My Supporters

Liam O'Connell

Proud of you kerry.

Pamela and John Fraser

Good luck! “If you ain’t first, you’re last!” - Ricky Bobby

Lynne & Bill Crawford

Good luck Kerry!

Heather VanTrieste

Good luck Kerry!


This is great! Good Luck!!

Bobbie Botticelli

Nice work Kerry. Thank you.

Chris Janes

Good luck Kerry! I will significantly increase my donation if you agree to the following terms: 1.) Pledge to ride in a tricycle 2.) Pledge to ride in a unicycle Make me an offer...

Kellie Mckeon

Good luck Kerry!

Marla and Tom Clough

Good luck Kerry!

Danielle Piazza
Rachel Wasdyke

Good luck Kerry! Thanks for raising money and awareness for Dana-Farber. Dana-Farber treated my dad as well. I appreciate all they do to in the fight against cancer.

Matthew DeFinis

Good man!

Debbie Shontz-Stackpole

I'm proud that you are doing the PMC. It's for a great cause!

Allison Butt

Kerry, so awesome that you are doing this!! Thank you, from someone who lost their Dad to cancer too. Much love, Allison

Kyle Dougherty

I require a picture of you in a spandex biking outfit to complete this transaction.

Christopher Dougherty

Get em Lance!

Jack Funchion

Great idea Kerry!


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