

Kevin- We are SO proud of you and your team. We're with you in spirit. Have a great ride !!

Paula Saliga

You got this Kevin!! Lynne wound be beyond proud!!!

Richard Powers

Good luck, Dick and MJ Powers (friends of Bob and Sheri)

Derek Pregent $50.00
Jeffrey Huber

Go hard Kevin, really appreciate the opportunity to sponsor here per Bob and Sheri Trocchi

Jeffrey Carson

Friend of Bob's. Good Luck!!

Robert Berry


Michael DAnnolfo

Good luck Kevin!

Tony Andrew

Kevin good luck, what a great tribute.



From Dave Beams. Thanks, Dave! Means a lot.






Jim Sullivan gave me cash $$ for the ride, putting it in now. Thanks, brotato chip!



For Lynne



Great effort Kevin. Lynne would be proud of you.

Stacy Sullivan

Way to make a difference! Lynne would be proud! Love ~ Joe, Stacy, Molly, & Brendan

Jim & Martha Picone

Pedal hard, Kevin.

Michele Lattanzi

Good luck on the ride Kevin!!

Wendy Arzate

GO KEVY BABY! Love from Sunset Hill!

Tawnya Elfman

Go Kevin!!!! You got this ????

Kathie Mahoney

You got this Kevin!

Stephen Falcone

I will have a beer for you when you finish. What a great tribute to Lynne

Tracey Gustafson

your ride is a perfect tribute to Lynne!

Cara Sullivan

U got it buddy

Colleen Mckiernan

A great ride for a great cause, and free beer!


A wonderful tribute to your amazing wife!!! I'm sure she'll be riding beside you!!!

Letitia Armburger

Happy to support your ride Kevin!!! Cancer unfortunately hits close to home for many of us. Lovely way to honor Lynne.



Kathy Leafquist

Lynne will be with you every mile. Best wishes and love - Kathy and Eric

Katie & Jeremy Picone

Give em hell Kev!


Great cause. Have a safe ride!??????????

Jessica Leger

Good luck Kevin:)

Cynthia Lamica

Kev, Emily & I wish you the best. Proud of you cousin!

steven Hakala
Sam O'Dell Jr

Kevin, best of luck and best wishes preparing for your ride!

Lynette O'Neil

Wow, this is amazing Kevin!! Best of luck to you.

Dorene Calmus

Kevin, Lynne’s spirit will be with you every pedal of the way!! What a beautiful tribute to her!!

Gayle Morris

Wonderful Job Kevin!

Joe and Ellen Picone

We are with you Kev.

Bob & Sheri Trocchi

You got this Kev! So glad to be sharing this experience and making a difference for Dana Faber. Lynne would proud!


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