Kurt Ferguson's Ride



My Supporters


Judy Sogard

Kurt, Great job, so happy you had a great ride. We are very proud of your accomplishment. Love Judy and Michael

Simone Higgs

You go!

Lavan Khandan

All the best Kurt, and have a blast!!

Terry Ann Joseph

Kurt, Good Luck to you and your brother other on the big race.

Rob DelGaudio

Way to go, Brian and Kurt!

Konstantina Mills

Good luck, Kurt!

Jie Dai

Good luck! - Brandon M. W.

S Chinnappala

Go Kurt Go!!! Wish you all the best...

Janet Holmes

Best to you both!

Samantha Liu

Go Kurt go!!! Go luck!

Amanda Irace

Good luck!

Karen Flynn $100.00
Jaclyn Porter

Go Kurt and Brian!!!! ??

Duane Fagergren
Tracy Nilsen

Good luck Kurt! After a tough mudder this should be easy for you. :-)

Melanie Strano

Thanks for supporting an amazing cause! Go Kurt!

Jennifer Ganley

Good luck!

Eleonore Beckelman

Go Kurt! You got this!

Greta Tiberia

Ride like the wind, Kurt!

Jean DeRosa

WTG Kurt! Have Fun!

Arianna Livreri

This is awesome Kurt! Good Luck!

Karen Baer

Wishing you both a great ride!

Samantha Bassford

You go Kurt!

Kate Lemmon
Reenie Gibbons

You go Kurt! Your dad would be proud.

Ran Kampel

Just keep swimming!

Tim Sogard

Let's do this thing!

Brian Ferguson

Looking forward to drafting your backside for 190 miles...let's kick some butt! Lots of love and support! - Brian, Melissa and Tilly


Go for it Kurt!

Chelsea Vandlen

Good luck, Kurt! Excited to hear that you and Brian will be riding this year!

Joseph Degearo

Go Kurt!

Frank Lorenzo

Great Cause and Good luck with the ride!

Meredith Ferguson

So proud of you. Have a great ride.

Reenie Gibbons

Keep on pedaling for a very worthy cause. And enjoy the ride!

Jeffrey Kessler

Good going Kurt! Real proud of you...

Guy Seneque

Good Kurt!

Andrea Mumm

Go Kurtle!!!

David Saenz

Best of luck, Steph and I know you can do it!

Cynthia Markey $25.00
Celeste Markey
Camille Pajor

You got this, Kurt! Thank you for your dedication to an amazing cause.


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2017 $4,800.00 Sturbridge to Provincetown Inn (2-Day)
2016 $0.00
2013 $0.00
2012 $0.00